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Lohan 'Victim': Lindsay Was Violent, Drinking

12/22/2010 12:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Betty Ford staffer who claims Lindsay Lohan assaulted her tells TMZ ... Lindsay had been drinking before the incident and hurt her so badly, she's now on workers' comp.

Dawn Holland, who works as a chemical dependency technician at the Betty Ford Clinic, tells us on Sunday, December 12, just after 1 AM, Lindsay and two roommates came home from a night on the town ... violating the curfew policy.

Holland says Lindsay and company jumped a wall, trying to get inside the place she was staying without being noticed. Holland says security stopped the three women, and that's when Lindsay became belligerent and started swearing up a storm.
Holland says she was called to do a breathalyzer on the 3 women, but Lindsay refused and then pushed her.  Holland says she went back in the house and Lindsay called 911 on the house phone. 

Holland says she picked up another house phone to speak with 911, and  Lindsay confronted her again and ripped the phone out of her hand, causing a severe sprain which caused Holland to go out on workers' comp.

Holland says she could smell alcohol on Lindsay's breath.

As for Lindsay's claim Holland touched her first, she says, "I did not touch the woman."

As TMZ first reported, Holland filed a police report and the cops are investigating Lindsay for criminal battery.


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Whoa! What's with all the racist comments? Race has nothing to do with this in any way, shape, or form. You can have a strong opinion either way but drop the words ghetto and N****R from your vocabulary. It's inappropriate, offensive, not to mention completely unnecessary. Thanks.

1215 days ago


Do HIPPAA regulations apply to rehab centers? Can't the staffer get in trouble for talking to the press about a patient?

1215 days ago


I doubt that she is still employed at the BFC because she ust broke confidentiality.

1215 days ago


Why is the worker making it public is the real questions. This is a personal matter. SHe got hurt on the job if it wasn't a Lindsey Lohan she would not be talking to TMZ

1215 days ago


Sgt. Borja explains that no arrest was made because the incident didn't occur in front of an officer.

Lohan, 24, has been at the Rancho Mirage, Calif., facility since Sept. 28, and was ordered by a Beverly Hills judge to remain there until at least Jan. 3.

It remains to be seen whether the incident would be deemed a violation of Lohan's probation terms stemming from her ongoing DUI case. A violation could send her back to jail.

As of Tuesday, Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Elden Fox, who's overseeing her case, has not been notified, according to a court source.,,20452394,00.html?xid=rss-yahooheadlines

Doesn't look like the popo is taken it seriously. Looks more like some underpayed staff is looking for a bigger payday.

This happened about two weeks ago.

1215 days ago


Mark that just after 1am, December 12 2010. The entry still stands.

1215 days ago

Porno the Clown    

The tech beeyatch is seeking fame and money.

1215 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I think her next court date is not going to be fun for her. I highly suspect that Lindsay refused any testing. BF does not have the authority to force a test on her. She is required to submit, but if she refuses she refuses. A refusal is going to be treated like an automatic dirty, she's just too dumb to realize that. Between the guys that she took on the cocaine joy ride from hell and now this new one, she's going to owe a lot of people a lot of money. Holy cow, she can't even stay sober long enough to save herself from jail. That's the insanity of addiction. This kid is no casual user....she's chronic and late stage and will die if she keeps this up.

1215 days ago

Pound Sand    

SDW could not agree more. I am beside myself and it has been reported.

1215 days ago


**** all of you politically correct wannabe sheep, and **** this ****** whore abusing the system. You wanna talk about racist?? Look at the piece of **** holding up her fake ass cast. If you morons werent so busy worried about offending someone you might be able to rejoin reality here on planet earth. ****ing retards.

1215 days ago


YO... no matter how hard one tries/wants to believe in Lohan... it seems things are stacked against it. Simply put, IF this woman/worker/employee is telling the truth (There are Witnesses). Then we've been LIED TO by the MEDIA.. Including TMZ.. saying Lohans' doing a great job! HA ! It will all come out.. but as of now.. frankly, I don't believe Lohan. Not one bit. The staff employee is strong in her statements and is Extremely Believable IMHO... sad to say. Oh well.. they come, they go... So be it.

1215 days ago


I believe this woman! Lindsay was trying to avoid another dirty test and was drunk. She knows the test would have turned up positive and reported to the judge at once.

This judge needs to JAIL Lindsay Lohan once and for all. It's clear that 5 chances are enough and that her choice is to be an addict. You cannot help someone who won't help themself.

1215 days ago


Drug abusers are liars.

Skank to pokey. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

1215 days ago


Is she allowed to talk about it? What about the patient's right to confidentiality? Just looking for her 15 minutes of fame.......quick payout. Pathetic

1215 days ago

Jake's Mom    

If Lindsey was out on the town, drinking (as stated) where are the pictures from the pap? Seriously, that girl can't hardly poop without people getting a photo of her. I find it hard to believe that she somehow was able to escape, go out drinking and not be noticed.

1215 days ago
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