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TRON Guy's Costume -- Banned from Movie Theater

12/22/2010 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MILLIONS have viewed his YouTube videos -- but a movie theater in Minnesota doesn't care ... because we're told they won't let TRON Guy see the new remake in the costume that made him an Internet legend.

Tron Guy Costume

Jay Maynard -- who's been doing the Tron Guy thing since '04 -- tells TMZ, he gave his local movie theater a heads-up that he planned to see the new "Tron" flick in his famous costume ... but for some reason, they "adamantly" insisted he wouldn't be admitted if he suited up.

We don't know why management refused -- the suit OBVIOUSLY belongs in a museum -- but Maynard believes it's because his masterpiece is "too distracting."

Sidenote -- has anyone seen his stapler?


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So his twig and berries are showin'....big deal. They shoulda let him in. Poor guy.

1364 days ago


So his twig and berries are showin'...big deal. They shoulda let him in. Poor guy.

1364 days ago


He obviously wants the world to see his genitals through the suit. He is a very sick individual. Why would anyone want to show thier micro package? I would just cut it off and become a female with a red moustache.

1364 days ago


ATTENTION WHORE, plain and simple. His 15 minutes were up a long time ago, now people just laugh at the crazy old queen in a lighted suit and camel toe as big as the Holland Tunnel.

1364 days ago


Just make him sit in the back or wayy up front.

1363 days ago

Theatre CEO    

Don't ask for permission. Ask for forgiveness. A black trench coat and furry hat will cover that suit nicely..... Strip off the coat and activate the lights during the film.... When they come to "get you" politely ask a lot of questions and don't budge out of the seat and make them call the police who will inform them there's no law against wearing a costume....

1363 days ago

Michael Rudas    

Gotta love Jay. I recently saw a showing of "TRON" at an SF convention with him doing a running commentary--PRICELESS!

1363 days ago



If I saw him in reality, it'd probably get me to bat for the other team. :P

No, he should not be permitted to parade around in that anywhere where children could see him, it's flat out indecent.

1363 days ago


Here are a few comments:

1. When I see this guy, I think of the "Weird Al" parody song "You're Pitiful"- "...You're homemade Star Trek uniform, we'll it ain't impressing me. You're suffering from delusions of adequacy..."

2. Black would have been a better colour. The lights, however could be turned off when the film starts.

3. Tighter in the midsection, looser below the belt. You don't have to want to look down there, but it attracts your attention like a large woman's cavernous cleavage or frozen nipples.

4. I agree with others in him looking like a certain office employee spending most of his work hours looking for his favourite stapler and being placed in isolated places in the building instead of being let go. What does this guy do for a living?

1363 days ago


Grow the f**k up man!

1362 days ago


Disney's been dissing Splut right along, even though a pretty creditable case can be made that without his activities, there wouldn't *be* a #1 selling sequel; here's an interview from Adweek, whose bloggers *never* do interviews; I conclude they're somewhat exercised over this:

1361 days ago


what is the name of the guy who talked about this on the TMZ tv show? the one with the long hair and beard-ish?

1356 days ago


Splut is a tronslut. and a wierdo

1352 days ago

Jay Maynard Supporter    

TMZ Staff wrote:

> We don't know why management refused...

Well, TMZ, maybe for once you could do something called "investigative journalism" and CALL THE FREAKING MOVIE THEATER????

Seriously! Did it not even occur to you to call the theater to get a statement? Maybe you could have asked if they allowed Star Wars fans to wear costumes to the prequel movies? Or if they allow comic book fans to wear costumes to superhero movies? Jay's Tron costume is no more out of the ordinary than anything I've seen at the premieres for Star Trek, Transformers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc.

And the horrid subjective comments about Jay on this site are one of many reasons why I don't like TMZ. Jay's a nice guy who just happens to love Tron a whole, whole lot.

1336 days ago
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