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ZuZu in 'It's a Wonderful Life': 'Memba Her?

12/21/2010 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Karolyn Grimes is famous for playing Jimmy Stewart's youngest daughter ZuZu Bailey in the 1946 Frank Capra classic "It's a Wonderful Life." Guess what she looks like now!


Nicole Scherzinger's Makeup Free Photos!

Nicole Scherzinger doesn't hit a red carpet without a full face of makeup on -- but when she goes to the airport, it's an entirely different story.

The Pussycat Doll was spotted at LAX this morning without any beauty products on her famous mug -- completely different than the last time we saw her at the Jingle Bell Ball in London earlier this month.

Check out all the pics -- even with the fresh face, this Doll still looks great.

TMZ's Santa Snapshot Contest -- Naughty or Nice?

The funny photos poured into the TMZ newsroom for our Santa Snapshot Contest -- so sit back and have a good laugh at these kids crying.

Be sure to check back on Monday to vote for which Santa snapshot will score the $250 prize and some super secret mystery gifts from TMZ!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**

Megan Fox -- Holiday Hotness

Santa Claus has come early this year.

Here's Megan Fox, frolicking around the beach in Hawaii yesterday.

Yes, Virginia ...

Ludacris -- $100,000 for Millionaire's Xmas Party

Ludacris just pulled in ridiculous bank to perform at an exclusive Xmas party for some millionaire -- in fact, TMZ has learned, the contract was worth nearly $100K ... and he wasn't even the only star there.

A rep for millionaire entrepreneur Jason Hope tells TMZ ... Luda was paid to perform a 45-minute set for party-goers at Hope's pad in Arizona -- and get this ... Snooki, Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth, and a bunch of other celebs got money to show up too.

Altogether, were told Hope dropped nearly $200,000 to get the famous faces to attend --

-- Snooki
got $17,500
-- Lo and Stephanie got $12,500 each
-- "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul got $16,000
-- Kardashian stepfather Bruce Jenner got $15,000
-- Giuliana and Bill Rancic got $15,000 total
-- Dean Cain got $5,000.

According to Hope's rep, the whole party ran the guy nearly $500,000 total. Who said money can't buy friends?

TMZ's Celebrity Ornament Origami!

Impress your house guests and hook up your Christmas tree (or Hanukkah bush) with our one-of-a-kind celebrity ornaments!

**Simply print out and cut along the template's edges and glue or tape the corresponding letters to one another to create your cool new tree accessories!**

Who Was Photoshopped Into Kardashian X-Mas Card?

The Kardashian clan looked like one big happy family in their holiday card -- but one of them wasn't actually there when the pic was taken!

Lamar Odom, who's conveniently positioned in the back of photo, was busy practicing with the Lakers when the photo shoot went down.

"Lamar couldn't make it due to his schedule," accoring to E! Online, "so he did a separate shoot and then they Photoshopped him in afterwards."

We just wanted a reason to post the outrageous photo shoot again -- so check it out above!

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess whose famous face got one hell of a nasty celebrity scramblin'?


Vanessa Hudgens -- Flirty Birthday

Vanessa Hudgens celebrated her 22nd birthday at PURE in Las Vegas last night -- and judging by her various poses and facial expressions ... she's enjoying the single life.



No Avatar


Bernie Madoff's wife should kill herself too. When she was enjoying the ill profits and rich lifestyle she wasn't blaming her husband or anyone. She should be next in the cemetry

1408 days ago


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1401 days ago

Steve R    

Many Americans' can certainly relate to the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" as we are heading into the another depression which will be much much worse than the 30's because the cost of living is 20 times higher. Plus the fact that all American jobs are bring eliminated either by computers, the internet and of course the biggest problem OFFSHORING overseas and to Mexico.

The global corporations now control our governmnet through lobbyists which bribe the politicians. All the politicians care about is bribes and campaign donations. That's why they helped to outsource so many millions of American jobs. Only a revolution will save our country. We need to start protesting and rioting now !!!

1401 days ago


Love Lamar Odom. I really do think and hope that he and Chloe have a happy life together. But as far as the photo is concerned, how come no one is smiling? Is this a Christmas card, or what?

1401 days ago

henry adler    

You may not be happy in the U.S.. Try living in another Country. I have. The United States may not be perfect, but it is more so than any other place on this earth, bar none. There are loads of problems we may critisize, and justifiably so, but find me one place on earth which offers a better life. And, if youb really feel that you're being shortchanged by the U.S. MOVE!

1401 days ago

bob ster     

the people above have ligitimate gripes and they are correct about our politicians in both parties that have let them down . i hope and wish them good luck ,,
im retired and rich and my working days are over than G-D . i had the best 50 yrs our country had in business and i dont see how we will ever get it back again like it was in the 50s , 60s , 70s and up to the year 2007 when it all came to a sudden end . these kids are right ,, this is worse than the depression and the unemployment is probably closer to 18 pct now than what the lying govt figures are telling them . inflation is already on the rise with the exception of housing which will remain in the dumps because that was the only jobs we werent out sourcing . we dont manufacture S--T Today and havent for some time .. we need to buy american again and hope its also made here not in china or india . my time is over but you young people have some really big problems with the multi nationals whose bottom lines look good because they hire cheap labor abroad .. back in 1990 i said , how could we compete with people making 6 cents an hour like in china ? the answer ?

1401 days ago


I refuse to look at all the other crappy photos in order to see the one that was headlined on the opening page........the lady who played Jimmy Stewart's daughter on "Wonder Life". What a ripoff! TMZ, I won't be tempted to open your page again!!! I don't care a whit about any others.

1401 days ago


In response to Steve R, son I think you're looking in all the wrong places and with the wrong attitude for help in your situation. You have damned the only source of help you have. Thnik about it.

1401 days ago


I understand everyone's concern....BUT why did the people elect that same people who put us here in the first place????? That is really dumb! FEAR is the BIG thing, and it will sway anyone. The US people are really ignorant!
When Jefferson left the contitutional convention, a lady asked him..... "What sort of government have you provided us with?"
He ansewrd..... " A republic, if you can keep it!"
We are at that point so many years later!!!!!!

1401 days ago

Warren Dukes    

The gentlemen that stated our elected officials became filthy rich by bribes is absolutely right. There needs to be term limits for everyone.if you can't get your job done within 2 terms then that should be it. It should not be a career getting rich and only thinking about the rich. Millions of poeple are homeless and no one seems to care especially those that are elected to office.

1401 days ago


Memba her, sounds like a blood or crip verbalization or racisst and you are no better than the KKK, so which gangster are you they are still are creeps and punks. And it is insulting to intelligent with English that is at least comprehensible . To most of us. Except stupoid people and foreigners at least half of them. Possible morethan half of the young people in the USA. The person who wrote the article and the Editor need to be respectful of the USA. Or get the hell out.

1401 days ago


You know, everyone says that all the cast of "Gone With the Wind" has passed, but I wonder. Is Melanie's baby still alive. It would be about 72/73 I would guess. Anyone know?

1401 days ago


I really feel for Steve R and understand his anger, BUT... I don't know what kind of work you are applying for, but I would recommend that you have has someone look at your resume and see if it needs corrections, because based on your posts, you have a problem with spelling. I'm not saying that's the only reason for your lack of success, but it could be a contributing factor. It might help, Steve! Good luck to you.

1401 days ago

Claudia Jackson    

I've reviewed all the comments by the previous authors and question their respective viewpoints.

As a baby boomer I did not grow up in the lifestlye of "happy days" but alone and without parental guidence. Yes, I had parents but they had their own issues. My father was from a very wealthy family, whose ancestors came over on the the Mayflower. My mothers family were from Germany and fled prior to WW1.

During my lifetime I have seen progressive changes of our lifestyles. I was a native of San Francisco and a crusader for equality for every person to seek out a life of prosperity.

I can remember my father stating our Country will eventually become a one world government. I believe this will happen but not in my lifetime. " History repeats itself; basically we review the errors taken and seek to improve mankind."

Our present economy is tilting but we should be grateful to have a country of open communication and a populous that does care for each other.

Their are alot of homeowners who are having difficulty but remember basic math;one doesn't spend more than they have.

Corruption is greed; granted the lenders (ie the banks )were loaning the populace money for homes but individual buyers do have basic math skills. Lenders should advise the consumer the overall costs of paying the home. I would strongly advise anyone to retain an actuary prior to buying a home.

Living in the Bay Area property values were only for persons who could afford $500,000+ (ie met the salary conditions)could buy a home. Obviously my salary would not meet the criteria.

Don't be dismayed the true culprit is "Wall Street" and the film (movie)is a true example of the corrupt villain.

Keep smiling

1401 days ago


steve r......take a pill dude!!!!!

1401 days ago
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