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Brett Favre Accuser -- The NFL Is a Sexist League

12/29/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was allegedly on the receiving end of the Brett Favre weiner photos claims she's "extremely disappointed, but not surprised" with the NFL's ruling ... because the the NFL is a sexist organization.


Jenn Sterger's lawyer just released a statement saying, "While I am not privy to how Mr. Goodell reached such a finding, we strongly disagree with his conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to support a violation of the policy."

Jenn's lawyer continues, "Our evidence and the personal testimony of Ms. Sterger clearly showed a pattern of lewd and offensive behavior by Mr. Favre that lasted all of the 2008 season."

He adds, "Our evidence clearly showed that the photos were sent by Favre."

Sterger's lawyer concludes, "Today’s decision is an affront to all females and shows once again that, despite tough talk, the NFL remains the good old boys’ league."

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Joe Camel    

She's disappointed because her lawsuit has lost its legs. Her 15 minutes are up.

1394 days ago

george fudge!    

Insufficient evidence because Favre wouldn't cooperate ... this means that the NFL Commissioner wanted to confirm that Favre's **** matched the internet sexted ****, and the ****head Favre wouldn't drop his pants for him.

1394 days ago


Shes a gold digging Ho. I cant stand Favre, But come on. 2 years and it didnt bother you, Gold digger.Does anyone really think he is the one to text her. I bet a number of JETS have their own stories.

1394 days ago


In 2009, Sterger had her breast implants removed, stating that they had served their purpose for her career, and that she was tired of being stereotyped. hows that working out

1394 days ago


Please don't tell me this bitch thinks a stupid text of someones weiner is going to bring the whole NFL down...u aren't that important darling!

1394 days ago


This is just another case of the nfl caring about ticket sales and to hell with everyone and everything else. I have been a football fan all my life. I have gotten disgusted with all the crap these players are getting away with. I guess they are gods and can kill dogs, rape women, send disgusting texts, shoot people and nothing happens. I never thought they would allow a convicted felon to play football, but I was wrong. As for everyone who thinks it was ok for what favre did I hope it never happens to a woman you know.If it does you will be po'd and want that person punished.I dont care what team you are on or who you are wrong is wrong and this is wrong.

1394 days ago


The fact that Favre wouldn't cooperate in the investigation speaks volumes as to his guilt. I don't care how much money he has, if you're innocent you don't want to give a dime...and he just gave up $50K.

Women learn early on that you don't go up against powerful men and win, especially if they're sports heroes.

1394 days ago


only in america.....
time to pay up brett
pity your wife and kids

1394 days ago


she mad cuz she probably got used by brett hahaha.

1394 days ago


So many people on Jenn's case, but don't open their eyes to see the Favre did wrong and the NFL did nothing about it. Yes Jenn shouldn't have waited, but she hasn't sued or asked for money. So where does the gold digger label come into play here? If Jenn's lawyer is good and he kept all records of all interviews conducted by the NFL, the NFL may be the ones that will get in trouble here. For Favre to admit he left messages on her phone, shows he had her number. So how can he leave voicemails and not photos of himself? So many people like to see her lose, but all she wanted was for him to be punished, not money.
This is not the last we hear about this case. It will only get bigger from here.

1394 days ago


So......you think that Favre was sending all of these e-mails and pictures and Sterger not once ever made any advances to Favre at all? No one, no one, unless they have a pattern of this behavior, does this out of the blue. She came onto him, he reciprocated. End of story. Well, not until she puts him through the ringer, his family, the NFL, to get the money she's hoping for. And, I am a woman. I don't feel sorry for her at all.

1394 days ago


"....and that is why I dressed the way I did to lure them into further sexist acts of fantasy so that I could get some money".

Blah, blah, blah....same story different act, same gold digging bit**es out there with their phony boobs and whatever else on them has been altered!

1394 days ago


Waging your wiener isnt a big thing for most guys
if a girl your flirting with(or just met) wants to see it
it gets whipped out cell phones make this easier
and of course if i show you mine ill want to see yours
isnt that one of the first things we learn about sex?
This woman is an opportunist and he is a horny hormone
driven sack of meat AKA a guy the only person who should
have a problem with this is his wife.

1394 days ago


Anyone with sense should know that she only did this to see what she could get. Any woman who has truly been harassed would have reported all of this to the proper authorities when it happened. What's sad is that women like this are going to hurt women who have truly been a victim. This is just like the women who accused Kobe, Rob Lowe, Clinton, etc..fame whores who want a fast buck

1394 days ago

Jeff Becker    

The NFL sexist? You mean a league that has steroided up men that is designed to hit each other over and over again can be sexists? Men that have so much testosterone that they grow more hair on their asses than their heads with balls the size of peas? 20-30 year old men like girls? Yeah Sterger is right, they're probably sexists. SO WHAT!

1394 days ago
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