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Favre Allegedly Asked Sterger for Masturbation Video

12/23/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former NY Jets employee who allegedly received penis photos from Brett Favre also claims she got a text message from the NFL legend ... in which he asks her for a video of her masturbating -- this according to sources connected to the investigation.


We're told Jenn Sterger received the sextual request back in late 2008 -- months after Favre allegedly sexted over the pics of little Brett.

It's unclear if Sterger has turned over the video request text message to the NFL -- which is currently investigating Favre to see if he violated the league's personal conduct policy.

Calls to Favre's camp have not been returned. Sterger's manager and lawyer have also declined to comment.

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Did the hooker errrr hostess send the videos?

1402 days ago


Sources? I don't put my faith into them inless they are Named Sources! This whole smear job on Brett is all it is, voice mails ya maybe so but to continue to alledge this other crap is someone looking for something extra, Sterger wants to clear her name? Umm her name never came to light untill she went to an online tabloid to say this stuff supposedly happened, give me a break...If she was sooo upset at all this happening, she would of said something 2 yrs ago plain and simple and what about last year? nothing said even then to the NFL or the Jets... She is really making her self look really pathetic more the sympathitic...

1402 days ago


Even on my worse day I'm still glad I'm not Favre or married to him. Turns out my plain ole life is a million times better than his.
There have been rumors about him for a long time and I'm glad someone finally put him in his place. Weren't there 2 other women in NY who said he was bothering them too? He seems to have no shame.

Posted at 9:43 AM on Dec 23, 2010 by pattycake
so your against penis pics
but pro blackmail lol

1402 days ago


I don't buy for one minute her claim that the pics were sent without her consent. She was part and parcel of the whole thing and is just upset now that he decided to go get it from some other bimbo.

I hope she gets a big fat sack of nothing. She is nothing but a money hungry ho.

1402 days ago


It takes two to tango, that bitch was game from the start, she probably didn't get something she wanted to she blew this whole thing up out of proportion. This kind of thing is done everyday, so whats the big freaking deal you know? Skank is just looking for a payday!

1402 days ago


This woman needs to be blown up! You`re making a fool of yourself! Get a job and while your at it....get a life!

1402 days ago


What is the proper punishment for someone being an azz? I would think that everyone would be satisfied that he's been outed and his wife has been informed. It appears to me that most women have a little bit of prostitute in them and think that they DESERVE to be paid for sex. Well, he didn't even have sex with her so maybe she should just go away now. How has she even been damaged considering the fact that we wouldn't even know about this if she hadn't made it public. It's not the 1960...s anymore. Social sites have to monitor their content now to keep people from posting their nude photos for all the world to see. Shame on him and let's just get on with it now.

1402 days ago


ANYWAYYYYYYYYY, reality check... this whore led him on and on for this to happen. The man didnt simply see her and say fcuk it im about to email her my d!!ck. No at some point durring his and her talks she developed this plan and led him straight to this very much on purpose. Sad, pathetic whore doing "legal blackmail" on a celeb, who just happens to also be ... dun dun dun duuuuuuunnnnn... HUMAN. So the man fooked up, who hasnt, and who the fk are any of you to judge?

1402 days ago


who really gives a damn....this chick wants money, what else is new!

1402 days ago


I want to marry her

1402 days ago


She doesn't want money. She wants FAME. Females who pursue careers as cheerleaders, showgirls, back-up dancers all want FAME. She doesn't want money now, she just wants the spotlight. She want her turn on Oprah, Ellen and Chealsea Lately. That's it.

1402 days ago


so your against penis pics
but pro blackmail lol

uh...no. I'm against him trying to cheat on his wife. That's how this all started - with him. None of this is an issue if he had not contacted her. You call it blackmail....whatever. I say he gets what is coming to him. He tried to play with fire and got burned.

1402 days ago


Another **** tease sleeze used up skank looking to fck over a rich famous dude...Another Uchitel coming out of the woodwork--

1402 days ago


Jenn Sterger is nasty, her fake tits make me want to vomit.

1402 days ago

big nuts    

Little skank should have got out the video cam and did some bean flicking. Shut your mouth ho and get a job. Picture of his crank was the best thing that ever happened to you.

1402 days ago
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