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'16 & Pregnant' Mom: My Baby Spent Xmas in the ER

12/27/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The daughter of "16 and Pregnant" star Ebony spent Christmas Day in the emergency room -- after a freak accident left her with a bloody gash on her head ... TMZ has learned.

Ebony -- who was on "16" season one -- tells TMZ her daughter Jocelyn was playing with her cousins in Arkansas on Saturday when she "bent down too fast right next to the fireplace"... banged her head .. and a "nice big gash" opened up.

Ebony says she immediately rushed Jocelyn to the ER -- where doctors closed up the wound with surgical glue.

Incredibly, Ebony says Jocelyn "didn't cry at all" during the painful, bloody ordeal -- and is safely back at home and "doing fine."


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Aww, poor kid. I was at the ER on christmas day too, but I sliced the side of my heel open and had to get 3 staples put in. I guess its lucky for her the gash she got only required surgical glue and not staples or stiches.

1360 days ago

Ron Page    

Why is this news? People get booboo's and have to go to the ER all the time! The mom is a star? So let me get this right: all a girl has to do is get knocked up at 16 and she is now a star.

1360 days ago

J Garfield    

What is wrong with this headline??
"16 and "Pregnant" star???

It makes me cringe to think how low tv has gotten to glorify and reward and please don't tell me this show sends a message, the only message it sells is that TV Execs will stoop so low to cash in and think this is enterttainment. You wonder why your daughters come home and say " but mom it's ok you can get your own tv show and ruin your youth"

The daughter of "16 and Pregnant" star

1360 days ago


I liked this girl when I saw her episode. The boy who got her pregnant and his family were just disgusting...they acted like he had no responsibility and now he has abandoned the child and has no part in her life.

1360 days ago


Jesus, enough with this "16 & pregnant" nonsense. Stop glorifying them. If ever a catch phrase should be repeated, it's "stop the insanity".

1360 days ago


@Kevin why does the girl have to be referred to as a "ghetto ho"? If it's because she is mixed with black you need to seriously check yourself. You may have some black in you and don't know it.

I agree that this shouldn't be news but I guess this shows that there isn't much going on in the world of entertainment.

1360 days ago


Ignorant people with all their hateful comments. You don't seem to have a problem with a Vice-Presidential candidate who daughter has a bastard child. Her mother obviously provided no guidance but the daughter is doing speaking engagements and tv shows while profiting. You don't hate on her. Why not?

1360 days ago


this chick is not a 'star'.

1360 days ago

david Broham    

America is the country with one of the highest birthrates for teenager - and now we know why.
It is the best way to make money easily and become a celebrity.

1360 days ago


Glad the kid is gonna be okay but why the hell was she playing near a fireplace anyway?

1360 days ago

Chun LI    

#9. Because they are a bunch of hypocritical Losers.They probably voted for that dumb bitch when she was on DWTS.

1360 days ago


Is shes the only one of season 1 thats not on TV anymore. She didnt do "Teen Moms" So, she trying to do thing on her own and not be a fame whore like some of this girls. Hope her lil girl is doing better. Wish her luck and sucesses.

1359 days ago


why the **** is this even celeb gossip? no one cares. do you know how many kids i saw in the ER this Xmas for a chin/head/face lac? big ****ing deal they used glue it wasnt that bad, get a life TMZ. I want some real celeb dirt!

1359 days ago


to the commenter above f**k you, you racist b*stard

1359 days ago


Wanna see teen pregnancy reduce,just let the Govt.stop giving out Wic, Foodstamps,Sect.8 Housing,Medicaid,Welfare money and all freeness to these Single Parents,and to qualify you have to chase the father of the child.Talk about splitting up families see our Government.

1359 days ago
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