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Lohan 'Victim': Lindsay Was Violent, Drinking

12/22/2010 12:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Betty Ford staffer who claims Lindsay Lohan assaulted her tells TMZ ... Lindsay had been drinking before the incident and hurt her so badly, she's now on workers' comp.

Dawn Holland, who works as a chemical dependency technician at the Betty Ford Clinic, tells us on Sunday, December 12, just after 1 AM, Lindsay and two roommates came home from a night on the town ... violating the curfew policy.

Holland says Lindsay and company jumped a wall, trying to get inside the place she was staying without being noticed. Holland says security stopped the three women, and that's when Lindsay became belligerent and started swearing up a storm.
Holland says she was called to do a breathalyzer on the 3 women, but Lindsay refused and then pushed her.  Holland says she went back in the house and Lindsay called 911 on the house phone. 

Holland says she picked up another house phone to speak with 911, and  Lindsay confronted her again and ripped the phone out of her hand, causing a severe sprain which caused Holland to go out on workers' comp.

Holland says she could smell alcohol on Lindsay's breath.

As for Lindsay's claim Holland touched her first, she says, "I did not touch the woman."

As TMZ first reported, Holland filed a police report and the cops are investigating Lindsay for criminal battery.


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This is a rehab facility, it should have a 24/7 security in and out of the facility. Tapes if available should be reviewed, then we will find out the truth. For the BF staff, it is obvious, she is already on the 2nd round of the whole incident, taking to TMZ. All I see here is the $$$$$$.

America my Land of Opportunity and Riches.

1367 days ago


Nice wrist brace. Money hungry.

1367 days ago


Umm S.D.W. I'll give you the "N" word is racist and should never be used by anyone, black, white or other. But how the hell is the word GHETTO racist. Ghetto is a frame of mind, used for the Jews around the 1700s, and most predominantly the Irish in the late 1800s and 1900s in the United States. No one owns the rights to the word, all races have been labelled with the ghetto thinking mentality.

1367 days ago

Sad sad    

Not gonna say Lindsay probably didn't do some of this but my gut this lady is an opportunist. Right in time for the holidays and blabs about it to TMZ. Uh huh. Anyone can fake a sprain. I'm wondering what was going on between Lindsay and her prior to this incident.

1367 days ago


something I learned in civil law - there are three sides to every story (and in this case it's hers, hers and the truth) (usually in divorce law it's his, hers and the truth) - I don't believe that Lohan didn't push her or rip the phone out of her hand however I also am not buying the fact that this woman sprained her hand so badly that she had to go on worker's comp. - Are the people of the world so stupid that they don't think Lawyers and Judges haven't heard at least 75% of the Bullchit they are trying to shovel. For real. - - - the question should not have been who is lying -- it should have been who is lying more.

1367 days ago


I would believe the staffer, but she's going on workers comp for a sprained wrist, come on now, it's not like she's a construction worker, it is obvious she saw her chance at her 15 minutes of fame

1367 days ago

Jack Fosters    

She thinks she hit the lottery because she had contact with a celebrity. She is just another leaching s***.

1367 days ago


Although everyone who hasn't been under a rock knows that Lohan is in treatment, this woman should be fired immediately for talking and violating patients' right to confidentiality. Ah, if only it were that easy...hiding under a rock to make the Lohans and Kardashians of the world go away...

Posted at 4:11 PM on Dec 21, 2010 by sally

I believe it became public record when Lindsay assaulted the woman and she had to file a police report. Remember, Lindsay called the police and instigated the necessity for the report. Got to give Lindsay credit, though. She finally got her parents to come together, even if it was to lie and deflect criticism of her. And they all probably made some money. Not a bad holiday.

1367 days ago


Gosh, I guess staff at Betty Ford Clinic don't have any concerns about confidentiality of patients.

If Lohan did assault the member of staff, it will no doubt be covered in court, but this appears to be an unauthorised interview.

1367 days ago


keep it quiet, everybody knows Lilo is crazy, don't get in the same page, it helps not be in her level.

1367 days ago


I realize the assault is a story in of itself but isn't there also the story of Lindsay sneaking OUT of REHAB to go party? This was never about curing her but keeping her out of jail.

1367 days ago


I think Lindsey Lohan is totally at fault here and her behavior has classic addict written all over it. Lashing out at the tech, refusing to take the test. That right there is the smoking gun for me.

There may be some legality issues now with the technician talking to TMZ but still she was attacked and disrespected while doing her job. There were other workers there and I'm sure they have video cameras all around too. Just think of the unedited footage? Once that leaks out.. And you know it will.

1367 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Radar online is kicking TMZ's ass on the Lohan story. Maybe less celebrity fit club, doing interview with whores like Rachel and Jew or not a jew and more reporting on celebrity news?

1367 days ago


If you signed a confidentiality agreement when you hired in, I think it would be safe to say that you are no longer an employee...
or is patient information only confidential if you're NOT a celebrity?

1367 days ago

john j    

Lindsay is rich again, going to score a huge lawsuit against Betty Ford, you can't talk about patients to TMZ lol.......

1367 days ago
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