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Chris Brown

Racial, Gay Slurs in

Twitter Feud

12/30/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So much for anger management ... Chris Brown just unloaded an offensive, scathing Twitter attack on a former member of the R&B group B2K ... and it had to do with comments about Rihanna.

Chris Brown Twitter

Brown got into it with singer Raz B -- after Raz tweeted Brown, "Im just sittin here Thinking how can n**gas like [Eric Benet] and [Chris Brown] disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna."

Brown immediately lashed back -- writing, "n**ga you want attention! Grow up n**ga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy."

Brown is clearly referring to allegations Raz had made a while back -- in which he clamis he was molested by his band's male manager.

Brown continued his attack -- and then tried to explain himself ... tweeting, "
I'm not homophobic! He's just disrespectful!!!"

As we previously reported, Brown had recently posted a photo of his diploma from his court-ordered anger management program.

Brown is still on probation for another couple of years.


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No Avatar


F*** RazB he started it... Yall always attacking Chris B...Leave him alone he's HUMAN!! TMZ needs to suck a fat one!! Chis don't worry you did your thing!! BIG UPS!! You can't please everybody!!!! MIDDLE FINGER TO HATERS!

1393 days ago


LEAVE CHRIS BROWN ALONE! If raz b would've kept his mouth shut and never tried to get wit rihanna (which doesnt wont him) maybe he wouldnt have done it. Raz b is attention starved!

1393 days ago


I agree with CB on this one ole fruit/gayz azz Raz b n the rest of the B2 Gay bunch. Lil Bow wow 2 he was hanging all over Omarions sack looking like he was in luv. LOL

1393 days ago


tmz is always hatiing on Chris, but not to charlie sheen why is that?

1393 days ago


I agree with #13..... Ya'll making Chris out to be the attacker when that other guy started it! Ya'll just need to get over the situation acting like Chris was the only guy ever in life to hit a girl!! That Raz guy is an ass, plain and simple! And for the idiots who clearly don't know what it is to be black and grow up in that environment... It's just the way they talk... humans really make too big a deal out of trivial ****! If this kind of energy was invested in things that really mattered then this world would be a hell of alot different!

1393 days ago


NO TMZ this websites a piece of **** You failed to mention how Razb said this --->yo @chrisbrown i heard about all yo BoyFriends & tell yo cheerleader omarion 2 shut the **** up b4 i send J BOOG 2 **** HIS MaMa again or this....@chrisbrown you steady talking about your career and homothugs but you have yet to respond about your boyfriend Andre Merritt
And n*gga is commonly used

1393 days ago


lmao Chris said this was going to happen so its nothing to him. Raz B had it coming some people need to learn who to pick their battles with. Chris Brown did nothing wrong this is twitter takes anything from twitter seriously.

1393 days ago


Lmao, You guys are so stupid. I was reading this **** from the beginning watching it blow up. and TMZ is horrible for posting this stupid banter. RazB asked for it. And Chris keep doing ya thing.. ***** needed to be put in check #HomoThug

1393 days ago


They are both wrong but Brown started it when he went after Raz for hitting on RiRi. Not the way Brown hit on her tho. I found a vid recording of Titty Tequila knocking down Raz on Google. Good sh-t!

1393 days ago


Are you serious TMZ??? Come onnnn!!! RazB started that whole thing for NO REASON just for Publicity...and Chris Brown is the bad guy?? You all do not have the whole story...this is ashame!

RazB got what he asked for in starting a feud for no reason.

1393 days ago


@Chris, you're damned right it's only for white people that the N word is not to be used and not only if you are white but anybody other than Black people. We use it amongst ourselves and that's that! I hate to hear non-Black people complaining that they can't use the N word. What the **** do you need to use the word for? When we use it amongst ourselves the word will have different connotations. Not only that but that word, for many years, was used by white people and others to degrade, humiliate and belittle us. So no I will never allow someone other than a Black person to use it in MY PRESENCE and anyone who dared would never dare again. Know that.

1393 days ago


Raz B put up some bad comments about Chris! Raz called Chris homo, and gay..all that! So its two sides to every story..Why u did not put up what Raz B said? How he did not get raped? How Chris brown was gay? All that

1393 days ago


this ignnorant guy deserved it! nobody's ever heard of him!! he needs to go back away where he belongs! how is he gonna start something stupid like this, but Chris gets blamed for it?? and that's exactly what he tewwted too -- he knew this was gonna happen... <3 TEAM BREEZY <3

1393 days ago


TMZ needs to shut the **** up cause that not the way the story goes. stop trying to make chris B the bad guy. Raz B clearly started it. go on twitter n do some research ****in idiots.

1393 days ago


TMZ should really get there facts straight before they start blaming chris brown because actually raz b started the attacking wich 1st begain with his sloppy ploy to try and swhoo rihanna lol with tweets she never response too then he tries to throw a low blow at eric benet and chris brown mainly chris..then he gets served back with a taste of his own medicine and now ppl like TMZ wanna blow it all outta proportion i mean seriously "gay and racial slurs" come on!! not to mention in his other tweets which for some "odd" reason didnt get posted "go figure" that he means no disrespect to the gay community!

1393 days ago
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