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Bristol Palin -- The House that 'Dancing' Built

12/27/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... the $172,000 Arizona home that Bristol Palin just HAD to have .... the one she paid for with  straight CASH, homie!

Palin's 3,900 square foot home -- which boasts 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a 3 car garage -- is located in Maricopa, AZ.

As we previously reported, Bristol has been telling friends she's thinking about enrolling in college classes out in the desert ... and so far, it seems the likely choice is Arizona State.

Go Devils.


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Of course this has been the big news all through the country this week. What I haven't heard anyone report on is that this house is 35 miles from Arizona State University's Walter Chronkite School of Broadcasting where she is supposedly wishing to attend. Does she plan on commuting everyday? An if anyone has ever been to this place, there is only one road in and one road out of this burg, traffic is horrendous.

1395 days ago

Y do he got    

A run down house in a dead market overpriced.She should have rented which would have cost less than taxes.A wood 1/4 dollar home in a nowhere market which she can`t turn or flip.Of she could flip the house than it could be a good taxe haven but she can`t sell the house for what she payed.She should have rented the house and invested her money now she is stuck.the slumland broker saw her coming.She never flip the old wooden AC AC eating money pit.Her and her mommy live off the goverment AKE our taxes and run thier faces for the rightwing nut job`SS.She`ll never make a dime in land or houses or rentals and in fact she is giving her or our money away.She is a bum just like her breed`um for handcaps mom`terd

1395 days ago


Wow.. did AZ pick up some extra electoral votes? We all know that's why Sarah is strategically keeping the PALIN name in the media's mouths. I'm sick of hearing about the Palins.

Who cares where Bristol bought a house and where's she going to college. The only thing I want to hear is that Sarah Palin isn't going to run for president. or... that Republican's aren't going to support her running. She's a nutjob.

1395 days ago


GO BRISTOL FFF the haters ,they are jealous . At least you aren,t some JIVE MONKEY DRUG HEAD RAPPER . Keep a close eye on the Monkies they steal and rob ,thats what their 300 lb food stamp ,welfare ,sucking mothers teach them from birth . Also those 300 lb beast always have a handicapp sticker on their mirror and they aren,t handicapped . They have come along way in 200 years .

1395 days ago


That is good! I just hope she can balance the upkeep of the house with being a mom and going to college. Trust me, something usually falters.

1395 days ago


BRISTOL IS ADORABLE and she's a good girl and mom and she's beautiful. I gained baby weight for 3 years after the birth of my first child and when the second one came, I lost it all and never gained it back again. Hey, you who hate her are jealous and wicked .. she's doing what you can't and those of you who are left wing radicals selling our safety .. uppa urs I say! Bristol did a great thing and yes, she's beautiful .. Oprah is FAT .. REALLY FAT AND SHE WAS A HO ... NOW LET'S TALK BOUT THAT ONE OR MAYBE YOU'D LIKE TO DO THE KENNEDY'S AND MORE ... BARRY MAYBE TOO ... hmmmm... there's so much to talk about .. she worked and she bought a house and she's a great mom and she's going to school and believes in God ... now that to you is the worst of all since without God and with crappy parents our crime rises when kids become adults and they have no one to look up too and certainly not God or their family. WAKE UP MORONS .. AND CONGRADS TO BRISTOL .. LOVE HER HOME !!!

1395 days ago


(dr bob) you are just a vulgar non educated idiot. Your comments are so low life that I picture you as looking like homeless guy that has rotten teeth and takes a bath once a month. You are s*** and a low life ass hole.

1395 days ago


Mr. Ihartwell or what ever you are, why don't you leave the Palins alone. I bet you are one of those Adam Henrys that has nothing to do except talk about people. What has this family done to you that you have to bash them.You are just jealous because you probably don't have pot to pee in or a window to throw it out. I bet you wish you could pay for house in cash. The Palins work hard for their money and did not get it like the person in the white house.

1395 days ago


i love bristol...and her mom......they are wonderful family....great decision to pay cash.......

1395 days ago


I'd shoot my Pistol all over Bristol's booty crack.

1395 days ago



1395 days ago


Sooooo, to get a house like that all my Mom had to do was to run for VP and I had to get pregnant as a teenager, become a "spokesperson" for teens and be on Dancing with the Stars (which I still cannot understand her participation...)?
Is that the message your sending, Bristol? Hey teenage girls everywhere...If you get pregnant, you too can get your own reality show AND if you're really really mean n' stupid, thrown in jail to boot for beating up your baby's Daddy. AND, wait for it...the chance to lose custody of your child!!
Both situations are appalling! Shame on those for giving these girls ANY credit. They are spoiled brats...Good Luck Arizona. You now have the illegal issue AND Sarah Palin to deal with...

1395 days ago

Y do he got    

She is a no one and the only reason she got on was her GOP disney fox owned mother.Disney is public and is owned by CA so the tax payers are paying for this house and her mother`s ill afforded fertility drugs and birth defects child at old age.Once again on the tax payers.GOP`s fred may fanie mac ruined the houseing markets once again a GOPPIE money giveaway like heilburtion.INVESTMENT houseing is far far past dead and those houses are stil way over market price,She could never flip this house so she is stuck in a tax broke rundown hood just like home to mother disney mouth.BAD way bad investment with no returns.high upkeep unless she wants to be a slum lord dope and HOHO ringo cracked house and falling in basements.The whole country just lost thier shorts in have to buy low and sell high and those days are over years ago.GOLD at ground level now worth about 40% more in five years but to late to jump into that market also.She got a handout for being a kid of a disney mouth GOP P IE groupie

1395 days ago


Good for property value. The people in the area actually work and pay their way in life vs taking hand outs from the goverment. She will fit in along with her family.

1395 days ago


Good for her. Now maybe the agressive Sheriff can protect her from teh nosey paparazzi. Best wishes!

1395 days ago
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