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Bristol's College Decision -- Signs Point to Devils

12/25/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin is telling friends she may enroll at an Arizona college once she moves into the home she just bought in the Grand Canyon state ... TMZ has learned.


So far, no official word on which school the 20-year-old has her eye on ... but there are a few major clues.

Bristol just purchased a $172,000 home outside the Phoenix area -- which she paid for IN CASH! The home is just miles from the Arizona State University school of broadcasting ... a school that boasts one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the country. Bristol has expressed an interest in public speaking.

Plus -- and possibly more important -- ASU totally DISSED Barack Obama last year!!

As you may recall, Sun Devil honchos refused to give Obama an honorary degree last May after he gave the commencement speech at graduation ... with school officials insisting the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES hadn't accomplished enough in his career to warrant the honor.

Sounds like Sarah Palin's kind of place  ...

So far, no comment from ASU.


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Wow, have a baby and get rewarded for it...this is what we are teaching our children? Do you know now many adults would love to own a home but they can't because the politicians messed everything up? Can we now not hear about this worthless girl, her bastard child and her loser baby daddy?

1405 days ago


Here it is a holiday whose theme is good will towards men, and the posts are just horrible! I am a democrat who does not support the Palins or the tea party agenda; but whatever you think of them, Bristol made a very good business decision by purchasing a home for approx 50% of it's value in a nice family neighborhood. Why would anyone begrudge her that? The one day of the year when we are supposed to be kind to each other, and nothing is changed. Enough already!

1405 days ago

J. Sanchez    

Congrates to her but more importantly ASU! They recognize the phoney Obama is and refuse to play the game. He HASN'T done anything except make this country more socialist and TAKEN away our freedoms along with the communist manifesto comrade, Pelosi.
Tell it like it is Brother!

1405 days ago


Way to go Bristol. You should be proud of yourself. At least you bought this home by yourself and not with a hand out from the Government!!!

1405 days ago


Something is hinky about the purchase of that house. Who sells a house worth $350,000 for $172,000?

1405 days ago


I wish that she & her mom would just fall off the planet already. Eever notice how most people lose weight on DWTS? This little lipstick laden piggie put on the pounds!

1405 days ago

george fudge!    

After DWTS, she's probably going for the ASU cheerleading team. The guys better start getting ready by working out more so that they will be able to lift her.

1405 days ago

DeeDee Russel    

Gloria, please learn to spell. I know it's difficult for you people. It's "Lose," like when you lose something, Not Loose, like your mother.

1405 days ago

karen dapello's the perfect place for her, it's full of bigots and right wing conservatives and home to John McCain, who brought the whole nightmare upon us in the first HE can reap what he sowed in his home state. As long as she's out of California......

1405 days ago


She's really fat and not especially good looking. Not good credentials for a career in the public eye. Hope she don't find another guy in AZ to knock her up again.

1405 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

J Sanchez #78: If you are a foolish hispanic republican with the last name 'SANCHEZ', let me fill you in one a few things. The republican party is old racial white men based. They see you as their gardener.


1405 days ago


It's nice to see Bristol deciding to go to a college with a Sun Devil as the mascot. Much like her mom's political hopes, she decides to follow a fantasy.

1405 days ago


Enough of the already of the Palins! I hope she doesn't think that ASU is a bargain, under Jan Brewer it's gotten really expensive. Hope she doesn't expect preferential treatment... We have enough celebrity wannabes here already! Believe it or a lot of people in AZ know her mom for who she is and dislike her. Bristol doesn't convey a clear message either... Whats with the hypocritical "I believe in abstinence, but I had unprotected sex and had a kid" thing? She may fit in with wing-nut wacko AZ but she'll never have the respect of her peers.

1405 days ago


good that they didnt give obama an honorary degree..just because he speaks doesn't mean he deserves jack crap..just like notre dame let him speak even though he is a muslim.what a disgrace.

1405 days ago

get real    

I Do Not Care for the Palins...I thought Bristol Loved Loved Alaska. She was so Homesick On DWTS, they had to Fly her home every week and her Partner on DWTS. That cost the show a fortune. At Least she has the sense to Buy a house and Pay Cash. Its hers. Not Like Octo Mom who came into money but didnt pay off her house. At least Bristol has a place thats hers and her childs that she can call Home.

1405 days ago
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