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Michael Jackson Manslaughter Prelim - 30 Witnesses

12/28/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned more than 2 dozen witnesses will testify at  Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.


Sources say the prelim will last roughly 2 weeks and approximately 30 witnesses will be called.

We're told there won't be a "Perry Mason" moment -- instead, prosecutors will lay out their case, piece by piece, to show Dr. Murray acted recklessly by medicating Michael with Propofol and other drugs at his home the day he died.

Sources say the witnesses include various medical experts, as well as 3 LAPD detectives who investigated the case.

And, we're told, prosecutors will present more evidence than in a typical manslaughter case, because the legal theory here is novel -- that a doctor committed a homicide in the treatment of a patient.



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Sorry but any doctor who performs CPR on a bed seriously needs to go back to medical school.

Posted at 2:37 PM on Dec 28, 2010 by pauline

Can you imagine being his patient now?! All I would think about would be that he killed a man. Dr. Death.

1362 days ago


Allegedly there is no signed contract that MJ hired Murray. Therefore why would Murray provide medical care for MJ? How did Murray expect to get paid w/o a signed contract? Can we even be sure that MJ called Murray to come over because he could not sleep on the night of his murder? Perhaps Murray was upset that he did not have a contract and killed MJ because he reneged on him?
Perhaps Murray is taking the blame for the real killers? Perhaps Murray will go to sissi-school prison and when he gets out the guilty culprits will set him and his family up for life!!!
At any rate the guilty will confess or get caught. somehow, someway they will all be caught and face a very embarrassing and humiliating fate on a world wide stage. Empires are going to crumble, fortunes will be lost, lives could be destroyed. PPB and the rest of the Jacksons don't have a thing to be worried about!!!!It's already DONE!!!!...........and Scene!!
Act 1 this January 2011.

1362 days ago


Off the subject Michael was to buy the most beautiful mansion
in CA,15 bedrooms and 16 baths just before he passed. It was
like the White House go to extratv to get a view fans maybe
this was to be Wonderland.

1362 days ago


It was a formality I am sure mymjj5. Everything was drawn up but never signed I bet Murray is kicking himself now huh? As AEG takes a sigh of relief and funds Murrays defence to keep things hush hush. Can't wait for Jan 4th.....

Also Pauline I am willing to bet the only reason he did cpr on the bed was to mask the time of death buying him time that's why he cranked up the heat in the room.....


1362 days ago


@19 We're all going to die at some point, so we should just allow quack doctors to practice freely and when they kill people just say Oh it was going to happen eventually. Really? I think not.

1362 days ago


It was a formality I am sure mymjj5
....but Scott the chef had a signed contract yet not the doctor???

1362 days ago


am willing to bet the only reason he did cpr on the bed was to mask the time of death buying him time that's why he cranked up the heat in the room.....
I agree totally!!!! MJ was killed hours before 911 was called.

1362 days ago


I am not sure mymjj5 but isn't this the same chef he had for years fired and was brought back? If so I am sure he just sent in the expenses for her to AEG. I do remember reading awhile back about the contract Murray had but it only had his signature not AEG's. These are just guess's I honestly have not had time to research anything. If anyone has any info fl free to chime in please.


1362 days ago


Dr. Kevorkian went away for years and he was only doing what the person asked..even had them on tape saying this is what they wanted..GUESS WHAT IT IS STILL ILLEGAL!!!! Michael was making plans for a comeback but when AEG got that multi-million dollar insurance approved on him his life was over.

1362 days ago


I am sure most stupid and cruel comment's on MJ news comes always from people of US OF A....!! Wake up and do something
about your country and the level of it's education level.
With your comment's no wonder why you are at the last 25 country
among 30 developed countries in the world on education!!!!
You did not deserve MJ. America is a corrupt country. You are
famous for ruining the greatest in your nation and repeating the history over and over. DISGUSTING!!!
This was a really good post. However I have to stand up for my country. We have some of the best universities in the world. Every state has multiple colleges and countless schools from K-12 public and private.
The failure of our school systems IMO is because of the elected/appointed/hired officials who mandate how our school systems operate.
The blame starts at the Department of Education in DC to each state and then the local level. Most of the time, the colleges and universities are preoccupied with the money generated by athletics at every level of our school system. No other nation on earth can rival the number of universities, colleges, public and private schools in the USA. Federal dollars are plentiful for our schools. However regulation as to how the money is spent leaves much to be desired. (JMO)

1362 days ago


Immediately I heard Michael was dead I said: "He was killed!"
I don´t know where I got it from - the words just came.
Now - 18 months later - I am still sure he was killed.

Also, I met a guy who used to work with Michael´s associates. He is 100% sure he was killed. Funny enough, his first words (according to his wife) was "Oh, they got him, did they?" He has never ellaborated on that, doesn´t want to talk about it.

MJ was killed. It was a cover up and Murray is the scapegoat. He´ll walk. Noone wants to touch "the big guys", not even the Courtsystem.

1362 days ago


I am not sure mymjj5 but isn't this the same chef he had for years fired and was brought back?
From what i remember, Kai Chase was sent to MJ for an interview during the late spring 2009. She was hired and shortly afterwards, let go due to a contract dispute. Once it was settled MJ hired her back....allegedly because the children approved of her first.

1362 days ago



Posted at 11:27 AM on Dec 28, 2010 by Hannah H.


God Bless Conrad Murray.....
and protect him from irrational people.

1362 days ago


His license needs to be yanked and he should never be able to practice medicine ever again!!!

1362 days ago


#114 both responses AMEN!!! America and the "trash media" and all those here that believe it! Michael was put through hell by it. The price you have to pay for being a celebrity! Always about the money. Enough said.

1362 days ago
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