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ASU Democrats -- We Can Stomach Bristol Palin

12/26/2010 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is one issue Democrats and Republicans can agree on ... mama bear Bristol Palin needs an education.


Andres Cano, VP of the Downtown Young Democrats at Arizona State University -- where it seems Bristol will be attending school next year -- tells TMZ they will welcome her "with open arms" ... because "getting a college degree is a non-partisan issue."

The prez of the Downtown College Republicans -- Zachary Ziebarth -- also says they'd love to have her at the school ... but not EVERYONE feels that way ... ZZ says "Facebook has already been going crazy with status updates of excitement, mixed feelings and non-acceptance."

Ziebarth adds, "The adversity that she may face is nothing that she can't handle."

As long as she doesn't quit halfway through her first term.


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I, for one, would love to see Bristol get her fingers into the hair of a Liberal Demo-Rat and yank it out by the roots. Go ahead ... push her and find out.

1361 days ago

DeeDee Russel    

Gee, what a suprise, liberals who cry "foul" at the slightest insult to a lib, attack like mangy hyenas. BTW, as you attack Bristol for her looks, do you remember Chelsea Clinton??!! Just saying...

Posted at 12:31 PM on Dec 26, 2010 by lbbleecker

I try to be an open minded big girl, but I just thought the same thing! Compared to Chelsea Clinton, Bristol looks like Heidi Klum! LOL just sayin who dat memba them

1361 days ago


Ok, enough of this junk about Sarah "quitting" as Gov. She left because the liberals were making up bogus garbage about her which cost her money to fight the lies. She was doing fine as Governor prior to being vetted as VP. The liberal media makes up lies about her. She didn't quit because she couldn't handle the job, she left early because it was costing the state of Alaska too much money to fight the liberal media lies. Get your information correct.

1360 days ago


I bet it is hard for most of you to type these comments..I just know all of you are at the gym working out right now!*rolling eyes* I am a democrat and I still respect this girl. She did not move to LA and and cash in on fame. She bought her own home at her age and is going to college! What have you done? If you have succeeded did you do it with so many attacking you! Now go worship your Lindsey Lohan's and Paris Hilton's!!Good luck Bristol...go get em!

1360 days ago


You usually see double chins in overweight people. So why is is so surprising that she has one.

1360 days ago


Hey I am liberal, and I hope she does well in school. God knows I don't want her to try dancing again. I am really surprised she moved to Arizona though as it is so much of a different climate than what she was used to. I hope she likes it. It should be good as Arizona had a hard time in the real estate crisis too, so that house must be a nice one. Good luck Bristol.

1360 days ago


Paying cash for her first home, paying for her education, while being a single mom, pretty impressive Bristol. These sorry libs waiting for their Obama money and food stamps can't compete with a real woman. Its ok Bristol, that billionaire Oprah is ab out 100 lbs heavier than you so your in good company. Should be fun to debate the ASU campus dems.

1360 days ago


All of your praising this water buffalo for 'buying' her own home...geez, us TAXPAYERS bought that cow this home!! She sure as he// didn't work for or earn the money, good gawd give me a break on her 'paying for her own home and going to school' crap. She should keep her buffalo azz in Alaska where she belongs with that MAMA buffalo who weaned her.

1360 days ago


Good one #35!LMAO-Mailman or grisly bear? I'm not a fan of Dancing with the has-beens,D-list, and wannaB Stars", but watched bits and pieces this year to see her make a fool of herself and assumed she'd be one of the first 2 go, cannot believe she made it to the top #3. I agree, Tipper with #33, most of these posts/posters have nothing to do with politics-most of what ppl know of her is from her and her Mama's reality shows. But since you brought it up-politics, that is, I presume, as many have is that her Mama and her Alaskan fans had ALOT to do with her making it as far as she did. Also, in the beinning, there was a lot of talk and videos form her dance partner, things on the net, ppl mag, etc about her whining and complaining and general diva behavior. After that first bit and the beginning, though, I guess Big Mama put the Kabash on that. BTW, Tipper and those that think the "hater" comments are from the left, I am not a left-winger and feel if McCain had choosen Mitt Romney or somebody decent for a running mate, we might not have the first half-African American prez. Since we got Obama, I did feel like we, the people, should support the president we have, but grow a spine man. I don't want to hear about your p/u BB games or "beer summits" I feel Sarah is the biggest (not the only) but the biggest reason the Republicans lost the presidency. My bro-in-law is from Alaska, and he said there were a lot of Alaskans who didn't even care for Mrs. Palin as governor. God forbid she does run for president, as I would not vote for someone who didn't finish their term as governor, but resigned for bigger $-speaking engagements, books, a reality show. Yuck. Now what would that say about our society if we had a former reality show "star" as president. I'm sure this post will offend some, but hey, do I care? I have much bigger problems to worry about. I

1360 days ago


#46, another good point, Chris, although the Chelsea Clint0n remark-good point, she was so unattrative I felt bad for her, and even with her hair straightened and post-braces, still not a looker, but at least she's not fat. Its beyond mind-boggling with the DWTS appearances that she could if not loose weight at least TONE. As far as buying the house w/ cash. Did anybody ready that it was actually her OWN money. Even if it is her money, besides, ya don't think she's gotten paid as a Candies anti-teen pregnancy spokesperson, plus even though its not Oprah money, haven't you seen how much ppl make for dancing with the stars? $125k guaranteed, weeks 3&4- $10k/wk $20k 5-7,$30k 8&9, 10&11-$50k ea week=$365,000 to make it to the final show, which she did. Add that to interviews and pictorals in various mags, and I'd bet she's brought in at LEAST half a mil. Maybe not much to some, but sure I could plunk down $178k for a house and live quite well during 4 years of college (if she can manage a 4 yr degree in 4 years!!!)-just my 2 cents!

1360 days ago


Steve, Arizona State University is a ****-tier school. It doesn't need to have special-ed classes to host Palin.

1360 days ago


Why is it the democrats never mention that obama quit before he finished one term in Congress but dump all over Palin for resigning?
And leave Bristol alone...she is a young mother raising a child with no help from the father OR public assistance.

1360 days ago

lmg taxpayers? Taxpayers also pay for education...go get one! BTW...they offer English classes. Not only is your English incorrect, so is your information on how she bought a home. If you don't believe me go ask your parents, I would bet you still live with them! While you're in there asking them, grab another Little Debbie.

1360 days ago

Patrick Henry    

what's the big deal? She shouldn't go to college? No matter what the Palins do it is never good enough. No one made such a big deal over what Chelsea Clinton did or go to college or who she married? Why is this site so biased and posting incendiary stories about Bristol? I find the hate towards this family to be disgusting. Of course of we wailed on a democrat that would be sacrosanct. I don't really give a hoot about politics but can't stand the nasty ass backwoods attitude towards the children of a politician. People really are imbalanced these days. Get over it they have a right to live and do as they want.

1360 days ago

FPIC taxpayers? Taxpayers also pay for education...go get one! BTW...they offer English classes. Not only is your English incorrect, so is your information on how she bought a home. If you don't believe me go ask your parents, I would bet you still live with them! While you're in there asking them, grab another Little Debbie.

Posted at 2:09 PM on Dec 26, 2010 by lmg

Yes, by 'us, I sure didn't mean YOU with your welfare check; sorry for the confusion. And here you go, loser..educated in Washington DC, with a career in broadcasting for a major university for the past 16 years; care to see my resume, cheese-line boy!

Oh, and Bristol..stop coming here and changing usernames; it's got to be tedious with those chubby Twinkie fingers of yours..LOL!!!

1360 days ago
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