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Chris Brown

Racial, Gay Slurs in

Twitter Feud

12/30/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So much for anger management ... Chris Brown just unloaded an offensive, scathing Twitter attack on a former member of the R&B group B2K ... and it had to do with comments about Rihanna.

Chris Brown Twitter

Brown got into it with singer Raz B -- after Raz tweeted Brown, "Im just sittin here Thinking how can n**gas like [Eric Benet] and [Chris Brown] disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna."

Brown immediately lashed back -- writing, "n**ga you want attention! Grow up n**ga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy."

Brown is clearly referring to allegations Raz had made a while back -- in which he clamis he was molested by his band's male manager.

Brown continued his attack -- and then tried to explain himself ... tweeting, "
I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!"

As we previously reported, Brown had recently posted a photo of his diploma from his court-ordered anger management program.

Brown is still on probation for another couple of years.


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WOW are you serious!!! so wat get out of his business chris brown and raz b are both young there normal people just like us NOBODY can be perfect even if you are a celebrity people need to get a life mainly the MEDIA!! this has nothing to do w/ you! geeze you guys are making it a bigger deal then it actually was it was just two young people arguing back in forth people argue its LIFE! It happens all the time, chris brown just came a little harder Lmao people expect celebrities 2 be PERFECT! SOO WAT DROP IT its all a bunch of nonsense smh i feel 4 the young stars they have a lot of weight 2 carry on there shoulds smdh..

1364 days ago


Ok, Chris Was Wrong. But Raz B Started It. && Since Ya'll Wanna Be "Stating Facts" Let's Talk About How Raz B && Whoever The Hell Ricky Romance Is Or Whatever His Name Is Brought Chris's Mother Into The Mix.I'm Pretty Sure That Made Chris Go Off Even More Than He Ment To. So Add That. && Besides It's Almost 2011. Chris Had To Let All That Built Up Anger Go Somewhere. Raz B Non Talented Ass Was That Target. You Gotta Admit Chris Was Going Off Though.

1364 days ago


People read something and have so much to say without knowing the whole story. Go read Raz B's tweets. Pathetic has-been trying to get attention started the whole thing and Chris is the bad guy?I've always been told "if you can dish it out, you have to be able to take it."

1364 days ago


TMZ...**** U!!!!! Ya'll stay in peoples business, got my dude Mayweather locked up, still following Vick, stay in Chris business...damn...the only racist person on the internet is TMZ...cracker ass BITCES....i cant stad u white mother ****ers damn...Its bad enough we gotta live on this earth with you, and u in a *****s business 24/7...chris cant even take a ****, you wanna see his toilet paper residue...HOMOS!!!

1364 days ago


first off razb gay ass decided to talk ish about chris brown becuz he in love with riri retarded ass......he sent all those tweets to her and she didnt even respond back he brought this ish on hisself he sjouldnt of put chris name in his mouth smh thats what his gay ***got ass get

1364 days ago


lmfao these guys are evil they ****ing rigged the polls you cant say no as an option smh tmz that's low even for you.

1364 days ago

truth te    

WOOOOOW DID YOU SEE THE WHOLE ARGUMENT you turned the whole thing AGAINST CHRIS BROWN and you will ALWAYS do that.stupid lying blogs

1364 days ago

Tell IT    

All yall need to shut up yall do CB like MJ just jealous and want to find everything and everything to break him. But yet you hide behind you computer screens with your secrets in the closet. None of you are perfect and you just enjoy being bullies carry on pathetic excuse for life.

1364 days ago


i really liked tmz until i saw this ! you guys are trying to make chris look like he's the bad guy .. 1st off chris didnt immediatly respond 2 raz b and 2nd raz b did this on purpose .. he needed 2 get his name back out there so he targeted Chris to stir up some **** .. Raz b started it so Chris finished it .. FYI : HE IS NOT A HOMOPHOBE

1364 days ago


The Razb dude deserved it

1364 days ago


I wish I was black so I could bash gays without consequence

1364 days ago


Relaly TMZ? Raz B started everything, yet you call CB a homophobe? Really? And Raz B wasn't raped. He was just tryna start stuff because he wants attention.

1364 days ago


WOOOOOWWW can anybody hop off his **** for ONE MINUTE??? Haters ride it harder than groupies damn

1364 days ago


Thx TMZ for giving the Raz B the attention hes been begging for, and thx for tryin to cut down chris brown , damn put both sides of the story, obviously yall didnt read all thats been happenin wit raz b for the last year. oh yea **** all dat rihanna stuff its been over a year , him an her have gon on to their careers so erbody else needs to move on too ugh

1364 days ago


I bet half of the people on here didn't see what RazB posted because he has been talking sh*t about Chris Brown for a couple days now and Chris is just responding to everything he is saying. I am in no way defending Chris but if you don't know what everything that went down, then shut up about it

1364 days ago
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