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Michael Jackson's Bro, Mom Score on New Year's Eve

12/26/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has figured out a way to make some cash and not piss off the Michael Jackson Estate -- hitch a ride with another brother.


Katherine will join Michael's Bro, Tito Jackson, in Atlanta for New Year's Eve ... appearing at the 22nd Annual Peach Drop New Year's Eve Celebration. 

Tito will perform some Jackson 5 songs, along with a couple of songs from his upcoming album, "So Far, So Good." 

According to the Peach Drop website, Katherine and Tito will do the New Year's Eve countdown.


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It is amazing to me how people hate and degrade people u never met. All of the other brothers supported their kids don't lump them all in Jermaines basket. STOP THE LIES!

Posted at 10:38 AM on Dec 26, 2010 by dd

I agree. Tito has the right to go out and play his music. The man has talent in his own right and always did. I acknowledge that the Jackson family was somewhat corrupted by money and fame, but that is the nature of money and fame. Even Michael was corrupted by it, and we see what it did to him in the end. I don't get these constant accusations that the Jacksons should "get a job." As far as I'm aware, all of the Jacksons have been hustling and working all their lives, and Katherine stayed home to take care of them and keep the home fires burning. The only one who seems to be a bit lazy and have a sense of entitlement is Jermaine, and even so, I doubt he is a totally evil person. Just like there were reasons that Michael turned out the way he did, there are also reasons why Jermaine is the way HE is. Nobody is perfect. People are really judgmental.

If Katherine, for whatever reason, money or whatever, wants to go ring in the New Year with Tito, then so be it. I'm not bothered by it, and I doubt Michael would be. The only thing that would make me angry is if I thought Katherine or the family as a whole was neglecting the children or mistreating them. I see no evidence of that - quite the opposite. IMO, Michael would weep with gratefulness if he could see how his family has taken in the kids and enveloped them with love. Of course for some people, that is more basis to accuse the family of wanting money. Honestly, these people can't win.

1397 days ago


Tito can't sing for shyyyt!!! so whats the deal

Posted at 11:41 AM on Dec 26, 2010 by Zoe#1

The deal is that he can play a little guitar. And that "greedy ass woman" sacrificed a lot for her family and has been through a lot of emotional turmoil throughout the years.

1397 days ago


I have never loved a musician like I did to MJ......I do the same to all members of Jackson Family.....

1397 days ago

DeeDee Russel    

Lordy, don't these people OWN anything?

1397 days ago


I don't understand why she can't make any money. I guess you guys want her to live alone in a one bedroom apartment in the hood while the sony execs that are robbing/robbed Michael Jackson live lavishly in Beverly Hills banging bimbos.

1397 days ago


So what's wrong with that? Tito is not Jermaine, he doesn't sing Michael's songs. Why shouldn't he perform? Katherine went with Michael on tour, why wouldn't she go with Tito on his gig? She can't sit locked up in that house for ever.

Look at everything that happens on its one merit, don't be tempted to a knee jerk reaction.

1397 days ago


ok...what's the point of this story??? First there was Katharine, then she married Joe, then they had nine children. Then came the Jackson Five a very successful musical group. Then as an adult Michael went off on his own to become the most successful entertainer of all time. Michael's brothers can work all they want performing their own music which came before Michael's music. Katharine can write any book, give a speech or do anything she wants about her family. Like I said, what's the point or what is TMZ trying to insinute???

1397 days ago


I pray someone will be watching over Michael Jackson's children: Prince, Paris, and Blanket on New Year's Eve and Day.

1397 days ago


totally sick of the sick Jackson family!!!

1397 days ago


Anyone see how much Blanket looks like Katherine?? Just like Michael did..

1397 days ago


Right on I hope they have an awesome time.

I forgot to wish you a Merry Christmas Low Iq hope your having a good one.

1397 days ago


Ooooo...Tito blues. I love it ! I wish I could be there.
Curious about his new songs and I love you too Katherine Jackson.
Great pic of Mrs. J. I'd bet this expression has come over her face a few times over the last 19 months in addition to teary-eyed and her beautiful smile.
$$$ ? nahhh...♥ ♥ ♥

1397 days ago


then she should be disfellowshipped

1397 days ago



1397 days ago


Happy to see Mrs. Jackson bringing in the New Year with her
son and MJ3 having a wonderful Christmas. My Christmas was
wonderful and had a White Christmas too, beautiful! MJ's
30th Anniversary will be on TVONE New Years Eve at 9:00pm.

1397 days ago
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