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Bristol's College Decision -- Signs Point to Devils

12/25/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin is telling friends she may enroll at an Arizona college once she moves into the home she just bought in the Grand Canyon state ... TMZ has learned.


So far, no official word on which school the 20-year-old has her eye on ... but there are a few major clues.

Bristol just purchased a $172,000 home outside the Phoenix area -- which she paid for IN CASH! The home is just miles from the Arizona State University school of broadcasting ... a school that boasts one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the country. Bristol has expressed an interest in public speaking.

Plus -- and possibly more important -- ASU totally DISSED Barack Obama last year!!

As you may recall, Sun Devil honchos refused to give Obama an honorary degree last May after he gave the commencement speech at graduation ... with school officials insisting the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES hadn't accomplished enough in his career to warrant the honor.

Sounds like Sarah Palin's kind of place  ...

So far, no comment from ASU.


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Good for ASU!!! I wouldn't take the Medal of Honor from that guy!

1368 days ago


Why does she have a double chin in every photo I've seen of her?

1368 days ago


#52 is a true idiots idiot. People are here to point you out. You are living in outer space. Come back to us and off yourself. Science tells us that people that write in CAPS are crazy fudge packers.

1368 days ago


Good for Bris-stank

1368 days ago


If she put down that much for a house cash she can afford

1368 days ago


Actually #129 Tami, I joined the Army at age 18. I payed my own way through school. Unlike Bristol, I worried about a job and an education at a young age until of ****ing some loser and having a kid to neglect. Now your your ass back down and don't interrupt the grown ups.

1368 days ago


# 83 by Bubbles The Chimp

Bubbles have you figured out who will drive Mr SANCHES GARDENING TRUCK? Hispanics still need driver's licenses.

Certainly not one of the "old white men you mentioned" but there is one of a different color at the head.

1368 days ago


Bristol, nice to see you in here under about 20 assumed names. Gotta give you credit.

1368 days ago


#68 Wake up Grammy now you sound like an idiot too. Why do u think she has that money? It is not because of her brains or good looks. Why can she just decide to enroll when 99% of young adults wait for their letter of acceptance. The answer is she feels entitled. You probably think she can dance and that is why she has money. Wake up you old fart.

1368 days ago


Why ASU? Why not a real college?

1368 days ago


Yeah, you're right Harvey, after all, Palin only successfully ran a STATE. Anybody could do that. I'm no Palin fan, but for cripes sake, at least make an attempt to be remotely objective.

1368 days ago

Rush Youngberg    

Bristol, I wish you well. Merry Christmas.

1368 days ago


I don't think she should have paid for the entire house in one shot. Even those who are wealthy have mortgages so the rest of the house payment money can grow.

1368 days ago


From Gloria (#16): "Good for her she needs to go to a school with the low standards thar she is used to. She know the IVY League will not except her..."

The Ivy League doesn't take thousands of people...including you with your spelling skills or lack mean they will not ACCEPT her, unless they made an EXCEPTION for her like they do a lot of sub-par celebrities and politicians' kids from the Kennedy's to the Bushes, etc, etc ad nauseum...Arizona will be great for her and now her family has a place to stay when they visit! Welcome Palins!! Whoo hoo!

And Bristol won't have to pay out of state tuition if she waits a year to enroll...not that the money is an issue...all she has to do is make one or two speeches and she has tuition for at least 2 years just off that alone! The house she got on a short sale for almost 2/3 the real value...Nicely played, Bristol!!

1368 days ago


Love all the personal attacks on a 20 yr old. You must all be tolerant leftists. Tolerant a**holes. To the fool who wants Palin to stay out of CA and go to a red state - you sound like a proud democrat. You must be OK with your state handing out IOU's and heading toward bankruptcy. You must be OK with illegals taking over and protesting in your streets for more rights than they already have while carrying Mexican flags. You must be happy with the nonsensical hippy creeps writing your absurd environmental laws that result in more taxes and less of YOUR money in your pocket. Well, you can have your blue state along with all the other like-minded fools who have destroyed California.

1368 days ago
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