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Favre Allegedly Asked Sterger for Masturbation Video

12/23/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former NY Jets employee who allegedly received penis photos from Brett Favre also claims she got a text message from the NFL legend ... in which he asks her for a video of her masturbating -- this according to sources connected to the investigation.


We're told Jenn Sterger received the sextual request back in late 2008 -- months after Favre allegedly sexted over the pics of little Brett.

It's unclear if Sterger has turned over the video request text message to the NFL -- which is currently investigating Favre to see if he violated the league's personal conduct policy.

Calls to Favre's camp have not been returned. Sterger's manager and lawyer have also declined to comment.

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Kelley Hicks    

so he does this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7CxgpevKuU

and wants her to return the "favor" with WHA???

1369 days ago


I think this is all BULL****. You got the rich football player and a nobody. They both probably texted some crazy **** back and forth. SURE he is a married man and any real man would never do that to his wife. Tell me peeps, how many of yall have text from over two years ago, I feel like she had alternative motives for the texting. Its not all Brett. WHO gives a **** if a dude text a woman. If the NFL does anything about this is rediculous.

1369 days ago


I have never been a fan of Bret Farve or his family, but if this incident happened back in 2008 why is it just now coming to light? I am guessing that someone needs money.

1369 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Yep, why didn't she just change her number, or block his number, if she was so offended by his text messages. He had to have been led to believe something could probably happen between the two of them. Problem is, he probably didn't save any text messages she sent him. I was thinking he was a complete lowlife pervert, but I can see how a woman would be able to text back and forth and then look for a payday to keep it all hush-hush. Does anyone here on TMZ know if cell phone companies keep records of text messages sent and received? There might be more to this story than we have heard about.

1369 days ago


Id ask her 2

1369 days ago

Chris Gambera     

OmG- the man's human !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They're both adults.......

Chris Gambera

1369 days ago


if that kind of stuff was going to come out and my kids might see it i would just have paid her off and made her go away..he obviously did something wrong and he is rich..so pay her
bad brett bad brett

1369 days ago


This chick is a whore! If she thought it was a big deal/crime, she wouldn't have waited almost 2 years to make it public. Statute of limitations on this skank- 1 week!

1369 days ago

Oval Beach    

What a publicity whore this Jenn Sterger is. She wants a payoff...you can blame Brett "I'm just your average sex pig jock slut" Favre as well for getting mixed up with this media hungry whore...having a wife and all. VERY Tiger Woods-esqe. I personally would love to see the pic of his member...I find most jocks HOT and Brett is no exception to that rule. What the hell is her problem...I'd be all over that for a LONG time and THEN make a deal for some money...at least enjoy it first B-I-T-C-H!!! : )=

1369 days ago



Have you noticed how long the NFL is taking to investigate this matter? You do know if this were other players they would have made a decision ages ago. It's because it's Brett Favre, the NFL's poster child. They took weeks to probe and conduct interviews with the woman and Brett, and then said "we've investigated and obtained all the data and now we're sending the info to Roger Goodell."

We are in like the 2nd/3rd week of Goodell having that info! Add that on the the prior investigation time and you have a load of bullcrap so stinky it's burning the nation's eyes.

Notice how none of the ESPN talking heads or other sports talkers say a word about how long the NFL is taking. They are all remaining mum because they know why he is getting this special treatment and don't want to go down that suspicious lane.

The NFL wants their "squeaky clean" poster boy to finish his career with a spotless punishment record. Really, NFL? Really?!

So far Brett admitted to voicemails (can't deny that voice!) but not sending those nude pics. Sure, Brett! You were a married man calling another woman so right there you were already doing something dirty! You just happened to stop there? Whatever, Brett. He is obviously Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! of something. Come on, man!

At least fine the fool and let him play if you specifically want to nurture this NFL poster boy and end his career on a high note, but don't reprimand other players for their faults and let Brett walk scott-free. It's absolutely ridiculous and disgustingly unfair!

TMZ, look into this special treatment they don't extend to other players.

1369 days ago


Hey really very nice information shared by TMZ, thanks tmz for sharing most informative post.

1369 days ago


don't blame her for how he ends his career, HE did this to himself, his family, fans and to her. She has nothing on him if he did nothing wrong....but he did and she's not getting any money for it. And for those that don't believe a word she says, have you seen the picture? It's pathetic and he deserves everything that comes his way. I'm not a packers fan but can you imagine how frustrated they were after being held "hostage" by his many retirement threats? I'm sorry for his wife, she deserves better.

1369 days ago


He's tarnished his image permanently. She may be a gold-digger, but he gave her the ammunition. Just a redneck partyboy who hasn't changed one iota in all these years. Chimura gets away with assaulting a teenager, and Brett gets all the glory when he probably has been pulling this stuff for years. His wife is either a saint or doesn't want to hamper her present lifestyle. Just goes to show you, you can't make people into heroes. He could have gone into the history books as the champion he was, now he's just going to be famous for this. Too bad.

1369 days ago


In very short time Sterger will be just like Joslyn James a complete nobody who failed in their attempt to extort Favre. She will little by little let information make it's way to TMZ and people will care even less about it everytime it happens. Ladies and gentlemen this happend two years ago and now she comes forward? What's wrong Sterger, you didn't get paid and you finally have figured out that you're not going to see anymore free checks for being a stadium "host" or whatever job they gave you. Your fifteen seconds are up and you didn't get a thing out of it. Enjoy the rest of your life.

1369 days ago


Just another whore. If she thought it was such a big deal/crime, she wouldn't have waited almost 2 years to make it public. Statute of limitations on this skank- 1 week!

1369 days ago
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