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Lindsay's Alleged Victim Will Refuse to Cooperate

12/24/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-Betty Ford staffer who claims Lindsay Lohan assaulted her earlier this month will not only drop her criminal complaint, she'll refuse to cooperate with authorities  ... TMZ has learned.


Dawn Holland, who told TMZ earlier this week how Lindsay ripped a phone from her hand causing a severe sprain, now says Lindsay should not be prosecuted.

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, "Dawn will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution."

And this is interesting ... we asked Davidson how his client would respond if she's subpoenaed, and he said, "She won't."

Davidson says Holland and Lindsay share a common bond -- they're both recovering addicts, Holland does not want "in any way shape or form to do anything that would violate Lindsay's probation or cause an arrest."

Davidson says, "A crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan."


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nikki king    


1312 days ago


Payoff, totally. LL or BF or both.

Holland did not breach LL's patient condidentiality. She talked about a criminal assault done to her by LL which no one has any duty to cover up or protect. LL is mistakenly trying to hide behind that. i.e. everthing I do in rehab is private....yes your private info, no your assaults. You don't get a pass in rehab for hitting people.

This type of scuffle is totally consistent with LL's previous behavior.

1312 days ago


No snitchin.?

that right, lets promote payoffs..
and uncivil behaviour....

1312 days ago


you people are not getting the point. point being, that lohan snuck out, drank and partied at a bar. clear violation of her stay at bf.and a clear violation of the judges orders. it does not matter who hit who. she started the ball rolling when she went out to drink and party.with under two weeks left on her time, i wonder how many times she has done this before?.........

1312 days ago


People always do what's best for themselves. The only thing that makes sense is a payoff from Lohan for silence. I hope TMZ gets the 911 call and makes it available.

1312 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Wow, its looking like the statement actually worked in some cases. I can't believe how many comments I read on the first page stating there was no payoff. Good for Lindsay I guess. But this whole incident has shown me that Lindsay is possibly not getting the help she needs. That's unfortunate. Her drug addition will most certainly end her career and maybe even her life since she clearly is not on the way to sobriety a week before her scheduled release from rehab. I really do pray she gets it together at some point.

1312 days ago


Its a wash, you let her loose and she'll kill herself with drugs and booze eventually, put her in jail and some idiots will actually feel sorry for her,. Of course she paid the woman off. I just hope its enough since she did get fired too. Now there is one more unemployed person we can support cause lindseys money won't be counted!!!! What a stupid joke, and they need to jail both her stupid parents too.

1312 days ago

Good riddance!    

I'm betting this is more of Betty Ford's doing here. They makes tons and tons of money by keeping the incidents and secrets of their celeb heavy clientele quiet and there's no way they are going to lose their rep because they can't keep their drunks from going out and ripping it up. This was definitely a suspicious flip flop and money was probably involved, which would be a pittance to BF, but I bet it was more of threats of legal action that they shoved in the face of Holland. Holland is a broke counselor with a lot of negative history and there is no way BFC clinic is going to let her trounce their reputation into the dirt.

Make no mistake, this is all about damage control on BFC's side and you just know they regret the day that they let Lindsay get poured into their facility. Meanwhile, Lohan will probably skate once again, but the only real attention she will get is from people waiting for her to continue on her path to self destruction. Her notoriety is all she has left and she will milk it dry until she implodes. It is clear she will learn nothing positive from this experience, so it's only a matter of time.

1312 days ago


@Weed I don't think Lindsay is detoxing from anything. I think she is mentally unstable in her sober condition and it's in her genes. I think looking at how her father and mother act, she was passed along something genetically. Her addictions, IMO, are part of an overall mental condition that she just won't admit. I think someone similar to Lindsay is younger Demi Lovato. She's in a "treatment center" for physical and emotional problems, something I never heard Lindsay admit to but let's see, both cut, both have emotional regulation issues and anger issues, both have self-esteem images with fluctuations in weight and Lindsay has been scary skinny, and the list goes on and on. IMO, Lindsay's problems are beyond drug usage, in fact, it seems it is a pattern that the rehab people treat her drug usage in a minimal way. She's 100 days plus sober, isn't the detox period over? Her psychological problems scream out at me, and while there is some overlap in her additive vs. psychological problems, I think until she finds a way to get completely out of the public's eye, as Demi is now, and deal with her stuff without the public's knowledge of her whereabouts, we'll see repeated "episodes" from her. Actually, I think Lindsay may need medication to stabilize her, it all depends on what mental condition she has. But I definitely think it is time to look at her as someone with mental issues in addition to addictions.

1312 days ago


Bad news, LL's stil doesn't get it.

Good news, she this sudden change of tacticts might mean she has new competent management.

As for money. Management will stake her based on future earings or it BF doeing the payout as a cover-up.

1312 days ago


I guessing 50K from BF. About a year's severance. This stops all this cold. Forget the Hohans, BF is hemorrhaging lost revenue from this incident which makes them look like a bunch of Keystone Kops. At fees of 40-50K per 28 days, one lost client is more than enough money to justify gettin rid of this loser.

1312 days ago


This tech is scared - she is clearly in violation of federal HIPA laws and is doing anything to make this go away. LOL

1312 days ago


@garry what bar did she go to? Reports are she went to the Viceroy hotel, not necessarily a bar. There's no record of her drinking either, that would be a violation of parole and she would have to deal with the consequences and it seems the parole board hasn't been notified of that by Betty Ford which they must do according to the agreement with the court. She ran her mouth and got loud and possibly had a physical confrontation with a staff member. This other stuff about scaling a wall, getting drunk, is gossip legend and is not based on anything actually confirmed by any legitimate party.

1312 days ago


No BF and LL are clearly scared. Scared enough to pay.

1312 days ago


The bigger question TMZ is how much did Dina spend??????

1312 days ago
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