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'Teen Mom'

Charged with Felony

in Beatdown

12/27/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood was charged with felony domestic violence for allegedly wailing on her baby daddy in front of their daughter ... TMZ has learned.

Amber Portwood Charged
We're told Amber was charged by the Madison County Prosecutor's Office today with two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent, and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery.

As we previously reported, Amber allegedly attacked Gary Shirley three separate times between August 2009 and July 2010.  Some of the violence was captured on video.

We're told Amber faces three years behind bars and up to $10,000 in fines if convicted on all charges.

Check out video of one of the incidents below.


No Avatar

My two cents ;)    

seriously one day little miss tough girl is going to throw a punch that her ass can't back up and she'd gonna get the beat down of a life time. She needs to get help cause she will get attacked by karma with all this anger she puts out on people

1393 days ago


Good!! She's a stupid b****!! I can't believe they put this s*** on tv. Giving pregnant teens 15 mins of fame, wow. Great idea who ever came up with that one! I just hope some teens are realizing these dumb h*** are so pathetic, it's laughable.

1393 days ago


These "teen mom", "Jersey Shore" "reality shows" the dregs of society, MONEY motivates the trash that "star" in them...but what motivates the general public to WATCH?.

I don't know who this horrid beast is or who she beat up but I imagine a little jail time might be a good idea.

THANK GOD it was a grown man and not the child she took her anger out on...maybe social services should be checking in on this trash.

1393 days ago


#4 Im so with you on that one.

1393 days ago


Oh..and why is it that they ALL have that future fat, pig nose face? inbreeding perhaps? Anyone else notice that these people all look alike?

1393 days ago


I couldn't stand this girl from day one on Teen Mom. I hope they lock her up and some girl in jail beats the hell out of her. I'm a woman and don't condone domestic violence of any kind but Gary should have defended himself and thrown her through the freakin wall. I hope someone takes that sweet little girl from her before she grows up to be trash just like her mother.

1393 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, if worthless, low self-esteem having, pudgy loser like this can still find a desperate hoe to get laid with, anybody can. Truly, there is hope for everybody out here...

1393 days ago


I am kind of surprised the bitch didn't do what a lot of women do, go and pinch herself, or make her neck red, THEN call the police and say she was hit, when she wasn't, and the cops berate, disrespect and mistreat a guy who actually didn't even do anything.

I am certain though she has her lawyer already preparing the "post partum psychosis/depression" or something similar ready for her. I think some women just don't realize how a life changes and the amount of time to care for someone else and claim they were hormonally depressed when it was just really a lifestyle change and it stressed them out!

Brook Sheilds is a prime example, she (and I am sure her nannies) found taking care of a baby tough, when all Brooke had since early teens was to care about herself and NO ONE else! So you have your first kid in your late 30's thinking since you WANTED it life will be a peice of cake until you realize it is a 24/7 job

1393 days ago

Chun LI    

#17 LOL I don't advocate a man hitting a woman but in this case I'll make an exception.I can't stand this girl.

1393 days ago


caroline #10 just proved "ugly is as ugly does". you're an UGLY SIMPLE MINDED B!!CH on the inside,and ignorant as well! Amber is wrong, but you're just STUPID. How proud are your wolf raising parents/

1393 days ago

GA in TX    

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Amber Portwood's all across the United States today--uneducated with no goals in life, poor (by choice of no education or unless by some fluke you are on a TV show), skewered reality, unrealistic expectations, egotistical/entitled by virtue of who you are and possibly mentally challenged.
What should the REALISTIC solution be?

1393 days ago


Omg...when I first saw teen mom and her attitude towards gary..i felt so bad for's a struggle being such young parents but violence and anger isn't the way to go at it....i hope she sits in jail and truly thinks about how pathetic she is.

1393 days ago

Marcia Winkler    

She always was a psycho bitch and still is! Send her to jail with the full sentence and fine! Keep her away from her baby! I feel sorry for Gary...he should be awarded full custody...he deserves better.

1393 days ago


This bitch disgusts me... she deserves every bit of punishment. Plus the embarrassment. Her daughter needs to be with her daddy and far far away from that abusive ho. She needs help... BIG TIME HELP. And yeah MTV needs to go back to playing music videos. They are called MTV which is MUSIC TELEVISION. They need to changed their name to TTV. Trash TV.

1393 days ago


This is seriously disturbing to watch. Had the victim been a woman there would have been much swifter action. This young woman is beyond troubled and angry..... I feel terrible for her child.

1393 days ago
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