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Mariel Hemingway Targeted in Pit Bull Probe

12/26/2010 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Mariel Hemingway -- Ernest's granddaughter -- could lose her dog ... because according to Animal Control officials, her pooch went on the attack recently ... and sent two people to the hospital.

A rep for Animal Control tells TMZ, the attack went down last week near Mariel's L.A. home -- her pit bull went after another dog and two humans, who were immediately sent to the hospital with serious puncture wounds.

Animal Control tells us, they're currently investigating the incident -- but for the meantime, Mariel's pit bull will be placed in quarantine.

Calls to Mariel -- famous for her role in Woody Allen's "Manhattan" -- haven't been returned.


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I love dogs but put that dog down and hit her with a huge fine.

1398 days ago


I hate dogs and all should be put down. They bark too much at night and mess on my lawn

1398 days ago


there is NO finer canine than a well loved pit bull
i had to kill mine last oct 9th because he got F_ucking cancer
it ruined my life not to mention HIS
the ONLY time pits would do this is normally if they are OFF LEASH and running around loose which NO DOG OF ANY BREED EVER SHOULD BE no matter what. (or if some C-Suking m.f*ing Satan type like mike vick gets HIS evil paws on any of them. i still want HIM tortured for years.
MH!!! You should know better. Keep your beloveds leashed and in your control will ya??
Pit Bulls Forever Forever Pit bulls no finer companion lives. especially compared with anything called 'human'....

1397 days ago


Anyone that owns one of these killer dogs is a MORON with mental issues.

1397 days ago


Pitties are good dogs if they are trained right and kept under control, obviously this dog was running loose. I feel bad for any dog that is put down because of a stupid, irresponsible owner.

1397 days ago


Why are there still people who think it's the owners who make pit bulls unstable? It's not. Its the DOG! They don't have a bad reputation for no reason. They are unstable and you never, ever know what one thing will set them off and make them attack. There are millions of other dogs out there - get one. Let the pits die out.

1397 days ago


I train old english mastiffs as service dogs, and I have a friend who is a dog trainer that in his spare time tried to rehab pit bulls that he had rescued from the pound. I tried to tell him that some of them would snap for no reason but he refused to listen, saying it was all upbringing not the breed.8 months ago, a pit bull, which he had had for 2 years, ripped his right forearm to the bone. My friend maybe wiser now, but he has lost most of the nerves and use of his right arm and hand. Not all pits are dangerous, but you can't tell which ones are until it is too late. This was caused by drug dealers and dog fighters breeding them without any idea of how to, only to make them mean attack dogs.

1397 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She has the head of a pitbull. Yuck.

1397 days ago


Pitbulls are NOT killer dogs. They are sweet, smart, loyal dogs who require responsible owners just like with any dog out there. No one should be letting their dog run free in an unsecured area without a leash. That is the moronic part. All breeds of dogs are capable of biting someone, it's just that when a pitbull or any larger breed like that bites, it's going to do more damage. The fact is, other breeds are on record for more dog bites reported than pitbulls.

I own a pitbull and before I did, I bought in to the media hype and general population's fear over this breed. When she was adopted into my family we were not made aware of her breed(told she was a terrier mix) and since she doesn't look like the stereotypical pitbull that I had pictured in my mind (I thought more of Rachel Ray's look of dog.) Anyway, we quickly became educated and understood our responsiblities to not only our neighbors but to our dog. Pitbulls need excercise and mental stimulation everyday. They are a worker breed and they need to get out their excess energy. They are incredibly intelligent. My dog has learned so many tricks in such a short amount of time. Most of all, she is so loving. All she wants is to please us. She is protective of her home which I'm okay with. I feel safe having her there to protect me and my children. But if you were to meet my dog on the street while she is wearing her leash, she would sniff you and wait for you to pet her. Not sure what you would do to her Rob though.

1397 days ago


Quick! Call Samantha Ronson and she'll tell you how to get your dog to the other side of the country it can start wreaking havoc in another area.

1397 days ago


The dogs get a bad rap. They are not vicious by nature, but are capable of more damage than the average dog, due to the strength of their jaws.

And Mariel is a sweetheart of a person, so I know she didn't train the dog to be an attacker. I feel bad for her.

1397 days ago


well, strike yet one more famous person / celeb that pit bull nutters always reference.
Some of the others are Rachel Ray, whose asked that her pit bull be euthanized after 5 consecutive maulings.
Serena Williams' pit bull got out and went on a mauling rampage as well.

1397 days ago


reply to post #3 pitbulllover: quoting "the ONLY time pits would do this is normally if they are OFF LEASH and running around loose "

So you are saying it is in fact "Normal" to expect a pit bull to go on a mauling rampage of innocent animals and humans just because they are "off leash and running around loose"?

amazing. I am without words.

We now nominate you, Mr Typical Pit Bull Nutter / Denier, as the poster boy for breed specific legislation in 2011. Smile for the camera.

PS Please continue posting. The last thing pro pit bull legislation people want is for nutters like to to remain silent.

1397 days ago


It s trully DISCUSTING read such an IGNRANT COMMENTS about an animal ... I ve worked with "dangerous" dogs for 20 years and only one who ever bite me was FXXKING CHIHUAHUA

1397 days ago

Y do he got    

Dogs don`t BITE owners DO...KARMA PO PO Q`ed crying babys bad cops and witnesses on the TAKE^^^ for a ryding the bike on the sidewalk trumped up..she`s a court room rapist but if her dog or any dog runs down the beach at full speed for a half mile and runs full on into my JUNK I will react in accord to force reaction and teeth placements.HAVE a NICE day pup PETs AKE moobia ownerSS

1397 days ago
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