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Miley Cyrus

Whipping Herself on Movie Set

12/23/2010 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus has developed an addiction on the set of her new movie -- she can't stop singing that damn catchy Willow Smith song about hair whipping!!!!


According to our spies on set ... Miley has been passing the time between takes on the set of "So Undercover" by constantly singing "Whip My Hair" ... and even busting out the dance moves.

Side effects of excessive hair whipping include sore neck, dementia ... and loss of friends.



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this seems like a publicity stunt - to get willow famous through miley- or miley through willow- like it matters. willow is cute but i dont like how she became famous through her parents.

1377 days ago


how is this news? who cares?

1377 days ago


Umm...who gives a ****?

1377 days ago


Does her redneck white trash version go something like this...?
"I like whip my hair back and forth, and you know like whip back and forth, like just like whip like it"

1377 days ago


Miley Cyrus is a babe. Will smiths kids could be the ugliest kids around.

1377 days ago


Will smith has the ugliest kids in the world and the only reason these people are in the media because "day parents be famous" (that's how those people talk)

1377 days ago


Willow is a lot more mature than Miley and Miley probably idolizes her real talent.

1377 days ago


Too bad she sold out and thinks she has to be sexual to sell her music. She will never attain the status respectfully as Taylor Swift has. Miley is taking the path of Britney Spears and you see where that gets you ~ LOL sad lil girl ~ My kids don't like her since she started her antics

1377 days ago


Miley and Britney both made more money and are richer than Taylor Swift. So I guess they are still doing OK. Miley has at least two movies coming out next year and she is lined up for another. Miley is great in concert too. So we shall see. Miley is hot!

1377 days ago


I feel so sorry for the TMZ staff member who made this post...:( I mean, really, my heart breaks for them. Instead of you know...doing something productive with their life they have to do this. Don't you hate your life? Seriously, I think you should quit now and go out and follow your dreams!! Well, unless this is your that case, please don't procreate - for the sake of humanity.

1377 days ago


I dont like Miley for various reasons and I hope Willow wont become annoying cu her 1 hit so far is...either way I look at it I could care less about this article though

1376 days ago


So I'm not the only one...

1376 days ago


oooooooooooommmmmgggggggggnot again . just leave the poor girl alone she didnt do nothen to yall like a lot of ppl say yall are just haters you just want to be her . you can see it right away by the way u writghin

1374 days ago


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1354 days ago


dear miley to you a stupid

1334 days ago
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