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Mel and Oksana Split Lucia Down the Middle

12/23/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through her pad ...
Lucia was staring ... out the window for dad.

But we kid.  TMZ has learned baby Lucia will spend Xmas Eve with Oksana Grigorieva and Xmas day with Mel Gibson.

That's the plan that was hashed out, and it should go off without a glitch.  We're told the hand off is supposed to take place sometime Saturday morning. 

The baby transfer has not always gone smoothly.  Last month Mel almost called the cops on Oksana for refusing to turn Lucia over on time.

And to all a good night.



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Wonder WHO sets the schedule for the ELECTION BOARD? The week of CHRISTMAS to hear Emanuel's? And why has there been so LITTLE real information out there in the media about the discrepancies and challenges in the Emanuel candidancy.

I am trying to determine WHEN Emanuel actually filed to run? And when the objections/challenges were submitted.

The RULES seem very clear cut. What I can't fathom is WHY Mr. Emanuel didn't take the INITATIVE to be sure he was in compliance. One of the links I provided is about the brothers and one of his brothers ACTUALLY COMMUTES to DC from Chicago.

I keep thinking of the articles that appeared in JUNE of 2010. HE was reportedly going to MOVE BACK TO CHICAGO and it wasn't ONLY to seek the MAYOR post, it was for other reasons right?

SO why NOT in JUNE buy a property right away in CHICAGO? Did he try to KICK the other folks? I think that should be explored shouldn't it? It is very relevant, isn't it?

Surely he has the money to buy a condo or apartment? He could have kept that WHILE he was IN Washington, couldn't he? He actually uprooted his kids and moved to DC though and then had to MOVE BACK and he didn't even move back in a way consistent with schooling for his kids did he? Or are they STILL in DC? That should also be asked shouldn't it? If he knew in JUNE then he had until Aug./Sept to get him and his kids relocated for life in CHICAGO. BUT he didn't do that did he?


THE NOV. ELECTIONS. And reportedly Mr Emanuel's ONLY REAL COMPETITION for MAYOR, Tom DART, was running for Cook County Sheriff again in NOVEMBER. And just after Emanuel comes back to town, Sheriff Dart decided NOT to run for Mayor. The article I linked about it had a quote that was sort of creepy. I know you mentioned how negative the EMANUELs can be. The words "USE ANY MEANS NECESSARY" seems to creep up over and over where the EMANUELS are concerned, don't they? I wonder what Sheriff Dart meant by 'Not coming home".

Is this the guy, Joe Morris, who greenlit the Emanuel Mayor candidancy? He was introduced as a REPUBLICAN on this PBS show but WOW,...

1400 days ago


Have to get a little philosophical and note an interesting post-modern expression of some of the nonsense going on in the whole piano player scenario.

See 'F is for Fake' by Orson Wells. Clifford Irving anyone?

Tee hee

1400 days ago


ROFL The dentist keeps on changing the story and RabiesOnline are IDIOTS. They look worse and worse.

From his previous deposition:

"I took a total of five (5) photos, however two (2) came out blurry" ...***ents/1116_oksana_declaration.pdf
From Rabiesonline:

"According to a source close to the situation, Dr. Shelden Ross brought in eight new photos during his deposition. The photos were taken at his office on January 7, 2010."

1400 days ago


What gets me is their both adults
having a baby is both of their responsibilities
they were never married in my opinion
all Mel should be responsible for is
half the cost of raising the baby
food, clothes, doctors, ect and time spent raising Lucia,
housing feeding clothing ox should be ox's responsibility
just as mel takes care of his own needs why is he giving ox
money above and beyond half of what lucia needs
every woman who says she wants to be treated as an equal
should be outraged by this womans actions.

1400 days ago


I am still laughing -- we should not forget that the piano player was also at the pediatrician the same day as the dentist. Any 'damage' to the piano player would have been visible to the pediatrician and questioned. No wonder the piano player wanted to get rid of the baby's pediatrician.

What story is the dentist on now? And how many more so-called 'pictures' will he produce?

Tee hee

1400 days ago


Maybe we should all be asking how many times Fauxana's veneers have been replaced in the time she has been seeing this dentist?

Isn't he a mandated reporter?

Tee hee

1400 days ago


@ V -- don't know that much about Chicago politics except that it has historically controlled the State of Illinois and that the corruption is legendary. My news outlets are Chicago so I hear a lot in the news. President Obama was very quiet as far as media when he was here.

The Emmanuel connections with Fauxana kinda make my skin crawl.

Tee hee

1400 days ago


Dear Harvey Levin and TMZ staff,

This is great news.
The most importand in this history is the happiness of baby Lucia ...
Thank you for keeping us informed.

Let the dreams become true ...


Posted at 1:04 AM on Dec 23, 2010 by steff

And next step which is the most important also is the extortion charge and put in jail this gold digger.

Merry Christmas, Mel, his family and Team Mel!!!!!!!! Happy Holiday!!!!!!!!!

1400 days ago


Where are the extortion and illegal recording felony charges against this scheming sociopath?

I certainly hope the DA, Police and the law enforcement of LA are not hoping to just make this go away or sweep it under the rug without justice for Mel and Lucia!

This is an outrage and allowing these felonies to just go unanswered would be travesty of the justice system in LA...
Not only that, if these go unanswered, there will be free for all for all the extortionists, illegal recordings and whores trying to get their $$$ from their sugardaddies!

1400 days ago



Mel is not exploiting Lucia - TMZ is. Mel did not give this photo, nor any other photo to be used. Get off your high horse. Children do not belong to third parties when they have at least one parent who will do what is right by them. Mel is not going to parade Lucia around and use her for a prop.

1400 days ago

Fidel's niece    

To Mel,Lucia,
Robyn and the kids -
Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year!

To O$kanky -
I hope Santa brings you
a lump of coal and
an orange jump suit
this Christmas.

To Mel's supporters,
wherever you are,
Feliz Navidad!

***Team Mel***

1400 days ago


Between the piano player's ever-changing fictional biography and Garbus and Horowitz on Wikipedia, I am laughing so hard I am almost speechless!

Tee hee

Posted at 9:25 AM on Dec 23, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

I've been enjoying these entertainments myself today. See my comment at #67 in this thread.

1400 days ago


Not a lot of time to respond, I work today
but that is Konsie on the drums,
My two favorited men in my life and me on the guitar.
I am so sick of the swan advertisements , if there wasn't a mel story I would have boycotted this site for a few days.

1400 days ago


PS PAULETTE That is MEl on back up guitar

1400 days ago



The child looks Asian.

Posted at 8:44 AM on Dec 23, 2010 by soulofanangel

So did I as a baby, and I am Irish!

All this talk about how Lucia supposedly looks is offensive and racist.

She is a darling baby with the same rights as anyone to have a happy life.

1400 days ago
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