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Bristol Palin -- The House that 'Dancing' Built

12/27/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... the $172,000 Arizona home that Bristol Palin just HAD to have .... the one she paid for with  straight CASH, homie!

Palin's 3,900 square foot home -- which boasts 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a 3 car garage -- is located in Maricopa, AZ.

As we previously reported, Bristol has been telling friends she's thinking about enrolling in college classes out in the desert ... and so far, it seems the likely choice is Arizona State.

Go Devils.


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This house is way overpriced for the area. That house should be way under $100,000. Nothing in that ghost town should be that price. They have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. I should know. I lived there. And it's an awful place to live too. It is in the middle of the desert and not close to ASU at all. ASU is about 40 miles through the desert.

1364 days ago


This house is so overpriced it's ridiculous. The town is a ghost town with close to 10,000 homes that have been abandoned. Most homes are way under $100,000 there. The town is in the middle of nowhere with very little access to resources. ASU is about 40 miles away. It's Hell Hot there and so far from anything.

1364 days ago


So much jealousy.

Good for Bristol. No bazillion dollar mansion and hopefully going to school. She's got more sense than the haters here.

1364 days ago


OMG ~ $172K ??? That's all???? A house like that in Ottawa, ON would go for 400K +!

1364 days ago


For those of you who care, the only reason her home is Maricopa, AZ is soooo cheap is because the soil is toxic! The dirt is so acidic that it actually dissolves the foundations of homes over time. Also, the water is basically toxic too. Did I mention there is only one road that leads in and out of that crap town? Just thought I would share since I live in the Valley of the Sun.

1364 days ago


It's a lovely house for the price. And if it's paid off, she won't have to worry about making payments on it later. If only more people under media scrutiny would be so responsible. Nothing is more irritating than seeing someone bringing in millions who looses one or two of their houses because they can't make payments.

1364 days ago


I say good for her. Buying a home outright and not having a huge mortgage on some ridiculous house is a nice change from the norm. I think it was very wise, she did a show, got paid and did something smart and responsible with the money. Good for her.

1364 days ago


Way to go Bristol. Glad to see she is going to go to college. I think that is probably a very wise decision for her. I hope she can get her life back on track after that loser Levi.

That home would be worth between $400,000. and $500,000 in IL.

1364 days ago


AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of her for steping out on her own. She has did a great job. She deserves it. At least she did not have it handed to her and paid cash for the house.

1364 days ago


She earned that money for the House from her Dancing with the Stars. She was pregnant way before that. So she did earn that money. At least she did not get invetro and have 12 dozen babys like others and use them as money making machines. There are millions of girls getting pregnant everyday. Just because she is in the news doesn't mean anything.

1364 days ago

Sarah in Texas    

@barbarianbabs... she isn't a "celebrity." She is the daughter of a former governor and VP candidate. She is a one-time competitor on a reality TV show. She was fortunate enough to make some nice coin on her appearances which has allowed her to buy this very nice home. She's not being "responsible" by not buying a multi million dollar mansion; she could not afford one in the first place!

1364 days ago


she didn't work for this house, who calls DWTS work? She couldn't even lose weight like EVERY NORMAL PERSON does when they exercise and practice.

DWTS is the bottom Z world of 'celebrities'

If it wasn't for her foul mouthed mother, she wouldn't have that house. I doubt she could get on DWTS without sarah moron as the mother....pfft..

I like the Palins and their supporters, the supporters (gullible's) are the only ones filling her bank account. Most normal patriotic American's aren't into people like that. They're shady.

O well, America is truly going down the tubes, thanks George Bush for killing the American Dream.

I am a Liberal instead of Conservative. You all should google the definition of both terms and really educate yourselves.

I am for Progression, not status quo or moving backwards. Soon enough these dingbats (tea baggers), will die of old age. Still thinking that America is going to rip their freedoms away. Such a crappy life to live, fearing everything in life, even god.

America is survival of the fittest, jack. You people obviously cry rivers over reading comments on an internet website. Go preach elsewhere and keep your beliefs private. America was not founded on your ignorant premises.

1364 days ago


wow atLeaST She PAID For it..I wanna know why you same people arent biTCHING about pam andERSON and other celeb who owe millions in taxes. They TOOK YOUR MONEY YOU MORON>
WHILE most of the commentors here are on welfare and having babies just for the sole purpose of getting the welfare check
atleast she isnt on welfare
cant say that for the most of america
and ur stupid if you dont know that people actually have kids for that welfare check
my mom is first grade teacher who recently had the mother "pregnant again" in for a conf about her boy only to tell mY mom that he brings in the check and that she cannot get on to him because he is the breadwinner of the home
wow wish i could be on welfare and get paid To pop out kids and sell drugs on the street>

1364 days ago


um For all Those that can't believe such a big house for so little price... Its always been that cheap here in texas
my four thousand sqft house was only 132,000. I live in texas, And no Its a Cookie cutter house as the above.. I live in dallas area, so I have every store you can think of.
Personally instead of the neg. comments on here. how about you idiots on the east or west coast, figuring out that the house you are OVER paying for, was actually made for a tiny price
for the price a pc of **** NY apt. I could have Twenty acres of land and 12,000 sQft house for 1/4 the priCE. and it all paid off
then you morons in CA and NY pay out the ass for the same freaking name brand couch, that we get here in texas for practially nothing

1364 days ago

truth hurts    

It is really annoying that people are struggling to just live and she is famous for having a dumb mom and getting pregnant!

1364 days ago
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