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'Lost' Creator -- Sorry For Mocking Spider-Man

12/22/2010 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Damon Lindelof -- the co-creator of "Lost" -- is finally issuing a formal apology for one of the biggest mistakes he ever made ... unfortunately, we're not talking about his show's finale.


It's all over a joke Lindelof cracked on his Twitter page yesterday in the wake of the Spider-Man on Broadway accident -- he wrote, "With great power, comes great respWAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHSMASHCRASHKATHUMP!!!!!"

Kinda funny -- but kinda inappropriate considering the accident may have ended the stuntman's career.

But today, Damon owned up to the situation -- tweeting, "I had no idea that the stuntman was so seriously injured. Bad taste. Honest regrets. And hoping for a speedy recovery."


Still waiting for an apology for not explaining the numbers ... the DHARMA initiative ... the polar bear .... the smoke monster ... Walt ... the frozen wheel ... the lighthouse ...


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I'm siding with Damon b/c the reports I saw essentially said he was fine and gave a thumbs up to the audience as he was being carried off. Hence, I did not think he was seriously injured.

1368 days ago


Ah gotta love celebrities and twitter-there's no filter between them and the public. It's like a publicists worst nightmare!

1368 days ago


What are you smoking there at TMZ. In case you missed it, pretty much everything except the light house (but that wasn't a big mystery b/c it was only introduced in the 6th season) was explained? Did you even bother to watch the final season? While I thought the final season started out slow, it picked up towads the end, and the finale was great.

So, he made a bad joke b/c he didn't realize how seriously Spiderman was hurt. He said he was sorry--it's not that big of a story TMZ. The real story is why so many actors/actresses are getting hurt in the play.

1368 days ago


1. Those things in Lost were explained. Really, the polar bears? Explained, numerous times.
2. As far as Spiderman goes, I'm really sorry about the stunt man, but I think the joke was more aimed at the production, and it was warranted. Though to the poster that called it "The Scottish Play II" - THAT's hysterical. Most appropriate thing I've heard all day.

1368 days ago


Here to add my .02 that you're a bumbbutt if you think those things were not answered in LOST. The numbers were not explained????? Really??? Do people even pay attention anymore?? How about comprehension??? Maybe if the answers were tweeted or is it twittered(THAT I'm SURE you can tell me) Maybe then you would have UNDERSTOOD the answers to LOST ......Sad

1368 days ago


if you didnt understand the answers to some of those things you posted about lost, then you didnt watch the show or youre stupid.

1368 days ago


LOST = a show that started out amazing, and then turned into a giant writing mess even though they tried to make you feel smart for watching it by throwing around words like "character-driven." Ended with a massive thud, though they'll still try to convince you that it was all "planned."

I'll give them credit though, they did set the modern day precedent for movie-quality production for primetime tv shows.

1368 days ago

Gabby Cuevas    

He should feel bad about that disappointing season finale of LOST!!!! I was a true Lost fan never missed an episode.....and for it to finish like that? that's had he should bad about!!!!

1368 days ago

lindelof cockmuncher    

**** this douche hack of a writer. lost sucked balls

1368 days ago


Is it me or does he look like the 'Chicken pot pie' guy?

1368 days ago


What's with all these apologizing? Be a ****ing man and appreciate good humor. It was and still is funny.

1368 days ago


OMG, this girl is a "Flamer"

1368 days ago


Why do news reports keep referring to Christopher Tierney as a "stunt man" - he's a professional dancer. He may have learned some stunts for this, but I've seen nothing in his stats to indicate that he's a stunt man. He certainly hasn't done stunt work in films (check his IMDB page.) No dancer should be put in danger of breaking his back.

1368 days ago


I agree with Tim Gunn when it comes to using Twitter. You made a serious error in judgment and compassion. Get some pen and paper and apologize correctly.

1368 days ago


Check out the comment on the TMZ Spiderman video posted at 9:01AM

Little late to the show.

1368 days ago
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