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Lindsay Lohan ... The Movie Role of Her Life

12/27/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan followers have clearly missed the boat ... her alcohol and cocaine-fueled hijinks, reckless driving, failed rehab attempts, career-ending partying and ruthless hangers-on are actually comedy gold ... at least according to the guy who's making a movie about her life.

Lindsay Lohan Movie
Lydia Hearst will play LiLo in Charles Casillo's new movie, "Dogs in Pocketbooks."  Casillo told the New York Post, "Lydia will play a bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab, in trouble with the law, and hounded by greedy agents, predatory paparazzi, off-the-wall stalkers and crazed media."

Casillo says the script is a satire ... the only glaring omission from the description -- scheming, sponging parents whose lives derail their child.



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Rent A Yenta    

@ #12…Did you forget the "h" in your first name? (You can't actually believe those things you wrote!)

1304 days ago


The Hearst girl is pretty. She reminds of a young, fresh and clean Lilo...

1304 days ago


Thats a great idea, Im glad I thought of it.

1304 days ago

Happily Ever After    

#12 is so obviously Dina Lohan.

NO ONE would ever say those things about Blo-Han...Respected? Ha! She's a JOKE! Pretty? Come on! She looks like she should be working at gas n' go. Get over it. This movie will probably never be made anyway. If it does get made, only morons would PAY to see it.

1304 days ago


They know if they hire her to play herself
their all project is screwed from start.

1304 days ago

Khate sucks    

NO ONE will want to see a stupid movie about a stupid girl! We're STILL watching it all play out!

1304 days ago

moe l.    

Hearst will have to get a lot skankier looking if she wants to play the part...

1304 days ago


Well, at least there is one happily deluded Lilo fan here (Dina the Dino.) Lilo still looks older than her real age, I guess the botox keeps her from looking 50 these days but 24? No, not in this lifetime, no.

She may be respected by actors but they are NOT the people in charge of hiring her. So where ARE all of these wonderful gigs? Surely if she's so talented, they've already signed her on, since she'll be out of rehab by Jan 3rd? So why aren't we aware of all of these marvelous opportunities? Maybe they're with the Dancing with the Stars gig? In other words, strictly in Dina's mind?

Cameras can and do lie? Well, then that's a problem because Lilo's a movie star and needs to look good in front of a camera. And she doesn't. And I'm sorry but she looked drug ravaged and HORRIBLE in 2009. In fact, she looked half dead. I'm sorry if that's your opinion of "hot." In fact, I'm sorry she looked that way. Drugs obviously treated her very unkindly.

Lindsay has big problems, Sitting Bull (Dina?). She is not going to lick them by people continually denying that she's sick, very sick, and pretending that she'll be allllll better once she walks out of BF. IF she stays clean and sober, she's going to need some time to keep recovering. And she'll need to stay out of the drug/drink world, which it looks like she still hasn't learned.

Most importantly, you forget, who will want to pay to see her as she is? She's been so ill behaved that I think that very few people will want to part with $12 to support her hideous behavior/lifestyle. And what movie producers would hire her? She even came back to BF late! She's STILL giving the FU to authority. NOT a good way to redeem yourself to those who would hire/insure you.

1304 days ago


LaLohan would be great in Ann-Margret's role in Bye Bye Birdie. They could have John Mayer play Conrad Birdie since they're both jerks.

1304 days ago


The world is filled with pretty talented young women who will show up on time, do their jobs and not make themselves a four year spectacle of stupidity for a couple of relatively minor charges. She's only famous for her tabloid value. She hasn't even the sense to be embarrased by her own behavior.

Jane Fonda was backtracking was publicity for the film, nothing more. Actors can say kind things about her past performances but they are firmly in the past. As pointed out none of them are stepping up to employ her right now. Why? Because they don't want to.

She's had a lot of advantages. It's up to her whether she takes the time to rehabilitate herself ot continues to live off her notariety as child star casualty.

1304 days ago


Extremely well said, ruby.

And btw, Sitting Bull, no, I don't believe that Lindsay quit Inferno. The producers treated her with the utmost respect throughout the project. Why would they suddenly start lying? What would be their motive? They just as easily could have said that Lindsay quit or they mutually parted ways and no one would have cared a fig. Don't forget, Lindsay took out an afternoon pass from rehab to go see the Inferno people (it was well publicized), then she never actually went to see them. So she lied about her reason for the pass, ditched her employers and then claimed she quit once she was fired. Not very encouraging behavior for someone supposedly in recovery. But you will no doubt have another endless excuse for her behavior, Sitting Bull. Too bad that you alone are the only one to believe these excuses.

1304 days ago


sounds like a funny movie.

1304 days ago


Are you sure that's not Jodie Foster playing Lee Lo?

1304 days ago


Sez Daddy Lohan: "If this is a satire, I bet they get Courtney Love to play Dina, Mel Gibson to play me, and Lydia should really fit the bill as Lindsay."

LOL, GREAT casting ideas!

1304 days ago


Lydia Hearst, eh? Lydia comes from a family which has never had to answer for their criminal actions so she should totally understand Lindsay's life.

1304 days ago
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