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The Great Debate

MTV on Hook

for 'Teen' Violence?

12/29/2010 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The gloves came off today in the TMZ newsroom over MTV's role in the Amber Portwood domestic violence case. Thankfully -- unlike that "Teen Mom" episode -- no one got punched in the head.

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Yeah, it is really funny when too when Kate Gosselin beats her kids so they will be good and film when Mommy wants them to, take a look how treats her kids--no wonder they have issues. TLC (and most likely MTV) eggs these people on.

1392 days ago


I really think this show encourages teen Moms, so maybe they too can be famous.

1392 days ago


MTV has been blamed for everything bad in modern society for 30 years now, this is nothing new.

1392 days ago


That would make my day for MTV to be sued into bankruptcy! And WTF is with the bitches?!?! They wouldn't think it is funny if the guy was punching the mom, especially right in front of the child!!!!! DOUBLE-STANDARD MUCH!!!

1392 days ago


To an extent I agree with Harvey. (Who the hell said that?) MTV does have to accept some responsibility in this. Just not exactly for what Harvey is saying. Apparently, in the state that this particular show was shot there is a law stating that anyone who witnesses domestic abuse is required to report it to the proper authorities. In this case, MTV decided that sitting on their hands and airing the clip was more important.

And to that blonde twit on the show (TMZ), just because a woman hits a man constantly, doesn't mean it is funny and shouldn't be taken seriously. Domestic abuse is domestic abuse. Regardless of who is the abuser. Man or woman.

1392 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Soooo... if the "fat kid" beat on the B*TCH (no quotes, that's me talking), then it WOULDN'T be ok? We'd all be obligated to rise up & put him away? She's a f*cking abusive PIG who needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Don't give me the stress-of-being-a-teen-mom defense either. She's an angry b*tch who's pissed about her lot in life. That's it. And the next time the short-haired blonde at tmz gets beat by her boyfriend/husband I'll chalk it up to her being a nagging whiny shrill who deserved it.

1392 days ago


I am extremely disappointed in the two women I saw debating Harvey over MTV's lack of culpability when this spoiled teenage brat was beating the "fat" guy. The chuckling in the background said it all. It's ok to beat a fat guy. That's funny? And Harvey "if you get it cancelled I will be so upset." Let's see..."it's a do***entary"..."it's supposed to show real teen moms."
I really am getting old(48) because I find this behavior(on the part of the 4 or 5 of TMZ staff members who thought MTV has no liability crap.

1392 days ago


I hope they throw her butt in jail for hitting him! If it had been the other way around he would have been arrested on the spot!! As a mother of 4 young men that have been raised NOT to hit females, I would also not expect them to stand back and take abuse like this either!!! Of course if they brought someone home like this young girl I'd be having a serious chat with them about life choices!! She's just nasty!

1392 days ago


Looking at the video you put up with the baby daddy on the phone, I think he is in this for the money and the infamy. He probably gets dollar signs in his eyes every time his baby mama smacks him on camera. So don't interfere with his paycheck Harvey. As for Kelly and Shevonne; they can do no wrong! :)

1392 days ago


Awhile back 'Law and Order' had an episode about a 'Real World'-like reality show where one of the roommates killed another roommate. As the investigation proceeded it became clear that the producers of the show encouraged these confrontations and the question became what liability they had. Although no one has been killed yet on one of these reality shows it seems like that episode was sort of prescient right now. The sad thing is that it appears some viewers don't even care what happens to people on these shows as long as they are entertained.

1392 days ago


Blondie from TMZ it isnt funny that the "Fat guy" gets slapped on the back of the head. Do you think it would be funny if the "Fat guy" slapped the "Bitch" on the back of the head? NO! it would not Domestic violence is just that violence No matter what end you are on. Smarten up.

1392 days ago


Blondie there at TMZ thinks its funny that she "slapped" the Fat guy on the back of the head. Would it still be funny if the Fat guy slapped the "Bitch" on the back of the head?
Domestic violence works both ways honey. Its wrong no matter what.

1392 days ago



1392 days ago


Seriously, what is wrong with those girls on your show? "She just slapped the fat guy in the back of the head?" Really. So if he loses weight and she gains it, it will be okay for him to slap the fat bitch up the side of the head = can't wait to see it. These three girls are all over Mel for slapping Oksana when she was shaking her baby - shouting domestic abuse - but it's fine for some whore teenager to slap her baby daddy around? What a double standard. I've lost all respect for the three of them.
But Harvey - look on the positive side. If you need to improve your ratings have one of these bitches start slapping a hefty size guy up the back of the head. Makes perfect sense doesn't it?

1392 days ago


Oh please nothing about the show glamorizes 'teen motherhood' ... if anything it shows how trying and stressful it can be... it shows kids that the whole 'idea' of 'we'll get married and you will work and I'll stay home with the baby and everything will be just peachy keen' .. is alot of horse manure! Good for MTV for showing teen motherhood for what it really is... and good for them catching this abuse on film... if she did this knowing she was being filmed what does she do when the cameras are off.... an abuser is an abuser and MTV just made sure at least ONE won't be beating her kid.

1392 days ago
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