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Dina Lohan -- Lindsay's Accuser Is Full of BS

12/23/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan says the story that she told Lindsay Lohan to refuse a breathalyzer test is pure poppycock.


Dina is lashing out at Dawn Holland, the former Betty Ford chemical dependency tech who told TMZ Dina was jawboning with Lindsay over the phone, instructing her to just say no to a breathalyzer test.

Dina says, when she was speaking with Lindsay, she was merely trying to comfort her after what the employee did to her.  Lindsay claims Holland berated and grabbed her.

Dina adds, "I stand behind my daughter 100% ... the whole thing with the woman is a little sketchy."

And finally, Dina has praise for Betty Ford:  "With all the fabulous employees they have, it's unfortunate that someone with this kind of background gets through.  I stand behind Betty Ford.  It is such a fabulous facility.  They have been nothing but great.  They really helped my daughter and changed my life, too."



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If Dawn was lying... how did she know that Lindsay was on the phone with Dina at all? Dina admitted right here that she was on the phone with Lindsay at the time. Why would Lindsay tell Dawn Holland she was on the phone with Dina if she didn't say something like My Mom says I don't have to take a breathalyzer?

It's all coming together now...

1368 days ago


@Enough No, the judge won't have a problem with Betty Ford keeping things quiet. If you noticed, it is consistent with how he conducts his courtroom opposed to how the previous judge, Marsha Revel, conducted hers. Judge Fox does NOT allow cameras in the courtroom, did NOT allow any transcript of the court hearing and to this day it has never been confirmed that Lindsay's failed drug test was cocaine. That's TMZ's conclusion. The official term is "controlled substance". So, NO, Betty Ford doesn't acknowledge Lindsay is a patient, doesn't say anything official about any of their patients as it should be and fired a staff member for talking to the press without mentioning anyone's name. This is correct protocol. As for Dina, excellent statement. And kudos to her for standing behind Betty Ford. Betty Ford is not Dawn Holland, she's a poor representative of the facility, and most companies/workplaces have a few bad employees from time to time.

1368 days ago


Dina is sicker than her daughter. She has always needed Lindseys money to pay for her lifestyle. Dina get a job Pay for yourself.

I also think her career is shot. She's not that talented. Mean girls what 7-8 years ago. She was completly unprofessional in Gerogia Rule, ruined her chances for the Linda Lovelace movie at the last minute, her clothing line is not doing well.

No studio or independant will hire her...she cant get insurance and no one will risk millions of dollars on her. Lohan is simply not worth it. Lohan herself has prooven that.

Robert Downey Jr. at least has kick ass talent. Lohan not even close.

Lohan needs to be in jail like she should have been in the first place and not for 20 minutes. She should do the full 6 months. The jails make room for other people and she wouldn't have to pay 29k per 30 days.

1368 days ago


@Delmar, That's a whole lot of spin and a miasma of illogic you just threw out there. You are highly wrong on all counts. Betty Ford Clinic is NOT supposed to "keep things quiet" from the courts, they are supposed to treat and expose ALL levels of success and failure, they are NOT supposed to cover up and abet ANY infractions or behaviors. What does Judge Fox's decision of public access or courtroom style have to do with anything? The court is to be made aware of EVERYTHING. Lindsay's "cocaine event" is the least of her problems. Of course, BFC doesn't make any "official statements regarding their patients, that's the job of the courts. "Correct protocol" is for FULL disclosure to the courts, not for "keeping it quiet" as the Betty Ford Clinic initially wanted to do. Kudos to Dawn Holland for standing up for what's right and not caving in to Betty Ford's intentions to cover it all up and "keep it quiet."

1368 days ago


Enough already! Lindsay Lolife probably threw a punch, the BFC employee probably threw a punch back. Went into I'm gonna tell so I can get out for Christmas. Momma comes in just to get her face on camera (daddy will be next in a couple of days. Let her out so she can do her party thang. let it build up til she kill someone then put her narrow a#* in jail. See what mommy and daddy do then. The saga continues...

1368 days ago


Go away Dina. You are not a celebrity, you are not credulous, you are not appealing in any way. Why on earth would anyone believe anything you have to say?

1368 days ago


TMZ--next time you post a picture of this gravel voiced hag...please have to photg stand an additional 15 ft away--she is so ugly that she could be the host of Tales from the Crypt.

1368 days ago


I hope we get to hear the 911 call and make Dina and Lindsay out to be the liars they are.

1368 days ago


Like Dina has any credibility as a parent. Dina Lohan is one of the main reasons that her daughter is in the shape that she is in. The whole family needs their heads examined.

1368 days ago

Chris Gambera     

Does anyone else think that the Judge is going to have a rather large problem with the Betty Ford Clinic, whose first reaction was to "keep it silent" and cover everything up? I don't think the Judge will be entertaining any motions to consider them in the future. Since when does aiding and abetting your patients addictions and failures constitute "treatment?"
Since when's jail helped any addict get and STAY clean?
We realy shouldn't know ANY of this stuff, regardless who's responsible for leaking the info, it's NOT in any way in the best interests of Lindays sobriety-it's a sad indictment on Betty ford.

1368 days ago

Mama Bear    

God!!!! Lindsay Lohan is such a has been....I wish they would just put her ass in jail already...She's never going to get better with an enabler of a mother and quack job of a father. I could care less if I ever saw her in a movie again! There's way hotter and more talented people on the scene now.

1368 days ago


I'm sorry, did Dina Lohan actually call someone else sketchy?

1368 days ago


I think it HIGHLY likely that Dawn Holland was ler go because she filed charges of criminal battery against Lohan and refused to call it off. Betty Ford wanted it kept quiet, ie. cover it up. Holland refused, good for her ethics, not Betty Ford's.

Also, where's the 911 calls from Lindsay and Holland that TMZ is so very good at obtaining and posting? From the statements, I'd bet there is a lot of info to be gleened from them, - as in, Lindsay's yelling and trying to wrench to phone out of Dawn Holland's hand.

1368 days ago


Sez Dina, "it's unfortunate that someone with this kind of background gets through." Oh, you mean someone with a background exactly like your daughter's??? But you're always saying "poor Lindsay deserves another chance." So why not this woman who's battled the same demons as Lindsay?

1368 days ago


@Enough What are you going on about? Keeping it quiet is to the MEDIA and PUBLIC, not the courts. You have no idea what Betty Ford is communicating to the courts, neither do I, nor the press or public. That's how it should be.

1368 days ago
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