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Selena Gomez -- Now With Less Promise Ring

12/27/2010 6:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Instead of  wanting rumored new boyfriend Justin Bieber, 16, to put a ring on it, Selena Gomez, 18, has taken her ring off ... her promise ring!


Back in 2008, the Disney starlet vowed to abstain from sex until marriage and donned a promise ring to prove it. But last weekend Selena was spotted going into Justin's tour bus without the chastity symbol around her pure little finger.

While there's no word Selena has broken her vow, hopefully she can resist the steamy temptation of those underage Bieber bangs.


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1356 days ago


It's funny how up in arms people are about the fact that he's 16 and might be having sex. California is only one of FOUR states in all of America that decided on 18 for age of consent. In MOST states (including the state you're from, probably...) the age of consent is 16 for girls, 14 for boys. That's right...most of America has laws saying a 14 year old boy is legal to have sex.

If the US as a government can't even decide on which age to have as an official age of consent through all of the States, and if there is such a discrepancy between the ages from State to State, it's because statutory rape laws are retarded and only apply for a very SMALL number of cases- the rest being just parents pissed off their teen is having sex and blaming whoever their partner was.

There was a time not so long ago 14 year old was the age to get pregnant and bear children, and 21 was the upper age to get married. Stop being so puritanical and let people do whatever they like.

As for the jail comments...when the age gap between the two parties is 3 years or less, sex with a minor is a misdemeanor in California, not a felony. There would be no jail time. Learn the law.

1356 days ago


If she's having sex; good for her! She's 18, y'all... It's NORMAL. She needs to get some. It's just sex, they aren't married. SMH, what kinda news is this.

1354 days ago


isn't this relationship illegal? wasnt it a big deal when miley cyrus was dating that 20 year old but it's ok for an 18 year old girl to date a 16 year old guy? sounds like a double standard to me.

1354 days ago


Nah, Selena's not that kinda girl.

1353 days ago


holly ****. only becouse she maybe* forget he's ring, she is a ****ing ugly bitch and had sex with jb?
WTFFF? she is adorable, leave her alone.

1352 days ago

crazy chick    

they do not really make a cute couple at all! wow i can't even believe this.

1352 days ago


uhm, thats the wrong hand. Her ring has to be worn on the left hand, this is a photo of her right hand ... lol

1352 days ago


i hope she remembers if she has sex she can go to jail and justin wont be able to help her out---- no matter how famous he is

1350 days ago


you gus who commented are really stupid. stop defending selena gomez, she doesnt care about you and the fact that she is being defended by you guys won't change a bit. it's a good thing tmz caught her so maybe now parents can realize she's not an innocent little person. damn it you guys saw how miley was being and defended her now look at her. don't waste your time defending another brainless little whore.

1349 days ago


Red:your ugly selena ill kill you. Rhina:I think yall look cute together and make the perfect couple. Don't take that riing off again or ill take yo man.

1345 days ago

Jaylee :)    

She is a bigger whore than her mother, and now she is a rapist pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who ever wrote that. That made me fall of my bed laughing. Thanks I have a big brusie because of it.

1330 days ago


So, because she was not wearing the purity ring for some days she must has done it with Bieber? Come on, use your brains, because that is one of the biggest Bull**** I ever heard.

First of all, you don't have to wear that ring to keep your vow. Secondly, I don't think she will break that vow, because of her conservative parents and her fans.

1323 days ago

mary ann mejia    

they already have sex absolutely!

1296 days ago


Selena i am like your biggest fan and i follow your steps in life choices and justin biber is wrong in my life so its wrong in yours please i am 12 turning 13 this year and he will breack you heart and your life pretty please break up with him or i might break up being your fan but if you break up with him i will be your fan and belive me you want to lose me as yor fan
love, your biggest fan in the world angel,
i love selena gomez #1
p.s. you broke heart

1265 days ago
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