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Selena Gomez -- Now With Less Promise Ring

12/27/2010 6:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Instead of  wanting rumored new boyfriend Justin Bieber, 16, to put a ring on it, Selena Gomez, 18, has taken her ring off ... her promise ring!


Back in 2008, the Disney starlet vowed to abstain from sex until marriage and donned a promise ring to prove it. But last weekend Selena was spotted going into Justin's tour bus without the chastity symbol around her pure little finger.

While there's no word Selena has broken her vow, hopefully she can resist the steamy temptation of those underage Bieber bangs.


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FAIL. She hasn't worn a ring at least 2 years and TMZ implies she took it off last week, and implies even more. BS story trying to pick on young woman.

1400 days ago


I hate Justin's haircut. It drives me nuts.

1400 days ago


Is this really the best Selena can do?

1400 days ago


A bit gross, if you asked me. The kid hasn't even fully developed yet.

1400 days ago


With out question these young people have a great influence on youth today.The Media would do well to Back off of speculation of who is getting it on or not.Teen sex seems to be more important than world issues.It would be great to see a positive spin on these young peoples' lives for the better side.

1400 days ago


Oh please say this isn't true. Like there's not enough reasons to hate the annoying little snotrag.His voice is seconds away from changing anyway, then bye bye career.Glad to see him go.

1400 days ago


He's jail bait to her. She's an adult and he's 16. Unless she and he have it in writing, they need to keep her promise. Oh, I not naive they probably already did the deed.

1400 days ago


Oh please... The Duggar two girls wore a promise ring on their fingers 2009. Watch any of their videos today and see if you see any of the Duggar girls with a ring on? UGH!

If she's 18 and he's 16. Who cares!?! They're both teens, they're both under age and they're both aren't legal. Beside, we don't know if they are or aren't having sex, then again... WHO CARES!?! They are both successful, have careers and making much money. No burden on society or on you haters on here. From the looks of things, they act/sound more mature then most of the posters commenting on here with "hate against them for no reason".

BTW how old are your parents? Ever dated someone younger/older then you? Think about it!!

1400 days ago


Who cares. Bieber needs to get a better stylist and that's all that matters. Maybe he enjoys looking androgynous and feminine though.

1400 days ago

the whole thing is a joke

1400 days ago


when are we going to start teaching children that an act as simple as going out without a ring in public at 17 17 (im guessing) isnt an act that should be significant to anyone but the kid and the immediate parties involved? letting kids have the power that an adult world is analyzing their every move is so fundamentally damaging for them. we should be older and wiser and just be saying that this is what the new generation shocks us with and the only critics should be their peers. i used to say people would get older and realize how dumb their opinions were when mommy and daddy stopped paying for, they never stop paying and things are getting worse.

1400 days ago


and may i add that i only see young people that get careers like hers as vessels for vapid messages that seem harmless to kids at the time, or promote whatever values the president wants to concentrate on at the time. i never bought into presidential physical fitness. i was always like, the president is judging me on how fast i run a mile? really? believing that was so much worse than buying into picking and choosing my beliefs out of the bible.

1400 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Her head is weird. It belongs on the body of a midget.

1400 days ago


I sense a 'fauxmance' set up and negotiated behind the scenes by both parties including a time limit contract with private (read leaked to make public) break up. I wonder if they're contracted to hit some red carpets together. Not cynical it's just the buiness of show business...

1400 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

These two are not big fat let down losers yet like Lindsay and Miley, so leave them alone. This insinuation is uncalled for and mean spirited.

1400 days ago
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