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LeAnn Rimes


12/28/2010 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing LeAnn Rimes works out -- because the newly engaged singer hit LAX with fiance Eddie Cibrian and she needed all of her strength to carry that GIGANTIC diamond on her finger.


Eddie popped the question a few days ago -- and if you're keeping score ... the ring is a 5-carat oval diamond set in rose gold fleur-de-lis connected to the band.

Celebrity romance doesn't come cheap.


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they're BOTH at fault here since they each had spouses. but this isn't about "them" 100%, it's about eddie's kids. this is an f'ed up situation that he didn't care to fix with the mother of his children. a lot of people are right, karma's a bitch and what goes around comes around...

1397 days ago


That's an ugly ring, lol !

1397 days ago


Neither one of them will ever be able to trust each other. A marriage based on lies and deceit never lasts. I think thats why Brad and Angelina will never marry.

1397 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I'm craving some shanghai noodles..debating wether to

1397 days ago


It doesn't matter how much surgery she gets, she still looks like Mr. Magoo's daughter.

1397 days ago


He abandoned his kids that he had with Brandi Glanville, so what makes Leann think he won't abandon any spawn she has with him? She's a trashy dingbat, and he's nothing but a player. He was so good in his character on Third Watch because he was just being himself -- a skirt-chasing dog. Posted at 3:13 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by radicalred

Really? Because I seen a video where Brandi said she expected them to get engaged, didn't care ..that Eddie was a good father...apparently he spends time with his boys and provides for them. You know, one of the wisest things a counselor told me was that (the woman my ex cheated on with) might become my kids' step-mother so I should watch what I say and try to forgive and come to terms ---for the sake of the children. It took awhile to forgive but I kept my mouth shut about anything bad. Years later, I developed an illness and while I was in the grocery (she was also there), the girlfriend approached me and asked if she could do anything to help, I swallowed my pride because I was sick and exhausted and a little girl needed a birthday cake made...she gladly did it. (wasn't decorated like mama would have done, but many things had to change in all our lives) From then on, I was thankful for this woman who stepped up ...she never tried to take my place. My kids love her, heck--I care for her... and the ex, well my daughter dropped recently, he doesn't like it that we get along so well. lol I feel empathy for the lady concerning him, but he's still my kids' I encourage my kids to love and see their Dad as everyone has some good qualities.
And yes, LeAnn needs to tone down her tweets...she is not their MOTHER. The little boys are not HERS. I know she is happy and in love, it is fun playing Mommy but she should always stop and this helping us to grow, forgive and build a better relationship for the kids' sake cause it is what is now.
Good luck to Eddie and LeAnn and also to Brandi, may she soon find happiness again. Hope they all remember, those boys comes first.

1397 days ago


Leann had to buy that ring for herself cuz there's no way in heck Cibrian has enough of his own $$ to afford that thing.

It's hysterically funny, IMO.

1397 days ago


I used to adore Leann Rimes and her music. Now I don't know how i feel about her anymore. She's turned into a media-whore.

1397 days ago


Looks like something you'd get out of a Cracker Jack box! TACKY just like the two of them.

1397 days ago


I highly doubt his stellar acting career bought that diamond. No doubt she had to chip in for it.....hope she gets used to paying the bills....

1397 days ago


The bigger the ring...the weaker the marriage!

1397 days ago


Her nostrils is bigger than my thumb.

1397 days ago


They are perfect for each other. A pair of f...... skanks. I wish them much unhappiness and may they both get run over by a truck...and then divorced.

1397 days ago


This will be her second of 9 future marriages. F..... tramps. Both of em.

1397 days ago


It puzzles me why women who actually do have a lot of money like Leanne and Jessica S. behave so insecure that they have to either buy it for themselves and flaunt or simply just flaunt expensive things. You would think they would take wealth in stride and the novelty would have worn off by now to be always proving something.When I got a great job and bought a great car I felt great and now it's like ok, and move on. It wouldn't make me feel good to keep proving to my friends who don't have a good job that I'm one better than them. These women really have no breeding nor any class. Sad that they think they do. No one is impressed with a repeat bragger. Not the poor nor the rich. Silly girl.

1397 days ago
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