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Chris Brown

Racial, Gay Slurs in

Twitter Feud

12/30/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So much for anger management ... Chris Brown just unloaded an offensive, scathing Twitter attack on a former member of the R&B group B2K ... and it had to do with comments about Rihanna.

Chris Brown Twitter

Brown got into it with singer Raz B -- after Raz tweeted Brown, "Im just sittin here Thinking how can n**gas like [Eric Benet] and [Chris Brown] disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna."

Brown immediately lashed back -- writing, "n**ga you want attention! Grow up n**ga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy."

Brown is clearly referring to allegations Raz had made a while back -- in which he clamis he was molested by his band's male manager.

Brown continued his attack -- and then tried to explain himself ... tweeting, "
I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!"

As we previously reported, Brown had recently posted a photo of his diploma from his court-ordered anger management program.

Brown is still on probation for another couple of years.


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Erica Kane    

Shut all that crap up!!! Chris Brown was tryna fight off a hater who needs to know his place. Damn!! Some ppl need to do reasearch before they comment! RazB is a f***ing liar and stupid as hellz. They're both black so its not racist..AND all people say this stuff when sombody messes with them!! Teens and young adults do it the most. RazB lied his ass off. I don't buy it for a second that his ass got raped. He just wanted attention. He knew Chris dont take bull**** so he started it. Chris wants to come back so RazB knew that ppl were gonna blame him! DAMN IT LOOK AT THE HISTORY BEFORE U SAY STUPID STUFF!!

1394 days ago


everything chris brown said was out of anger for razb comment. He is trying hard to get over the situation and raz b made a comment that shouldnt have included anyones name.

1394 days ago


Please notice Eric Benet hasn't responded to any of this foolishness. I wonder if Chris Brown is still receiving "counsel" from his pastor, whoever he may be. If so, Chris, prove that you're not just listening to what he says, but instead, are putting it into practice everyday of your life. Afterall, there is God to answer to. What would Jesus do? "Be ye imitators of Christ."

1394 days ago


That twitter war was some of the funniest stuff I have read in awhile. They were both out of line and have the maturity level of a 12 year old. But what is even funnier is reading the Chris Brown defense comments on here! Comedy gold. Chris Brown stories always bring out what have to be the most idiotic posts ever made in the history of the internet. The ones done in ALL CAPS are among the best. Keep it up, you oh-so-wonderful people of the ghetto. Your lack of common sense combined with the horrid grammar you display are making this slow work day most entertaining. *thumbs up*

1394 days ago


OMG some freaking idiots!
Shut the f*ck up and leave Chris Brown alone.
It's that f*cking d*ckhead RazB who's the bad one.
Chris Brown just defends himself and who wouldn't do that?
Chris had learnd from he's fails.
Shame on you!!!!

1394 days ago


Ras B looks extra fruity in this pic lol

1394 days ago


First of all I think using the term "racial" in the headline is misleading. They're Black and using the N-Word...last time I checked we could use that word...Mel Gibson can't. Second, he's young and stupid and has alot of growing up to do. If every 20 year old has his/her arguements posted in a public forum they would all at some point look racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.

1394 days ago


TMZ needs to get a life too...this isnt new worthy...its internet beef....and RAZ B shoulda just shut his mouth...dont dish out what you cant take. bottom line....white people cant say *****....**** is disrespectful....u aint grow up around it and u aint suffer through it...blacks shouldnt eitha but the term is of andearment..not a this case....its bull****....raz b wants attention= clown....breezy...the media is out to get him....smh. #ridiculous.

1394 days ago


Razb n brother is lame! Brown case is old. leave him alone. Im on his side!

1394 days ago


tmz yall are ignorant! razb clearly came at him first with the whole rihanna thing! celebrity or not bringing up his past is disrespectful and irrelevant! rihanna or razb is not innocent so yall need to stop yall bull crap! chris was minding his business!

1394 days ago


how the **** will chris brown get into trouble
i dont see raz apologizing for the **** he did

1394 days ago


If your such a bad ass, stop your talking and do something *****s!!!!!

1394 days ago


Nicole @#797, Does Halle Berry have enough melatonin in her to use the N word? How black should you be? Do you not realize every time the N word is used by ANYONE it keeps it alive? Changing an
-er to an -a? Do you really think that helps lessen the degradation at all?

1394 days ago


So, Can President Obama use the N word?

1394 days ago


WOOOOW TMZ... Way not to post what REALLY happened. I wonder who's pocket you're in right now... Raz B deserved what Chris said. And where's the stuff on what Raz B said. I guess Chris is the only one in the wrong huh. SMDH.

1394 days ago
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