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ASU Democrats -- We Can Stomach Bristol Palin

12/26/2010 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is one issue Democrats and Republicans can agree on ... mama bear Bristol Palin needs an education.


Andres Cano, VP of the Downtown Young Democrats at Arizona State University -- where it seems Bristol will be attending school next year -- tells TMZ they will welcome her "with open arms" ... because "getting a college degree is a non-partisan issue."

The prez of the Downtown College Republicans -- Zachary Ziebarth -- also says they'd love to have her at the school ... but not EVERYONE feels that way ... ZZ says "Facebook has already been going crazy with status updates of excitement, mixed feelings and non-acceptance."

Ziebarth adds, "The adversity that she may face is nothing that she can't handle."

As long as she doesn't quit halfway through her first term.


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I believe Bristol got so heavy because she had TWO babies in a short period of time. I really think she's the biological mother of the special needs baby that Sarah is trying to pass off as her own. Having babies so close together screws up the metabolism and makes it really hard to lose weight.

I went to college after I had my kids, and I'm far from rich. Being a mother (or father) doesn't disqualify you from continuing your education -- we're not living in the 50's anymore.

1344 days ago


You keep coming up with that quit on the first term BullChit. I don't hear you running you mouth about OBAMA ditching his job as a US Senator the last 2 years so he could run for office? He was in Washington voting for the Good people of Illinois just a handful of times in those last 2 years. Back off the quitting chit. She is doing more good now then if she would have stayed Gov. Look at the Congress coming up, speaks for itself! Haf the Dems up for Congress did NOT even want BamBam around them.

And your comment on the fat issue. Look in the morrior Look at your Favorites. Most are overweight or have so much makup on you need a hammer to get it off.

Even here at TMZ do you REALLY think They would use a good Pic? Hell no they never will/

1344 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

Some of you peeps here are just dispicable. This girl is trying to finish her education. If she didn't, you would criticize her for that. As for paying for her home, she probably made close to a half mil for DWTS alone and makes about $15K for speaking engagements, so we taxpayers are not paying for her home. Now for the riduculous rumer of her having the two kids, that would be a biological impossibility. Both Bristol and her Mom were pregnant with their children at the same time. Maybe it is you all who need the education the most.

1344 days ago


This broad is amazingly fat and not very good looking. Are we sure she is the genetic offspring of her parents who look a helluva better? How the hell this pig got on DWTS is beyond me. Looks like that show needed a little perverted act to up its ratings. LOL!

1344 days ago


lol, yeah, she 'earned' all that money from DWTS. HAHAHA! They really should have given that money, and THEN some, to her poor dance partner for having to drag her fat azz back and forth on that stage while she drooled and fell asleep on his shoulder.

1344 days ago


get over it, there are more important things going on in this world to worry about. let her be!

1344 days ago


dat double chin

1344 days ago


She look so old!!!!

1344 days ago


She is not fat. People are so rude!!! Im sorry shes not a toothpick like so many other girls..she has a real body!!! I love her and her family and I think she will enjoy school. I wish her the best!

1344 days ago


My money is betting that she's looking to start out in local politics ... city council, mayor, that sort of thing ... gradually working up to running for the US House or US Senate when she's old enough (25 for House, 30 for Senate).

She's 20 now, so she'd better get going. Oh - - and, she'll have to make sure to quit at least one of her elected positions about halfway through, to make a statement, don'cha know? You BETCHA!

1343 days ago


Live and let live. What is with the haters, maligners, the 'I don't have a lifers,' the verbal abusers, much bitterness and bullying....STOP your own madness least you find yourselves sinking into you own manmade pit of madness. Geez.

1343 days ago



1343 days ago


I do hate to go there....but it really doesn't make sense that she went so far on DWTS and managed to gain weight. I know it sounds petty and is kinda rude, but it's so strange and doesn't seem right. EVERYONE else on that show that had a few extra pounds lost them. You could see others always out of breath and sweating, but you would never see Bristol like that, she was never out of breath when getting the judges comments. Training for that competition is tough work and you can't help but lose weight....she clearly didn't try at all and you could see it in her dancing!

1343 days ago


Hey "Who'sThat" (#15), who are you to call someone ignorant when you can't even spell dessert?!! Re: "she is her mother's daughter since she must have had many helpings on her desert" Try an elementary spelling class before you try to bash someone in a public forum. Throw in a couple of english composition classes while your at it; it may help you with your sentence structure.

1343 days ago


Atta girl Bristol!

1343 days ago
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