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Kelsey Grammer -- $50 Million Will Set Him Free

12/28/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey and Camille Grammer will divide up a 9-figure pot of gold, and Camille will walk away with more than $50 million ... sources connected with the divorce tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported,  the couple never signed a prenup, which means all earnings during the marriage are divided 50/50. 

We're told during their 13 years of marriage, the couple amassed a fortune in excess of $100,000,000.  Much of it was invested in real estate. They have homes in the Holmby Hills area of L.A., Malibu,  Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.  

Our sources say when they married Kelsey was strapped for cash, but turns out Camille is savvy in the business department and taught Kelsey a thing or two along the way. One person familiar with their finances says, "They made a lot of smart decisions. They were really a good team."

Sources say the couple is working out a financial settlement, made complicated by the fact that some of the properties -- like Hawaii -- are in the toilet because of the economy.

We're told no real "Cheers" money is coming in, but "Frasier" is still a cash register and Camille gets a cut.


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Wow,...who saw this coming? She got paid too, that's CHEERS money right there.

1373 days ago


$50 million sounds like a totally reasonable price to get rid of Camille. Where do I send the check...I'll send a courier to get it over to you stat!

To her defense, however, Kelsey doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to women. She's his third wife and now he's working on his fourth. I'd say marriage is probably not a smart option after your second divorce but who am I to say?

Camille, you're an ugly person and nobody is impressed/intimidated/jealous of you, regardless what you think. Money isn't everything. And it's obvious you have confidence issues. Go get some help.

1373 days ago


Don't let anybody ever tell you it does not pay to **** the right ****. Camille Grammer is living proof it does.

1373 days ago


I think Camille is selfish,insecure and you can see its all about her, she did not even want to carry her own children and she has 4 nannys for what! She claims she had IBS and thats why, hahaha are you kidding me. Camille just own up to it that you didnt want to ruin your body, you do nothing all day so why cant you take your kids to school or to their games. I guess you have know maternal instinct to be around your children, most parents would love to be in your position to see there kids games and to spend as much time with them as they can. You are blessed in so many ways and you cant even see it because your all about yourself and so is Kelsy. I think you both should be looking out for your kids well being not worring about how much money you can take from him and he should not be running off with some 26 year old to get married. Grow up Kelsy and show your son a better example of a dad and Camille start acting like a mother and do things with your children by raising them instead of your nannies.

1373 days ago


Why did someone with his track record get married w/o a prenup? Is the Cheers/Frasier money still coming in? After watching Camille I understand him wanting out(not saying he's a prize). Maybe he shouldn't rush to the alter... nothing wrong with dating!!!

1373 days ago


Dumbass actor.

1373 days ago


Can you people NOT read? SHE is the one that made the money! He was BROKE!! She isn't a golddigger.
Is that you, Nick???

1373 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

I don't care for Camille very much, but I am hatin' on Kelsey for this. Shame on him for dumping Camille in favor of some shiny piece 1/2 his age. He should act his age. That new girl doesn't love him, she's just another gold digga. And I am very surprised to hear that Camille had a good business sense. At least she has one "other" marketable talent. The RHBH doesn't display her business side.

1373 days ago


I'm not sure why people are jumping on Kelsey for cheating. Camille has made her affair with that hot Nick guy (on RHBH) quite obvious. She spends more time with him than her own husband and probably more than he spends with his wife. Even if my assumption is off, Camille and Kelsey are both pigs and should just stay unhappily together and give their kids up for adoption. She's definitely no mother and he seems to be quite the absentee father.

1373 days ago

Y do he got    

These are estates not just homes and the estate markets have not dropped even with fredmayfanmac so they could well have made money on the estates alone but the cost of building is skyrocketing and the value of the dollar is about 30cents.Here in palm beach they are still building muti-million dollar estates.It just goes to show estates are location location location and all of thier estate are in the right spots to have kepth thier values.Grammer is way way over payed and his old wife is better than the new one.50 million now is worth about 30 million so spred that smit around before the GOP starts a war.

1373 days ago

Y do he got    

ESTATES are NOT homes they are showhouses for the rich to stay in the game.ESTATE prices have been going up not down..TMZ lives in a trailer park or in a ram shack?.The rich for the most part make money when markets fall because they can buy low..they have the cash.I`am sure they payed market for these ESTATES years ago but with inflation and flat stock markets thier ESTATES Have grown due to cost of new ground breaking construction weak dollar so on so they are with inflation worth about the same as before but there is a bigger market than before and some people are getting every RICH NOW so these ESTATES will sell fast as you don`t see any not lived in or they can lease them.RICH PEOPLE GET RICHER NOT POORER WHEN THE MARKETS FALL as they buy buy buy and set and wait for the upswing in the markets as always happens

1373 days ago


LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION and these are ESTATES and are huge tax havens and write offs and ESTATE MARKETS are still great and if these go on the market they will sell fast as they got them when the prices were low so they don`t have to make a huge killing to come out on top.TRy to build these new and it would cost over 300million all put togather that is.But if they sell them WTF will they buy than?to haven thier money.GOLD was great but is slowing stocks are riseing and cost to much.Maybe some startup green stocks? nay just pork bellys and ranch land

1373 days ago


It's worth it get rid of this vile woman and her damn ps..oops I mean witch.

1373 days ago


Excuse Me he was a working actor when the two met...SHE WAS A STRIPPER not a Rhodes Scholar!

1373 days ago


Kelsey was a coked up drunk fighting an arrest for raping his best friends 15 year old daughter who he took on trips. Probably didn't have any money because he had to pay up big to make it go away. I'm sorry but any man who films themselves masturbating while dressed in woman's clothes with things insert in his rear can't by any stretch be a good husband or father. The guy's a whack job his whole life is an act. 50 million to live with that? Sorry I'll pass.

1373 days ago
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