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Bristol Palin -- The House that 'Dancing' Built

12/27/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... the $172,000 Arizona home that Bristol Palin just HAD to have .... the one she paid for with  straight CASH, homie!

Palin's 3,900 square foot home -- which boasts 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a 3 car garage -- is located in Maricopa, AZ.

As we previously reported, Bristol has been telling friends she's thinking about enrolling in college classes out in the desert ... and so far, it seems the likely choice is Arizona State.

Go Devils.


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There is a lot more support for Bristol (and the Palin's) out there than I realized. I was thinking that every post would be negative. So thank you to all who stood up for Bristol. To the rest of you, suck it! Bristol made a wise investment, and you guys are so effing jealous of her that you just can't acknowledge it. The Palin's are laughing all the way to the bank (and the white house) and you haters are ready to slit your wrists over it. haha Suckers!

1372 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

I just saw a video in which Bristol Palin was practicing shimmying in rehearsal for "Dancing With The Stars". I lied when I said in a recent post I wrote about her somewhere else on the Internet writing that she had great rhythm and is a good dancer. I don't really think she's one at all, though I didn't lie intentionally at all, either. Nor do I think I'm a great dancer, or have great rhythm, either. But I do very fully believe in truth, though. I don't hate Bristol at all, though, and I still really have a very nice softspot for the kids, teens, and twentysome-yr-old young adults. You tend to feel that way as you get older in your mid-thirties or so. I'm not jealous of her at all. I'm very happy for her recent success, and wish her the best of happiness and health in her future. I don't begrudge her her love for her Mom, although I'm a full liberal, and just not a fan of her mom's at all, won't vote for her, Sarah Palin at all as President ever. I do not hate Bristol though, and may God truly bless her always. Sincerely, Liberal, now, and always, Kelly Joanne Cannon I hope Bristol's having a great day, today, too.

1205 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

I don't "hate" you and your mom, and family, Bristol. Just because I'm a liberal, always will be, who might dislike her right now, not agree with how she thinks at all, strongly dislike what she's doing right now, just toying, which is one important reason for why I could never trust her, and would never vote for her as President of our country. However, my days of being just a plain "hater" for certain people of the human race, {that to me means without giving to God, period at all} are long gone, now. I turn to God daily, and definitely always will. That's right. We liberals can love God, too. It's very true, we can. And if you and your mom think this is just "flip-flopping hypocrisy" right now, and get angry about it, well, all I say is that's just too bad! Get over it. Because me, you, her, and everyone else in the human race have "flip-flopped" before, and probably will continue doing it, at times, always. That's just people, truth, and life's never completely sure. And I still wish you, and your mom, and family, great health, and happiness from God, now, and always. God loves you all, and the rest of us. No one's ever left out from his love, and guidance, nobody. Sincerely, Liberal, Kelly Joanne Cannon

1197 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

Oh, and Bristol, I understand you're writing down your mistakes publicly in your book. I've done that before well not in a book but publicly, I have. I understand flagellating yourself over it, too. I have also done that. However, I can tell you that as you get older in your mid-thirties like me, there is a point where you do begin to eventually become free of your past mistakes, accept yourself as being a good person, but as not being perfect as none of us are, and never will be. We all make/have made mistakes and done things we're ashamed of in our past! You're not alone in that, ever. So please take comfort in what I've written here is all I ask. Sincerely, Liberal, Kelly Joanne Cannon

1197 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

Bristol, I really think and believe you have a nice family. I don't believe you have an absolutely perfect family all the time, and never have had one. Anymore than I or the rest of us have, though. But I still love my family very much, and they're certainly "great" enough for me. I'm not ashamed that they're not always perfect in the least. I know sometimes, I've/I, probably, will continue doing so until 2012 presidential election is over, keep writing my very blunt opinions about your mom on the Internet but that's only because I just don't want her to be President of our country, next year or ever. I believe she's smart Bristol. In some ways, believe me, smarter than me. I really do think that, too. No bull****. I also don't believe she's a murderer, either. That's bull**** in my opinion. However, I still believe I'm at least smart enough regarding my opinions, and I don't believe your mom is smart enough to be President of our country at all. I just flat out don't is all. I don't like violence, either, one bit, and never, ever will. And again, if you or your mom should read this and get angry, well again, that's just tough. Life's really full of contradictions, and always will be. Furthermore, again, I'm a liberal, but I'm not going to go against God, and play the typical "hater" woman regarding politics ever again. Thus, once more, I honestly wish you, your mom, and whole family great health, and great happiness, love, and peace from God, now, and always, Sincerely, Kelly Joanne Cannon

1194 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

Oh, and Bristol, here's some more wisdom from an older woman in her mid-thirties. Whenever we speak out honestly against something that's really wrong, we're doing good but whenever we turn something into manipulative bullying, that's wrong. I mean that in the sense of just flippantly throwing accusations at other people. And don't expect them just to roll over and take it, either because I guarantee, that won't always happen. And remember also, if you were raised in the Assembly of God church, and they taught you that having an opinion is just a wrongminded confession of your character, remember that flippantly throwing accusations at people is doing the very same thing. Again, life's full of contradictions, and always will be. Hey, I'm not trying at all to threaten you in any way at all. I wouldn't do that. I work for God. Truly, I do, and always will. Just stating the facts is all. Hey, and I really need to remember these things daily as well. Not just others, that's for damn sure. Hey, and I really hope that you, and your family are having a GREAT and wonderful day!-Sincerely, Liberal, always, Kelly Joanne Cannon

1194 days ago


DAM im from perth australia a house like that would be $500.000+ here i want to move to america!!!

1084 days ago
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