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TMZ's Santa Snapshot Contest -- WINNER!

12/21/2010 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the Scary Santa picture dominated the competition in our Santa Snapshot Contest -- scoring the $250 prize and some great gifts from TMZ!

This week's contest is TMZ's Holiday Sweater Contest -- so if your sweater is a Christmas miracle -- email us a picture and you could win BIG!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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Rina Wetherby    

Wesley is right, Maisie. They are being ridiculous. Its actually quite funny how they are demanding a recount, lol. Its pretty clear that they are relatives or friends of the one that lost. Of course, they will come back saying they arent, keep fighting for a recount, etc. But just ignore them. Your sons was awesome and a deserved win. He seems to have quite the sense of humor.

1372 days ago


eh. could care less who ended up winning. The finalists were kinda lame. There were 3 other pictures that should have been in the finals that the majority of people liked (like I think it was 133) yet they didn't make it.

of the ones that were picked though, this was the least lame, so it should have won.

1372 days ago


lol...these people are pathetic. I voted for the wrong one and gave a whole lot of votes to Sad Santa thinking this was Sad Santa. THey would lose my votes in a recount too but they dont seem to realize it. Difference is, if this one lost, I wouldnt be demanding a recount. Clearly these are relatives or friends that have something vested in it and would benefit from teh outcome. Otherwise, why care so much?

1372 days ago


Your son looks forty not twenty one and his mom is a smelly

1372 days ago


No Fricken Way!!!


1372 days ago


Mayu, agreed. Obviously I think my sons is awesome :) But there were some really, really funny ones. Felt guilty because these poor kids were traumatized but it was funny none the less. The things we do to our kids, lol...

Who-me.....Thanks! YOu just made my sons day by that comment.

1372 days ago


Haters. They do need to label these things better though. I voted for Sad Santa for 2 days thinking it was this one.

See people, it goes both ways.

Maisie, what does your son do? Is he in school?

1372 days ago


Hey Eric,
He is in school studying film and screenplay writing. He wants to produce/direct/write.... I think he should be on SNL or something like that because he is friggin hysterical but he will do great in anything he does. He actully has the same personality and sense of humor as the people at TMZ. Every time i watch it I say that to him. :)

1372 days ago


Hey Maisie I am glad you support your son, he should not take your advice and suck wieners. To each their own and to reiterate, Your son looks forty not twenty one and his mom is a smelly.

1372 days ago


I think the labeling was bad...I thought this was Sad Santa (he clearly looks sad, not scared). I voted for Scary Santa thinking it was the one with the 2 kids (they looked traumatized, not sad)...I say re-vote!

1372 days ago


Who-me...i am not sure what we are laughing at more... Me being smelly or him looking 40. Good stuff....

I get it Kim. I am going to agree that the labeling was kind of bad. But I dont think it would affect the outcome since a lot seemed to also vote for Sad Santa thinking it was my sons. I think it went both ways. But, everyone is certainly entitled to thier own opinions. And clearly people dont have a problem sharing them, lol....

1372 days ago


I understand you and your son not wanting to be made fun of , that is your motherly instinct not wanting your dorky son to look like a huge douche! but he does, and you suck farts MOM.

1372 days ago


If we are talking about your son, we are laughing at him. If we are talking about you HAHA!

1372 days ago


I voted for the wrong one too. I thought the photos were labelled in a different direction and I thought this was sad santa since the kids looked terrified and santa was mimicking them. Boo.

1372 days ago


@Who-me: Get some therapy, dude! Anyone who feels so driven to make strangers feel bad about themselves or their children CLEARLY is a miserable soul trolling the internet alone because nobody wants to hang out with you. I can't imagine the misery you must live in to find enjoyment in harming strangers with dumb and imbecile words. People who enjoy their lives and enjoy the people in their lives want the same joy for others. So, 'who-me', enjoy sleeping alone tonight while the rest of us happy folks lay our head next to the one we love while our beautiful children sleep soundly down the hall. Life is beautiful, but clearly not for you. Do yourself and us all a favor and stop trolling TMZ and go to a self-help web site instead.

1372 days ago
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