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WWE Stars Reunite to Honor Fallen Wrestler Umaga

12/29/2010 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been one year since former WWE star Umaga shockingly passed away at the age of 36 -- and to honor his memory ... several of the wrestler's former ring-mates and family members got together to celebrate his life earlier this month.

WWE Stars Reunite Umaga
Among the star-studded crew who gathered in Texas -- wrestlers MVP, Shad, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

We're told the gang shared their favorite stories about their friend -- and even honored Umaga's eating habits with a buffet of his favorite foods.

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Those are former WWE Stars..they reunited because they had nothing better to do. They're probably receiving umemployement so they have a lot of time on their hands.

1401 days ago


His real name was Eki "Eddie" Fatu, not Umaga.

1401 days ago

Evan Meadow    

Yeah I was going to make the same comment that they're all former WWE wrestlers no longer with the company.

Glad they're taking the time to honor the man, but I don't know if I'd honor someone who died because he refused to get help for his drug addiction and quit WWE rather then go to rehab and then OD later.

In general, that's NOT the type of guy anyone should honor.

1401 days ago


I know where this is at its in my neighborhood in Houston,TX

1401 days ago


"His real name was Eki "Eddie" Fatu, not Umaga."

Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up for us. We all thought his real name was "Umaga". Genius.

1401 days ago


Well, Jake, I just felt like clarifying since TMZ failed to do so.....so why don't you go **** yourself.

Just because someone is on drugs, that doesn't make them a bad guy. How can anyone criticize a group of guys honouring their late friend?

1401 days ago


TO Evan Meadow:
In reference to your question about him getting help, it was acknowledged after he passed that part of the reason he was released was that he refused to get help for addiction. He was also offered help under the WWE policy that allowed anyone who had ever been under contract with the company, past or present, to seek treatment and have it paid for by the WWE. A number of former wrestlers have done that in order to get clean, while others have refused. Lance Cade also suffered from addiction. Prior to his release from WWE, he had a seizure on an airplane, leading the company to demand that he enter treatment. He refused and was terminated.

Umaga was also encouraged to do something about his growing weight problem. He was becoming increasingly unhealthy in that regard as well, making it difficult for him to pass the cardiopulmonary examinations for the company that were put in place after the death of Eddie Guerrero. A couple of years ago, The Big Show took an extended leave of absence to address weight issues and returned much healthier.

I agree with your statement about that not being something that should be celebrated. I am sorry for the family's loss, and by all accounts, "Umaga" was a wonderful man aside from his addictions. However, it was his addictions, and his absolute refusal to seek help, that led to his death.

1401 days ago


Hey Dr Hardwicke, you're stupid as hell. Samoa is near the Hawaiian islands, not near Africa you douche.

"Glad they're taking the time to honor the man, but I don't know if I'd honor someone who died because he refused to get help for his drug addiction and quit WWE rather then go to rehab and then OD later."

This whole paragraph from EvanMeadow is a contradiction... You're glad somebody honored him, then slam the man they're honoring. Real classy... They honoring the work that he did in WWE. And fyi, he didn't quit wwe, he was released from his contract.

It's easy to beat these guys up for their painkiller addictions but anybody who hasn't stepped in that ring will never know the pains associated with being a pro wrestler since they think everything that happens is fake.

1401 days ago

Evan Meadow    

To blaze:

I respect that they're honoring him. I still think doing so while knowing full well he caused his own death and didn't want to get any help for it really shouldn't merit any kind of tribute at all.

And he was released because he refused to go to rehab as per the Wellness Policy or lose any weight. That's more "quit" then "Creative has no plans for you so we wish you well in your future endeavors."

And if people think that the injuries in wrestling are fake, then they are the ones who are delusional. But wrestlers developing painkiller addictions are decided by them, not by anyone else. They don't have to follow the "I need to look strong to keep my spot on the card" mentality. If they can't work, they shouldn't work. Its up to them to save their money so they can be prepared to rehab from injury for however long its necessary.

1401 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

Oh, and they are pissed TMZ published private photos, and several have lashed out against TMZ for this.

It could be worse, they could all have to work for TNA!!

1401 days ago


After reading some strange comments above. I think those who arguing he didn't deserved to be honored because he did this and that, and the guys honoring Umaga are unemployed, don't no the word "respect." When some nobody from their friends or family would die, what would they do then. They'd show some humanity and feel sad about the death and honor the person even he/she was a nobody or they'd give the same comments somewhere arguing he was a nobody who don't deserve to be honored because he did some bad things to himself and only unemployed honor their fallen friend/relative.

Note: Sorry if you think my grammar isn't good because English isn't my first language nor I live in a English speaking country.

1401 days ago


@David Jones

The same can be said about MMA and several other sports, so don't try that one, buddy.

1401 days ago


My God, I ****ing hate wrestling fans. You're all a bunch of ****s.

1401 days ago


live and let live ! as a human we all have a problem of one kind or another, so who's to say that one is worse than the other. he's a grown man that made his own decisions to live his life as he chose. not right, not wrong, his life his way!! with that said, god speed "eddie", R.I.P. and thanks for the memories. NO ONE has a rite to kick anyone that has died,good or bad! remember it was his life, so it's his cross to bear.god speed and R.I.P.

1401 days ago


@ John
Personally, I refuse to argue with anonymous people online over matters they clearly have no interest in changing their opinion about but I think it's fair to assume that when it comes to us wrestling fans the feeling is mutual...

1401 days ago
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