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Wesley Snipes in Prison -- Chickening Out for Xmas

12/24/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes can at least count on a solid meal for his first of three Christmases behind bars -- TMZ has learned ... the actor will feast on chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread ... and more!!!

Check out the full December 25th dinner menu at the McKean Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania -- baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese quiche, cornbread stuffing, corn, rolls, wheat bread, and best of all ... ASSORTED PIES!!!

Sources at the prison tell TMZ, Snipes can also go to church, play cards, or watch movies if he wants.

Decisions, decisions.


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There is no parole in the Federal system. The guy is in jail for a misdemeanor, what a joke! Many Federal inmates have paid their fair share of taxes and deserve a nice meal. It is by no means club fed. People go to Federal prison for checking the wrong box on a loan application, drug conspiracy charges, etc. They get no chance for parole and extremely long sentences. Many violent offenders in State prison get parole and less time. Don't laugh, many of you sarcastic people could be there one day.

1343 days ago


you people who say wesley snipes shouldn't be in jail are wrong just cause your a big star dosen't mean you should have special privileges. you have to pay your taxes like everybody else.

1330 days ago


stop making fun what if it was u?

1330 days ago


Damn....they sent Blade to Jail? I bet Whistler can't get his ass out of this one! LOL

1251 days ago


whats are they locking my people up for? **** like this..... this some crooked ass ****. bottom line! when you a target your a target. this **** weak.

1190 days ago


it so funny how people like seeing my people locked up over bull **** like taxes and drugs that they bring here. But yet all they do is rape kids and their own kids. They give someone with a rock 20 years and they give a worthless piece of **** that rap babies and kill kill kill for fun next to nothing. the system is so stupid thats why it will destroy its self. a drug dealer and a rapist is on two diffenert levels

1190 days ago


what are these people talking about....... wesley didnt even do nothing. rich ass middle and upper class crackers that benifits off the poor always trying to lock black man down that makes it.... its gay as hell. always trying to hold a black man down. we the strongest outta all these weak ass people. without guns and bombs we-ah be knockin all yall weak ass bitches out and **** yall bitches. we still do....hahaa sorry if feelings get hurt but one on one, they know they weak by nature. thats why they are the most populated in prison for raping kids. they always need to have a big advantage to win a battle, they always wanna **** a little baby that cant say No or defend its self.if it wasnt for money they wouldnt ever get women.stop watching movies. the truth hurts. I feel pity for the weak ass middle and upper class. a souless people, somebody should tell the truth more often. But they scared from the upper class advanage. want every black man slaving because they to damn lazy to do they own work. just like they lazy ass four fathers that they take so much pride in. we eat chittlings and they want that to.A black man cant even eat **** without them coming to get it and investigate but, we got something they will never have and cant buy. youll find out what it is one day, and it will be to late. black black black, thats all you really no thats pure. take the makeup off then lets see who look better. dumb asses...... so ignorant. the same people thats ****in the world up is the people claiming they making it better! just some facts... have a great day buddy! : )

1190 days ago


I too am an actor. There is no one to blame here except Wesley himself. Look, I think he's a great actor, action star, comedian in some of his roles. But when you have a job, your job takes out taxes for you. When you are an actor, you are responsible for paying your own. When you choose not to pay, and the bill gets to be around 14 million like wesleys was, what do you really think is going to happen. Love ya wes, but this really is your own fault. Can't wait til you get out and start making movies again. Pay the fidler and then move on.

1044 days ago
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