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Drunk Driver Gets Life for Killing Angels Pitcher

12/22/2010 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The drunk driver who killed L.A. Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart last year in a high-speed crash just got the book thrown at him -- 51 years to LIFE in prison.

Nick Adenhart
As we first reported, 24-year-old Andrew Gallo (left) blew through a red light in his minivan in April '09 -- t-boning Nick's car ... killing Nick and two others.

Gallo was convicted on three counts of second-degree murder in September. According to the Orange County D.A., Gallo's BAC was nearly three times the legal limit.

Before being sentenced this AM, Gallo apologized to the victims' families. 

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What's race got to do with this? This guy is a PUKE I don't care if he's white, black, latino, native american, or any other ethnicity! He KILLED 3 people through his sheer stupidity period! I lost the love of my life to a drunk driver. Patti was 23 years old. She would be 56 if she were alive today. And she would have been my wife for 33 years and the mother of my children! This puke got just what he deserved! This thing about celebs and pro atheletes beating the system, unfortunately is very true, One only needs to look at the O.J. Simpson trial!

1399 days ago


HMM is on the money. While I cannot disagree with the sentence it is clearly biased as we see it all the time where a slap is given in similar instances. If it were not MLB the sentence would be different.

1399 days ago


You are a pathetic excuse for a half ?/mexican...... what`s the other half? do you even know, you "inbred" poor excuse for a human being!

1399 days ago


"How many people have to die before we do something about "illegal immigration"!!!!! How many illegals "fled the scene" this year, after running the person down, or DUI..... too many! Even this num-skull (Andrew Gallo) fled the scene of the crime and left his relative holding the bag!"

1399 days ago


Here are the facts:
This guy was driving on a suspended license, on probation for a previous DUI, with a blood alcohol level of .19 (more than double the legal limit). He was driving 66 mph in a 35 zone, and ran a red light. 3 people were killed, one survived and has had to undergo extensive recovery treatments, including having his skull reattached to his spine. This guy deserves the time he was sentenced.
Also, bringing up race is completely ignorant...STUPID comes in all colors!

1399 days ago


To all the politically correct jackwagons in this Country, my solution to all these illegals causing trouble and death in the US: station the National Guard at the Border and just start shooting like hell!! That's the way they do it in Mexico; give them a little of their own medicine!!

1399 days ago


Too bad he wasn't a celebrity, he would have been assigned community service possible rehab and !!

1399 days ago

Brian Mott    

I believe 50% of all fatal accidents involve alcohol use. My sister-in-law was killed 15.5 years ago in Woodstock, GA by a 4 time DUI driver who had not felt enough pain early enough in his DUI's to want to change his way of life. I think the first time DUI driver should feel the pain to the point that they want to get help. AA has saved many lives and still works today. Having lost someone I loved to a sensless accident like this is very hard to recover from. Please pray for those left behind!

1399 days ago


Yet another Mexican taking the life of an American. Happens all the time and if you mention it in this country you are called a racist.
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1395 days ago

Kayleigh Kuhlman    

What's sad is the only reason that he got so much time was because he killed someone famous. My best friend was killed the same way, and the guy was in jail for all of a week.

1394 days ago


I want to comment on this. Yes it was a very tragic loss but seriously if an angels baseball player crashed and killed 3 other people he was be fined a million dollars and probation off the team. It was a little harsh to give the guy 51 years just because he killed a somewhat "celebrity". I don't think its fair at ALL!

1209 days ago
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