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Chris Brown

Racial, Gay Slurs in

Twitter Feud

12/30/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So much for anger management ... Chris Brown just unloaded an offensive, scathing Twitter attack on a former member of the R&B group B2K ... and it had to do with comments about Rihanna.

Chris Brown Twitter

Brown got into it with singer Raz B -- after Raz tweeted Brown, "Im just sittin here Thinking how can n**gas like [Eric Benet] and [Chris Brown] disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna."

Brown immediately lashed back -- writing, "n**ga you want attention! Grow up n**ga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy."

Brown is clearly referring to allegations Raz had made a while back -- in which he clamis he was molested by his band's male manager.

Brown continued his attack -- and then tried to explain himself ... tweeting, "
I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!"

As we previously reported, Brown had recently posted a photo of his diploma from his court-ordered anger management program.

Brown is still on probation for another couple of years.


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No Avatar


i love u chris brown who cares about frankingstine headed biatch u should of hit her more lol luv u chris stop hating on chris brown that bitch deserveved it hahahaha love u chris

1301 days ago


Well the way i see it is that chris are human and young, so at the end of the day, he still have feeling and he might not be homophobe but had to say something back to somebdy thats trying to talk about him. For one thang we as ppl give these artists, actors, and whoever else with money, to much...they are still human...let these ppl do their job, thats why we like them anyway, cause we dnt know them.

1300 days ago


Funny that so many people that are sitting here talkin all this ish about Chris Brown continue to buy his records. Showing so much hatred yet can bash someone else for defending himself. If Razb didnt come at Chris the whole thing would've been avoided. plain and simple, Razb stay out the kitchen if you aint tryina get burned lol

1297 days ago


Raz B's GAY in wants attention!!!! Clearly... in mad he got his a** took, he's bitter and broke so Raz get over it i mean i mean just let it go ***.Chris brown's the s**t and so is his music he's at the top of his game and i mean let's face it if him and raz b fought CHRIS takes the title lmao. love ya chris.... shoot yourself raz b lol Pathetic tworp

1293 days ago


for one i think chris brown learned his lession, and im glad he learnd it early. he did his thang handling the case the right way. probly doesnt need any people calling him a girl beater. and people say he didnt learn anything he did but he is HUMAN!and doesnt need to take **** from anyone. for Raz B. man you need help serously. if you have been raped then you deal with it the right way, not going nuts all over the internet.

1281 days ago


Chris Brown needs to grow up, He only said he don't see how he can bash a woman like Rihanna. I thought chris was so much older than what his actual age is. He should be more sensitive on a person who's been molested as a child. That happens to a lot of boys and young men so it could've easily happened to him. PPL one day he will have a son and/or daughter and anything could happen to that child just for bashing Raz. Karma's a bitch.

1272 days ago


demm whyy it had 2 be Raz b ... it would of been betta comeing from anotha male Artist thats Relavent ! Let Drake come at Chris likee thatt Chris wouldntt sayy ****t !

1256 days ago

takeya griffin     

I Love your song

1241 days ago


Hey Harvey what are you going to say when your personal life is really put on front street Chris brown is straight he don't want you get over it.

1239 days ago


You guys can't read a few things Chris brown said and jump to an conclusion..this doesn't even concern anyone but raz b and Chris brown..even if you been through it you cant or shouldn't get upset raz ***get b should of never brought Rihanna back up that did 10x more damage to Chris brown than any "gay" insult could. Mess with Chris and he'll mess with you back. Chris brown I hope u realize non matter what you say or do you"ll always be ontop and a star.

1172 days ago


I love you Chris Brown everybody make mistake and you putting your hands on Rihanna was on but WE know your Sorry for your actions and I'm sure she know as well !! Raz B of whoever the hell you is shut the F*** up !!! Like Chris Brown said **** in the booty lil ass boy !

1158 days ago


I am not saying that what Chris Brown did was right but TMZ cut up the conversation just to show what Chris Brown said and not what Raz B and his crew said. TMZ did not mention that before the comments Brown made that Raz B's brother made a video saying that if he sees Brown in LA he would kill him. And besides Chris Brown was minding his own business when Raz B started this mess. He was so doing it to get more recognition- reminding people that he is still alive because he needs publicity for his new solo album...

1147 days ago

eyvonne whitfied    

just leave him alone no one is prefect let him live his life the way he want to of course its gonna be haters ok get your own business ok

1039 days ago

evonne whtfield    

i just think they should just leave chris brown alone he have been through alot already let him live his lift no one is perfect ok

1039 days ago

yonna williams    

well thats exactly what raz b gets. he got his feelings hurt. why do you keep bringing up the past? hes just mad because chris is bigger and better than him. chris has something going for hisself. obviously raz b doesnt. leave cb alone. in case yall didnt know he doesnt give a damn what yall say. he said **** off. soo......... **** off. one.

910 days ago
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