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Paris Hilton Evacuated after Knife Found on Plane

12/21/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton and other passengers on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Maui were taken off the plane at LAX, after a passenger on the plane found a 4-inch serrated knife in a seat pocket.

Paris Hilton Evacuated Airplane
The passenger brought the discovery to the attention of a flight attendant, who then called security ... Paris tells TMZ. We're told all of the passengers were ordered to deplane.

Security is now doing a sweep of the plane, looking for other weapons. Paris was on the plane with boyfriend Cy Waits in first class, of course. The video above was taken as Paris arrived at LAX this AM.

UPDATE 9:00 AM PST: The plane has now been swept, and we're told passengers are in the lounge waiting to get back on.

UPDATE 9:39 AM PST: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ .. the blade is a "box-cutting knife" which belongs to the airline crew.

We're also told police were not called because airline officials knew who the knife belonged to.


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Was the crew member muslim?

1372 days ago


She still fly's commercial??? even though its first class,,,,,what has her world come too !

1372 days ago


Posters are making up stories that originate in their own crazy imaginations.

A plane had to checked over for added security, that's all. The rest is all fantasy that some people think up.

1372 days ago


How is this her fault?

Someone left a knife, she had nothing to do with it.
Of course they need to ake security checks.
Geez people.

1372 days ago


DeltaNewsroom Delta Air Lines News
Flt 1197 deplaned after small catering knife found onboard, accidentally left behind by cabin crew. Flt departing now.

1372 days ago


ahhahah funny

1372 days ago


Paris put it there - she is out and wants attention!!

1372 days ago


i haven't flown anywhere in years. i'd consider flying if they would get hot young women like paris to frisk me. you know, if the goverment would hire 20,000 strippers to frisk people at airports we'd have real security. give them sexy little uniforms and a stungun. they are used to feeling up guys and wouldn't put up with the womens bitchin. they would get the job done quick and send you on your way with a smile.

tell them they get litle cut of all the drugs they can find, just enough for personal use. and cash bonus for weapons or any other banned items. they would clean up fast.

i am not joking. i got felt up by a dozen good looking lap hostesses {one told me thats the new politically correct term} a month ago for $25.00 i had two on me at once for $3.00. there was even one who looked 90% like paris who made me grab her butt as she danced on me. i got the flu the next week but it was a great time. i mean seriously! 12 good looking dancers for twenty five bucks. i'd have given them more, but i'm not a rich guy and times are tough.

if those women are willing to give me a good time for a few bucks each... imagine the job they could do at an airport.

1372 days ago


SOCIALITE....? that the new name for it?

1372 days ago


# 15 You are funny....

1371 days ago


Everyone I was on that flight. I was going to Hawaii and was in first class. Paris and her boyfriend were about 3 rows in front of me. They were very giggly and happy. I think they make a great couple. I even got a photo and a autograph from her. Paris is so nice. I wish them a merry christmas.

1371 days ago


Who is Paris Hilton?

1370 days ago

Olden Atwoody    

"Skanks on a Plane"

1368 days ago

jealous of kate    

1st, real nice that Paris is not spending the day with family. yeah, yeah, I know she is nearly 30 (hard to tell the way she dresses and does her hair, have to look at her crow's feet), BUT she goes on & on about how close her family is. You would think they would spend Christmas eve and day together, THEN FLY OFF WHERE EVER

1368 days ago

jealous of kate    

OH, I forgot 2nd, having a Paris moment... YOUR 'HEADLINE' Makes it seem like only PARIS WAS IN MORTAL DANGER.... or, OMG, A KNIFE WAS FOUND ON THE PLANE, A HIJACKING IS IMMINENT, all important celebrities must be protected, screw the regular people... they can die....

1368 days ago
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