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TMZ's Santa Snapshot Contest -- WINNER!

12/21/2010 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the Scary Santa picture dominated the competition in our Santa Snapshot Contest -- scoring the $250 prize and some great gifts from TMZ!

This week's contest is TMZ's Holiday Sweater Contest -- so if your sweater is a Christmas miracle -- email us a picture and you could win BIG!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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OOOooppppssss....I voted for scary santa but I thought it was the two little kids and santa all screaming.

1403 days ago


i voted wrong also..i thought that scary santa was the one pic with all of them crying..bummed..

1403 days ago


YES! YES!! YES! I picked this one when it was part of the 200 then voted like crazy for it when it got to top 5. I undertand where people could have been confused on the name of it but it seems that happened on both ends. Dont think it would have affected the outcome since the other one would have lost votes too on people that thought they were voting for this one but actually voting for the other. People need to get a grip. Its not a million dollar prize here.. LET IT GO!!!

I called it and my husband owes me $10 now. Funny stuff.

1403 days ago


Another reader who thought she was voting for the two little really should redo the vote with the correct caption under each picture!!!

1403 days ago


Weak. I thought I was voting for the kids...

1403 days ago


Ha, thats awesome! Loved this kids pic.

1403 days ago


I voted for the wrong one. The little kids and Santa all crying was the best. The labels were just too hard to tell the difference.

1403 days ago


I voted for "Scary Santa" thinking it was the one with the two kids on his lap. WTF? I did NOT mean to vote for this guy.

1403 days ago


From Now On just Put The Names On The DAMN Photos!!!!!

I Too Thought (Scary Santa) Was With The Crying Rug Rats...


1403 days ago


The children were TERRIFIED of santa= Scary santa, not this big baby sitting on santa's knee=sad santa. I want my vote back!

1403 days ago


People, chill out and get a grip. Let this kid friggin bask in a win. If they took your vote away and gave it to the other one, they would also need to take away the ones that voted for them thinking it was this one. Jesus, get a friggin grip. It wouldnt have mattered. Are you all really that stupid? This one won, get over it.

1403 days ago


Well, I am psyched he won, lol. But I guess thats because I am his mom. Tough crowd in here...well, other than the ones that voted for him. Sorry they all couldnt win :( But I am pretty psyched for my kid.

1403 days ago


If it's not a big deal then let us vote again! No one in their right mind voted for this overgrown baby. The little kids were robbed, because that picture was sooooooooo much funnier.

1403 days ago


Dont sweat it Maisie. Your kid won fair and square. There are always haters on these things demanding a recount. They dont seem to be realizing that people voted for thiers by accident too. They are a bunch of idiots. Just ignore them..

Did he do this for the contest?

1403 days ago


Ha-ha, thanks Wesley. I am not worried about the haters. It happens every contest, no matter what it is for. They always demand recounts and cry foul...My son was actually hoping there would be some haters, lol... I dont like it but it doesnt bother him at all.

He didnt do this for the contest. This was his Christmas Card this year. He does a funny one each year. He is a funny, funny kid.

1403 days ago
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