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Mel and Oksana Split Lucia Down the Middle

12/23/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through her pad ...
Lucia was staring ... out the window for dad.

But we kid.  TMZ has learned baby Lucia will spend Xmas Eve with Oksana Grigorieva and Xmas day with Mel Gibson.

That's the plan that was hashed out, and it should go off without a glitch.  We're told the hand off is supposed to take place sometime Saturday morning. 

The baby transfer has not always gone smoothly.  Last month Mel almost called the cops on Oksana for refusing to turn Lucia over on time.

And to all a good night.



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I hope that Lucia has a wonderful Christmas.

1399 days ago


Good morning / afternoon / evening to all folks of goodwill !!!

@ V -- you might get a charge out of checking out Horowitz and Garbus on Wikipedia -- they have new and wondrous biographies. Garbus is apparently now defending the piano player against media smears by Mr. Gibson. What a joke.

For all, Rahm Emmanuel's run at mayor will be interesting. In my own little tinfoil hat world, I wonder how far his negativity will impact governance if he does not win? The Emmanuel family has always used extreme negative campaigns (compliments of Saul Alinsky training) to 'fix' power. It appears Ari does the same.

When my kids were younger, we had about 5 Christmas celebrations to attend every year. Usually only had 3 at Thanksgiving. This year I hope will be less travel for me.

Tee hee

1399 days ago


V, sorry. He is still waiting to hear. Just caught the end and assumed. wrong on my part.

1399 days ago


Here is the last link. Couldn't include it with the post because only three links are allowed. So here it is.

I found it interesting his family roots are Moldova, another place with Russian connections. However, Moldova seems to be more ROMANIAN historically.

Don't confuse it with where Oksana Grigorieva claims to have spent some of her life. Oksana is SUPPOSEDLY connected to Mo"R"dov"I"a. The one the Emanuels hail from is a tiny place next door, almost swallowed up by Ukraine, the country Oksana and her mother claim THEY have roots and lots of family. If you scroll down there is a terrific map that shows how the country is situated in relationship to Ukraine and Romania.

Mo'R"dov"I"a, the one Oksana and her parents supposedly have some connection- what the connection was/is we are not exactly sure are we?- regardless, that country also is in EASTERN EUROPEAN REGION isn't it? It is surrounded by Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (which has the fourth largest city in all of Russia),Chuvash Republic (along the Volga river),Ulyanovsk Oblast,Penza Oblast,and Ryazan Oblast. It is a very interesting region, the individual indigenous population of each seem to have LEFT and been replaced OR the people have begun to call themselves merely RUSSIANS.

Hope Babushka sees this post and helps clarify.

Maybe she knows something about Mo"L"dova, the home of the Emanuels.

1399 days ago


put down the pipe, crackbaby

1399 days ago


Oksana is from Russia which means her main holiday of the year is New Year's Eve, not Christmas, and also there is a 99% chance she's an Orthodox Christian which means she was raised celebrating Xmas on January 7th. I am not even going to mention that during the Soviet times Christmas was a veeeery understated holiday. why not let the baby spend the holiday with the parent who actually CELEBRATES it?? IDIOTS.

1399 days ago


The child looks Asian.

1399 days ago


Here is the page from the Election Commission showing some of the objections to Rahl Emanuel running for Mayor.

VERY INTERESTING READS! If you have the time they seem to paint a picture imo.

Here is one link for an actual objection -***ent_3265.PDF

Apparently Mr. Emanuel didn't return to Chicago until AFTER the NOV. election -


He may have used a FALSE ADDRESS on his candidancy paperwork to try and conform to the RESIDENCY requirements.

WOW, that is a WHOPPER if true. And a simple papertrail examination would reveal whether true or false right?

I don't see where the BOARD has voted yet. RIGHT NOW it is JUST A RECOMMENDATION isn't it? The Board of ELECTIONS reflects

Rahl Emanuel's Mayor Candidancy as "CHALLENGED". The vote is supposed to occur on THURSDAY.***ent_3259.pdf

Doesn't surprise me AT ALL a TIME INC company like CNN would announce the RECOMMENDATION incorrectly or do it in such a way as to NOT EXPLAIN it FULLY.

Since all of this Oksana Grigorieva stuff has surfaced, I have an TOTALLY different view of ANY AND ALL THINGS TIME INC related.

I don't trust them as an unbiased or even HONEST anymore.

1399 days ago


TMZ *gets* Ox, and knows Lucia looks forward to seeing her daddy, because he actually loves her. Lucia is Ox's meal ticket; the gold digging liar who has Rabiesonline on the line. They look like crap for reporting her lies, TMZ is always accurate. They keep harping on the lying dentist with the ever changing stories and "new" photos that Ox was probably sleeping with. They need a new Photoshop hack if they want to convince anyone.

The judge agrees that Lucia is better off having MORE time with Mel which shows he doesn't believe her.

1399 days ago


The child looks Asian.

Posted at 8:44 AM on Dec 23, 2010 by soulofanangel

I don't think so...true she has dark coloring but so does Oxi and her brood...
btw, Russia is on Asia continent...i think Lucia has Mel's smile, genuine smile that just crinkles her nose and eyes!:)

1399 days ago


Is it too late for me to go to HW and find me a sugardaddy who will pay my housing and living expenses for me and my family?

I can still get pregnant and it appears as long as i have a child of a wealthy man in LA i will be set for life! never mind i was just a one night stand or just a passing fling...just give me an hour with a wealthy guy and i will never have to worry about money again! Cheeky am i? not really, it appears LA is the place to be if you want to extort someone and be set for life!

1399 days ago


I got really brave and checked out the latest incarnation of the piano player biography on IMDB.

Goodness gracious and other exclamations of disbelief!

Never thought a biography could get longer for a half-credit one credit questionably 'talented' extortionist.

Why are the only pictures posted are of the piano player with Mr. Gibson? Funny how the little-known things section has dropped the 'without anesthesia' claim. Can't tell this time which Igor she married in USSR.

Between the piano player's ever-changing fictional biography and Garbus and Horowitz on Wikipedia, I am laughing so hard I am almost speechless!

Tee hee

1399 days ago


This is very good news for Mel Gibson and Baby Lucia and it's better news for ALL The Mel Gibson Supporters like my self that Hoebag Oksana don't deserve anything except 50 years to Life in The State Pen where she belongs, along with ALL of her dumb ass lawyers even the ones that quit or got fired by her to keep a child from the one parent that actually cares for her I mean REALLY CARES for her not for money reasons either. I am glad that Judge Gordon told them that Mel can have his daughter for Christmas hopefully this will prove to all of the naysayers who bash Mel Gibson and who support the real bad parent is which is Oksana. Happy Holidays Everyone and have a safe and healthy and Happy New Year as well.

1399 days ago


Stretching and bending the rules for personal gain or for protection of your own is rapidly becoming a routine in this country. It's sad because it's the beginning of the destruction of this great nation. There is ORDER and there is CHAOS. Trespassing on the rules can only be justified to stop chaos but never disrupt the order.

1399 days ago


somebody needs to take that kid from both of them talk about exsployting children jez leave the kid alone already....if she was older she would run away and tell both of them to f$%# o%^

1399 days ago
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