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Stephen Baldwin: Costner 'Robbed' Me In BP Disaster

12/23/2010 10:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen Baldwin is suing Kevin Costner, claiming Costner and his business partner  "schemed" to make millions of dollars off the BP oil rig disaster ... by allegedly duping Baldwin into selling shares in a company that builds machines that separate oil from water.


In a lawsuit filed in Louisiana federal court, Baldwin claims in April, he had a meeting in the wake of the oil disaster, and decided to become a 10% partner in an invention backed by Costner -- a device that separated oil from water that was actually developed during the filming of "Waterworld."

According to the lawsuit, Costner and his partners made it seem as if Costner had already sold his shares in the company when in fact he was still heavily invested.  Baldwin also claims the company misrepresented that there was no deal to sell the contraption to BP.

Baldwin alleges he was duped into selling his shares back to the company so Costner and his partners could score a bigger profit in a deal that was already inked -- specifically, a deal with BP valued at more than $52 million.

Baldwin is suing for unspecified damages. No comment from Costner's camp.


Xtina & Boyfriend -- Horsing Around France

Christina Aguilera celebrated her 30th birthday by treating her new lucky boyfriend Matthew Rutler to some wine on a cozy horse-drawn carriage ride through the luxury ski resort town of Courchevel, France the other day.


Wait, whose birthday was it again?

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Megan Fox -- Holiday Hotness

Santa Claus has come early this year.

Here's Megan Fox, frolicking around the beach in Hawaii yesterday.

Yes, Virginia ...

Paris Hilton: Hawaii for the Holidays!

With freezing temps and rain all over the country, Paris Hilton still managed to find a sunny beach.

The heiress was spotted on the sands of Maui with boyfriend Cy Waits yesterday, wearing a black cut-out bathing suit and a shimmery, snakeskin wrap.

Paris's parents, Rick and Kathy, are vacationing with them too -- plus sister Nicky and her boyfriend David Katzenberg.

Sounds like the vacation is going smoothly so far, last night Paris tweeted "Just had a nice walk on the beach with my parents and Cy. I love that they love him as much as I do. Such a nice feeling. :)"

Little Randy in 'A Christmas Story' : 'Memba Him?!

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No Avatar


Megan Fox needs a burger (or two).

1378 days ago


Frankly, more surprised that he had any money to invest, than I am that he was swindled.

1378 days ago



Bush talks just fine and if he had a whole list of lies to remember like Barack Obama (spelled correctly) then he would need a teleprompter.

1378 days ago


So, he never heard the expression "no honor among thieves"?

1378 days ago


Obama needs to be shinning shoes, cleaning stalls,picking cotton,something he is suited for,not the Whitehouse

1378 days ago


Ha ha! Megan Fox didn't tuck in her bikini tag! What IS that writing on her anyway??? Her last will and testament for when she dies of starvation?

1378 days ago


K.C. came up with the idea of a centrifuge that will at a certain speed seperate oil from water. this is not new technology, just a new application for the purpose of cleaning water from a polutant. S.B. is making contradictory claims. who would invest in an idea if the principal developer already cashed out? is S.B. saying he was privy to inside information and on that basis made his investment? the guy is an idiot. the law does not protect idiots.

1378 days ago


How does Stephen Baldwin have ANY money to invest in anything.

1378 days ago


Stephen Baldwin is a Fking JERK, he has always been one and always be one. Can someone please tell me what talent he has???answer none. So now he is going after kevin Costner, I lost money in the tech buble did everyone sued. Get over it **** head and get a fking job...why? because nobody watches you anymore.

1378 days ago


It looks like Megan Fox was trying to take a sh*t standing up. I mean her hand is behind her pulling her suit bottom clear of the chute while flexing her stomach muscles. Some sort of stinky projectile was soon to come out.

1378 days ago



1378 days ago


Please do not tell voters how stupid they are for voting for Barack Obama until you at least can spell his name correctly. Have you heard the story, the Emporer Without any Clothes. I am going to take a wild gess (spelled just for you) and say that you are a Sarah Palin supporter. You think she would be a brilliant president because afterall, she is waaaaaaay smarter than that Harvard dude who graduated to top of his law class. You are too funny. Please consider applying for a position as a chew toy...and not reproducing.

1378 days ago


Good for you Paris ya skank.Nice dong in your face on

1378 days ago

Steve Greene    

To R. Siller, If you are going to rant about how stupid Barak and his followers are, you should actually spell one word right.. you moron. Step back in the trailer, and shut the f#@*up a-hole. Mental defectives like you are the reason the rest of America are growing tired of carrying your dead weight. Read a book s@#$head.

1378 days ago


Baldwin is stupid, Fox looks like a skank, the ink dry on your divorce papers yet and you're already playing grab-ass in a carriage with a new boyfriend, Paris Hilton...who cares about her, and Roland is right...Barack Obama is a shi**y president.

1378 days ago
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