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Demi Lovato

Settles With Punch Victim

12/23/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato reached a financial settlement with the female dancer she punched in the face on a private jet back in October ... TMZ has learned.


Under the settlement, Alex Welch will get money, though the amount is confidential.

Welch's attorney, Donald Karpel, tells TMZ, "The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely."

As we previously reported, Lovato decked Welch with such force that the backup dancer had visible bruising on her left eye and cheek.

Lovato went to a treatment center shortly after the incident and claimed she felt "awful" about her behavior.



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My Goodness Karren #15 you are too dang funny!!!! hahahahaha

1400 days ago


Cat Fight! Giddigy Giddgy!

1400 days ago


The "dancer" should be happy she got punched probably the only way she'd get her name on TMZ!


This girl doesn't need her name on TMZ. She already gets money as a well known backup dancer. For people like myself who are "dancers" we know who she is. Her dance name is Shorty and she is part of the well known all female dance group the "Beat Freaks"! They were runner up on the second season of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. So she doesn't need to sue anyone for $$!

1400 days ago


I see Demi gets on here and posts under various guises.

1400 days ago


since when can you sue for getting punched.......if i got sued for everytime i punched someone id be broke

1400 days ago



Now maybe she can do something with that nappy ass hair and perhaps buy some makeup.

1400 days ago


whats funny about the victim photo is she tried to dull herself down by not wearin making basically making herself look busted....maybe that chick was a lil c* never know ppl always trying to make things worse than they are.....they're lil girls...prolly he said she said bs

Posted at 3:26 PM on Dec 23, 2010 by brittany

Someone on that tour posted a picture of this girl. A day or so after it happened, she didnt look in pain and in need of a cosmetic surgeon. She milked it.

1400 days ago


what an ugly mook the pounch in the face did her some good

1400 days ago

bboy Midas    

Alex was not part of the after dinner party that Demi and a few other members of the tour engaged in. The word on the streets is that the real “RAT” is hiding like a scared little girl and is letting Alex take the heat. Hey, “RAT” we know who you are and it’s time to man up!!! Also, it is very telling that Demi has not come out publicly an admitted that “YES” she did assault Alex which was WRONG no matter what she might have convinced herself of believing Alex had done and finally, to EXONERATE Alex from any part in the tattling or parting fiasco along with an APOLOGY!!! When is TMZ going to uncover the name of the real "RAT!!!!"

1399 days ago


If Demi isn't naked, I don't care.

1399 days ago


ya you people need to get a life. This shorty girl is pathetic and probably deserved the sucker punch. Lovato, poor girl is just learning who she is. It isn't being famous and a teenager. Being a normal teenager is hard enough. Like Damn. And this shorty girl is a FAMEWHORE.

1399 days ago


The "dancer" should be happy she got punched probably the only way she'd get her name on TMZ!

She's pretty well known actually. Shes in Beat Freaks on America's Best Dance Crew and was in Step Up.

1399 days ago


I love how demi was all about anti-bullying. Hypocrite much.. just saying haha.

1399 days ago

ABDC fan    

EXCUSE ME but ALEX WELCH IS AN ACCOMPLISHED DANCER. She's known as Bgirl Shorty and is with a crew named Beatfreakz which landed 2nd on America's Best Dance Crew. She's a bgirl and breakdancer. She has been dancing with Lady Jules, Teresa Espinosa (both who are with her in Beatfreakz) and they have been in videos for Miley Cyrus and in the dance battles with Adam Sevani (Step Up movies) and with director JON M. CHU. So don't say she is a trashy greasy whatever that needs money and that needs to be published on TMZ cause SHE DOESN'T NEED THE PUBLICITY. What she is doing is teaching this Demi kid some lesson. Punching someone and accusing someone is HARASSMENT, in case you don't know. So good for Bgirl Shorty!

1399 days ago

bboy Midas    

Let's be totally honest here. If Demi had any real legit reason to punch Alex in the face that would stand up in a real court or in the court of public opinion, her camp would have splashed it on the front of every gossip rag from here to the moom. The truth is that over fifty people witnessed Demi walk right up to Alex and punch her without uttering a single word. No fight took place. This was a case of straight up ASSAULT! Also, the word is slowly leaking out from those who were there. Soon Demi and her parents will have to deal with that facts that they tried to cover up Demi's drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mental illness and violent outburst by trying to frame an innocent person, Alex Welch. I am just hoping that Demi and her parents come clean before the truth comes out and the real backlash against Demi begins. Why is Demi and her family covering for the real snitch? What does the snitch have on Demi that would make her so scared that she would try to blame all her troubles on Alex? Word to the real snitch..."We know who you are...We are giving you a chance to man up and take responsibility for your actions."

1398 days ago
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