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Snoop Dogg's

Famous Yellow Ride


12/25/2010 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Twas the night before Christmas ...
and a stone's throw from Hyde ...
when the L.A.P.D. ...
impounded Snoop's awesome ride.

Sadly, TMZ has learned, Snoop Dogg's legendary yellow, 1967 Pontiac was taken into police custody last night, after one of Snoop's homies dared to drive it on a suspended license.

Cops first took notice when they saw the muscle car on the street at around 8 PM without headlights.

Snoop wasn't present -- but he still has to pay the piper, to the tune of at least $261 to liberate the whip.

... and to all a good night.


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Brad Knorr

1377 days ago


i didnt think yu were that dumb snoop why would you let a dumbass without a lisense

1376 days ago


@ #2+3 Allen

Hey bud, the 1964 Pontiac GTO is the pioneer of muscle cars! The first "muscle car" was a full size goat thx. (Low options, biggest engine option) Back when Pontiac cars had REAL Pontiac (PMD) engines which were much better than their Chevy counterparts.

Oh and Snoops ride in that photo is a 1966 PONTIAC PARISIENNE CONVERTIBLE.

Allen, don't mistake "Pony Car" for "Muscle Car" if you really want to get technical.


1376 days ago

Dick Gozenya    

Where do these numb nuts get their information ? Its not a 1967 and its NOT a muscle car!

1376 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

come on now. you know the cops are cruising around in that car for the holidays!!!

1376 days ago


At least they didn't say it was crushed for drug related reasons.

$261 is a mad expensive Valet Parking Job.

1375 days ago

jay foran    

Ok here are some mo Negro's that think they can do what ever they like whenever they like to. Guess somebody's got a clue now huh. Probably not. F the hood rats!!!!!

1375 days ago


CONAN BLOWS!!!!!!!!!

1375 days ago

Murphy Golson    

That's funny. A loud yellow low-rider (sits on the ground almost) as long as a bus, would attract attention even without the lights out. What were they smokin? By the way, the Pontiac Parisseine was not a "muscle car".

1375 days ago


Who ever took it out for a drive well have to pay Snoop. B/C it's his ride he has to pay to get it back. My question is why did his partner take the ride out? Did Snoop know about it? Oh and Steve lives in his mothers basement...LOL

1373 days ago


Snoop Dogg is worth at least $50 million. This is a non-issue. Shizzle, Peace Out.

1373 days ago


67 PARISIENNE converible.Build in canada ONLY but also known as the BONNEVILLE in the USA.Production run from 1965-70...There is a hidden meaning to SNOOPS 1967 pontiac PARISIENNE as it is recorded to be,,built in canada ONLY with a production run of only 1,810 for 1967 but his is not a 2x2 does`nt have the sport trim and isn`t painted in a stock paint and does`nt have the stock wheels so on.Worth around 30grand stock his is worth much more because of it`s owner`s fame.IT~S A DOG as far as pontiacs go so it`s a SNOOP DOG CAR..the pontiac-PARISIENNE in canda was built on a chevrolet frame and only had a little chevy 283 engine with powerguild stock whereas the american BONNEVILLE was the same body but with a 389-455cubs motor option those engines didn`t get used in the canada versons and the production run was much higher than the parisienne as it is a dog of a car just as it takes a snoop to find it so that is why it is a classical SNOOP RIDE a DOG motor a little old 283 chevy in a boat car was unheard of in the USA.DOG CAR SNOOP DOG owner.The BONNEVILLES GTOS and firebirds were much faster but this is a lowryder crusier AKE SNOOP DOG Ride.

1372 days ago


Little283-chevy mouse motor with a powerglide A DOG cruser SNOOP found is his hidden meaning car..he`s into chevys for the most part as it is a chevy chassie and motor stock under a GM pontiac while the americans were racing those 389-455 SNOOP was cruiseing his lowrdyer hybred DOG snoopy as it gets.

1372 days ago


With the little chevy mouse motor and lighter chevy frame from canada the pontiac PARISIENNE is a better lowrider build than the much to heavy 455 and bonneville american made pontiac frame.The american BONNEVILLE is the same car but with the heavier motor and frame on those little wire wheels and lower drop the car would drag too much and it would tear up the underbelly.SNOOPS DOG motor car hidden in canada built is a very smart low rdyer builder.At least 1800 pounds less maybe as much as 2400 pounds.The standard pontiac bonneville isn`t used as a low rider as much

1372 days ago


1370 days ago
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