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Kelsey Grammer -- $50 Million Will Set Him Free

12/28/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey and Camille Grammer will divide up a 9-figure pot of gold, and Camille will walk away with more than $50 million ... sources connected with the divorce tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported,  the couple never signed a prenup, which means all earnings during the marriage are divided 50/50. 

We're told during their 13 years of marriage, the couple amassed a fortune in excess of $100,000,000.  Much of it was invested in real estate. They have homes in the Holmby Hills area of L.A., Malibu,  Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.  

Our sources say when they married Kelsey was strapped for cash, but turns out Camille is savvy in the business department and taught Kelsey a thing or two along the way. One person familiar with their finances says, "They made a lot of smart decisions. They were really a good team."

Sources say the couple is working out a financial settlement, made complicated by the fact that some of the properties -- like Hawaii -- are in the toilet because of the economy.

We're told no real "Cheers" money is coming in, but "Frasier" is still a cash register and Camille gets a cut.


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I think some here has forgotten what was going on in Kelsey professional and personal life. Not only did she clean him up but she also helped keep the details of his trips with that 15yr closed, anyone else would be in jail.

Say what you will about Camille she met him when he was at bottom or at the end but she helped him retain his career. Without her Frasier would've been canceled in the late 90's and he would not be making all the residual from Frasier today.

Kelsey has given Camille the credit NUMEROUS times for not saving his life but his career as well. IMO she deserves more than $50million, unfortunately for him people are now bringing up the issue of his video along with the question of what happened to the 15yr old he was sleeping with.

1394 days ago


He's a right wing pig that uses his celebrity to buy him out of his crimes. The prefect Republican. He views the middle and lower class as a drain on society and not worth the Federal programs available to them. He'd be the first to vote down prop 8 all while being a gay himself. He fits the bill perfectly the Repub's need to sign him up. He needs to stay away from children and bathrooms at airports.

He was a huge supporter of GWB the worst President in History, he spoke of him as if GWB was doing a great job. He runs a right wing network and probably only thinks Obama won because he's black. The guy is a hypocrite and a complete joke.

1394 days ago

BrotherJohn OfDallas    

The famed founder of what became socialism, Karl Marx, once proclaimed "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Why in the heck am I quoting this dead man? Because I fail to see why marriages have become a welfare state. In other words, just because this lady provided "financial advice" for 13 years of marriage to Kelsey Grammer doesn't make her entitled to half HIS money. The way divorces go, the wealthier spouse is on the wrong end of the "from each according to his ability" part of Marx's statement, while the less wealthy spouse benefits by default from the "to according to his need" part. If anything, she should have entered an agreement to be his financial adviser and gotten specific fees related to that activity. Just research the history of divorces. Default divorce judgments make Karl Marx very proud.

1394 days ago


66 Hence why the jackass with the horrible track record with women should of had a prenup'. He in the end by whipping out his old shriveled pecker cost himself 50 million plus he looks like a huge s***bag in the process. Is there any bigger moron out there?

So if you have money you can be a s***bag and not be held accountable for it? He brought this on himself and now must pay dearly. Sucks when you're that stupid. Even if he hated his wife he should of done it much differently, have a little class maybe?

1394 days ago


Does anybody remember when the "Medium friend" of Camille (Alison DuBois) looked at Kyle at the dinner table and said that her husband and she would not have anything in common once kids grew up, and that she was better with men than women friends and "know that". I think the "Medium Alison DuBois" was really talking about Camille. Because look what happened? Now Camille is the one being dumped, and not Kyle. hmmmm. I like that!

1394 days ago


i am a supporter of gwbush to. to the person on the last page. and i do think obama won cause he is black, not because he is qualified, because he isnt.!! he has done nothing. at least bush kept us safe from terriost. watch out with obama.

1394 days ago


came back to bite camille in the ass.!! i watched the season when she had the dinner party for the other beverly hill wifes. she had the stupid t.v show woman there. they talked bad about how camille thought kyles husband was cheating on her.!! guess what camille it was your husband!!! wonder why your friend didnt see that. since she can forsee things.?????? what a joke on her.!!!

1394 days ago


If this story is true, then she deserves at LEAST half! Let's be honest about it.

Besides, he was an alcoholic at the time too - right? - so without her, he probably wouldn't have had the career he had either. So, you need to give credit when credit is due.

She's still a weird, pain in the ass lunatic though. Don't like her one bit. I can't stand her grandstanding and her arrogance. And it cracks me up to watch her.... she's definitely in love with herself. It's pretty pathetic.

1394 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

tune in for a satire about this starring Lindsay Lohan.......

1394 days ago

Ron Page    

It's amazing that while there is a so called suffering economy that certain sectors of our population has money to burn! We live in a ****ed up society!!

1394 days ago

kk md    

ummmmmmmmm, Omama did win bc he is black

1394 days ago



1394 days ago


I don't understand why when your married, the money you have in your joint checking account is considered both husband's and wife's, but as soon as there is divorce papers filed, it's considered "mine" or "his money". It's THEIR money, not his money and not her money. THEIR MONEY....PLURAL!!!

And you idiots who keep bringing up Allison Dubois and the show BH Real Housewives, IT's A TV SHOW...get over it!!! YOU SAW EDITED CLIPS!!!
You did not see what Allison told Camille in private, which btw, Camille already knew about Kelsey cheating on doesn't take a rocket scientist or a medium to figure out someone as foolish as Kelsey!
And the predictions about nasty Kyle haven't happended yet, so you can't say they are false. Kyle can't get along with women...look how she even treats her own sister! Allison was just saying out loud what everyone was thinking anyway...I loved her and hope to see more of her. Her assesment of Kyle was right on with what I have been thinking all season..her husband's just a feeling/intuition that you get about someone. She stuck out to me out of all the housewives. It was really really stupid for Kyle not to apologize to Camille too...all that real estate commission down the drain...all b/c of her ego and pride....Kyle's a dark entity.

1394 days ago


@ 74& 70 PRESIDENT Obama won because the majority of Americans knew he was the most qualified candidate.

People with reason know he did NOT win because he is black, just look all you little racists coming out the closet.

And Linda sweetie, Bush DID NOT keep us safe the only thing he kept safe was the pockets of the wealthy. There were more jobs created in 2010 than the ENTIRE 8 years of Dumbya hell.

1394 days ago


@ Hardy-har-har.....when she met him he was cash broke only had propery due to his drug/alcohol/pedophile problems if it were not for her there would BE not $100million to split, she cleaned his butt up took control of their finances and pulled his butt from the fire.

As my son says she looks like a high schooler which is why he is with her the pervert legal statutory rape, yeah she looks like a kid but she is legal.

1394 days ago
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