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Bristol Palin -- The House that 'Dancing' Built

12/27/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... the $172,000 Arizona home that Bristol Palin just HAD to have .... the one she paid for with  straight CASH, homie!

Palin's 3,900 square foot home -- which boasts 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a 3 car garage -- is located in Maricopa, AZ.

As we previously reported, Bristol has been telling friends she's thinking about enrolling in college classes out in the desert ... and so far, it seems the likely choice is Arizona State.

Go Devils.


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Bristol could teach Kate G. a few things.

1365 days ago

Y do he got    

There are emty house everywhere there...not many jobs and the house is old and overpriced for the market and time.I bet it did`nt cost over 75K to built and she`ll never get her money back on it..not so smart and for sure a bad investment.She could have rented the house for what her taxes alone will be plus upkeep and lost values as the house ages and the houseing markets fall.Par for the paylins that live off our taxes and get network hand outs to run thier mouths for the rightwingers

1365 days ago


Why do you, TMZ, speak of Palin with disdain? What has she done to you, in fact, what has she done to any of you?

May anyone criticizing Palin who has made any mistakes in life get warts on your bodies from head to toe!

1365 days ago


the house is so cheap because its in maricopa(which is about 30 miles from phoenix doesnt sound far but with traffic could take 1 hour+ ,driving is your only option there are no busses or other public transportation).... a house like that in the phoenix metro area would be much more expensive as long as its not a foreclosure, it makes no sense for her to move there if shes going to asu why not tempe scottsdale paradise valley even chandler... she'll be moving

1365 days ago


Why do you people hate so much?

1365 days ago


Hopefully not the actual house. It would be sad to make the actual address public knowledge and how unsafe that would be for a single mother.

Congrats to her.

1365 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

37: Hate is good. That is what makes the world run. And the Palins love spreading it ...besides their legs.

1365 days ago


Congrats on the new home..not too many kids head to college and BUY their residence.

1365 days ago


$175000 for a 3200 sq ft home?

I call bs on that! There is no way homes are that cheap in that area.

Must be $1,750,000.

Was it a misprint?

1365 days ago


There are approximately 60,000 houses that look exactly like that in Az. All cheaply made, and all crap. Also, go Cats!

1365 days ago


I'm always amazed at how much hatred is generated towards this young girl. What has she done to anyone to invoke this vitriol? She made a mistake and became pregnant as a teenager as millions of others do each year. That was tragic and wrong, but is it enough reason to hate her? Perhaps being a little more understanding of her situation and less judgemental would help reduce all the strife we've had to endure lately over purely political reasons. You hate her mother so you hate the children as well. Sad.

1365 days ago


She earned it. Go Bristol. It's a beautiful house. Hope you get into college.

1365 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

So shes been threatened because of the media's constant badmouthing and now you tell and show these crazies where she lives. So when some nut job shoots her Harvey will have another death story.

1365 days ago


Gee TMZ, why don't you put a big bullseye on her house so the psychos who shoot up their televisions have easier aim at her and her son..... nice security... jerks!

1365 days ago


Bristol, you can't just "think" about going to college. You actually have to ENROLL and surprise, surprise....use your BRAIN (not your stomach or chins) to absorb the material.

You can't just "dance" whoops, forgot you can't DANCE, into your wish for a college education.

In college you will learn about s p r e a d, not that, you proved you CAN do "that" s p r e a d s h e e t s .

1365 days ago
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