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Tiger Woods -- I Got Game on Christmas

12/26/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods didn't spend Christmas day alone this year -- truth be told, he hung out with 19,000 people.


TMZ snagged these photos of Woods sitting courtside at yesterday's Orlando Magic/Boston Celtics game in Florida -- while Elin Nordegren and their two kids were far away, celebrating the holidays Swedish style.

If the kids aren't back for New Year's Eve -- he could always go to the Oklahoma Thunder/Atlanta Hawks that night... or bump into Rachel Uchitel at Donald Trump's party

Tiger ... door #1 is a lot safer.

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Pathetic self-centred loser! He had everything a man could want....a beautiful wife and two gorgeous little children. He threw it all away for a bunch of hookers. Those children and Elin are so much better off without him. I'm sure over the course of the next couple of years he will ease his way out of the childrens' lives completely, save for the money to keep them far away from him, so he doesn't have to think of anyone or anything but himself

1361 days ago


maybe he is turning gay

1361 days ago


Damn you are all the real losers. Tiger is a bro, why do you think he found other slam pieces and did work on em when he was married and still getting a dime piece to do work on him?? Complete bro, and the hat with the snapback only signifies that he is a bro.

So to all the damn fools out there hatin on my bro Tiger get a life, because guess who has one?? Your most hated male to ever walk to the face of Earth, TIGER WOODS.

He knows he is the ****, and will continue to know he is 100% bro. Hell, he might even hook up with someones wife tonight, and we all know there is nothing more bro than that!!

Sleep well bro haters, cause tomorrow you're going to need to be well rested to hate some more!!

Much love, one love


1361 days ago


Leave Tiger alone. He is a billionaire. You all wish you had his money. He will soon find another classy gold-digger just like his ex. There are tons of them out there. She is surely not one of a kind. People cheat, divorce and remarry everyday. What perfect world do you all live in.

1361 days ago


Leave Tiger alone. He is a billionaire. You all wish you had his money. He will soon find another classy gold-digger just like his ex. There are tons of them out there. She is surely not one of a kind. People cheat, divorce and remarry everyday. What perfect world do you all live in.

Are you the next in line ???

1361 days ago


Here are HIS choices:

It's okay for Tiger to make a PUBLIC APPEARANCE... NOT spending Christmas with his children. Or, at least, sitting down the road from them in Europe waiting for EVERY opportunity to do so.

Tiger WANTS to make a public appearance seemingly happy with spending his time as a bachelor and that agrees with him.

Tiger isn't VISIBLY upset that his children have no father around them.

In short... anything Tiger does looks rotten. Which is what happens to a man when he bangs hoes behind his wife's back, gets caught, lies and tries to move on. It's just always ugly!

1361 days ago


Yes Tricia, I am next in line. Are you jealous as you sound like a bitter scorned woman.

1361 days ago


AR oh no I'm not jealous at all. You can keep this ugly dirty nasty trashy full of STD little bastard for you. Only gold diggers like you can hook up with such a lowlife especially now that everybody knows what he's up to .....

1361 days ago


Let's face it --- "Tiger" is a licentious, lewd, unclean little pervert, and #36 "Bro" admires him and thinks he's a role model. LOL

Let's hope "Tiger" and "Bro" never get married (again) or have (more) children. Who would want them for a husband or father?!

1361 days ago


#36 "Brolan," so you're proud of the licentious, lewd lecher "Tiger" as he named himself?! So you hold him up as a degenerate role model for the men in your culture?! Pardon me while I ROTFL. Lust is one of the big doors to Hell. But of course you're not into learning any kind of spiritual lessons, so I'm just wasting my time communicating with you. All I can say is I hope you never get married or have children. Maybe you or "Tiger" can take Hugh Hefner's place in the Playboy Mansion when he retires. What a useful life, eh? LOL

#41 Tricia, I completely agree with your statement. Only a prostitute would be interested in "Tiger" --- and that's obviously because of his money. Poor little rich man, he'll never know if a woman really cares about him or his money. How could any woman care about a narcissistic jerk who can only care about himself? He threw away love and respect for a bunch of porn stars. I think he's a pervert.

1361 days ago


Let's hope Tiger's ex-wife Elin will find a big, tall, handsome Viking there in Sweden --- someone who looks like the Swedish Dolph Lundgren in "Rocky IV". I hear they're quite the sexy lovers.

1361 days ago


If Woods wants to look like a badass from the ghetto and not the geek that he really is, he can use a thin black cloth that ties in the back on his head like the gang members wear. He heard that women like “bad boys”.

I’m wondering why he never dates black women if he’s so into the small amount of African-American blood he has. He’s less than half, as his father was not 100% black.

1361 days ago


Why doesn't he just use one of those thin, black cloths that tie in the back that the gang members wear on their heads .... if he wants to look like a badass??

And why is it he has never dated a black woman if he wants to identify with the part of him that is African-American?

1361 days ago


Exclusive photos, ha! I saw the same thing live on ABC while they were televising the Celtics - Magic game.

1361 days ago



1361 days ago
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