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MJ Estate:

Discovery Channel is

'Debased, Sick'

12/29/2010 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate is unleashing its fury on Discovery Channel for advertising an upcoming TV special set to run in the UK featuring a reenactment of MJ's autopsy.

Discovery Channel Michael Jackson Autopsy
Co-Executors John Branca and John McClain fired off a vitriolic letter to the Prez of Discovery -- obtained by TMZ -- in which they accuse the network of operating in "shockingly bad taste ... motivated solely by your blind desire to exploit Michael's death, while cynically attempting to dupe the public into believing this show will have serious medical value."

The Co-Executors are particularly outraged by a print ad, depicting a corpse sprawled on a gurney, covered by a sheet with a sequined glove sticking out.

Branca and McClain apparently realize they can't legally stop the show -- set to air on January 13 -- but they are appealing to Discovery's moral decency to cancel the program.


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Regarding his molestation accusations, he wasn't found "innocent" of anything. No one has ever been found innocent in america. We only have guilty and not guilty. Not guilty can mean that the person is innocent of the crime or it could mean that the jury was biased or that the judge was paid off. It could mean ALOT of things. One thing we do know for a fact though is that he settled out of court with one of the victims that we know about and imho has probably paid off quite alot of others. Guess we'll never know.

1395 days ago


you MJ fans jump to call the network sick and tasteless but MJ touching little boys isnt??
Posted at 12:54 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by tgrfan42069
i'll take the bait. What little boys?
you know the ones he molested..yet the jury of his fans let him off the hook.same way oj got found not guilty when he clearly murdered 2 people.happens every day guilty parties get found not guilty.

1395 days ago


I am appalled at Discovery Channel. I am also deeply disturbed and appalled at the picture shown above. Michael gave his best to everyone; why use his iconic glove in such a way? For heaven's sake, I just don't see any positive benefit in this program. The sad thing is that many will watch. If no face, name, or personality were attached to this program, maybe....but this is in such poor taste and lack of human decency. I used to be a fan of Discovery Channel, but that relationship is now severed. I cannot change the "powers that be" at Discovery Channel, but I am a discretionary consumer and I can choose what I partake in. Thank you, Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain, for trying to stop this tasteless do***entary. I hope that all of you will be able to take a long, hard look at yourselves in the mirror and be proud of what you see looking back at you. I am serious and mean that from the deepest depths of my heart. Listen to Michael's song from the Invincible album, "Privacy." I hear that song in my head as I am writing these comments...ludicrous.

1395 days ago


If you also find this to be morally & ethically distasteful (to say the least) please send your letter for Discovery to

AND DON"T WATCH if it does air.
Watching boosts their ratings.
It would be hypocritical to support something that you believe is wrong.

1395 days ago


OKAY that is almost as sick as MJ sleeping with children!!!
Posted at 1:23 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by NickSunset
Like so many others, I would allow my child to sleep in his bed.

1395 days ago


I want to see it..the ultimate wacko jacko video

1395 days ago


you MJ fans jump to call the network sick and tasteless but MJ touching little boys isnt??

Posted at 12:54 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by tgrfan42069

= = = = = =

What are you? An idiot??? If you don't believe the justice system that found him not guilty, would you believe the FBI? After 12 years of investigation (internationally!), They found Nothing - Nothing!!!

If you're that dumb, then you should invest with Madoff!

1395 days ago


Appealing to Discovery Channel's 'moral decency?' That will be difficult, since they have none. These are the same folks who bring us such riveting 'educational' programs as Little People/Big World and I Was Pregnant and Didn't Know It and who think Alaska's most notorious anti-environmentalist should host a show/political ad on 'her' Alaska? Discovery has become synonymous with trash TV.

1395 days ago


Intelligent, informed and classy people don't bother with TMZ much anymore. Too Bad you can't have a meaningful conversation without it going to the pit of accusation and filth. Such sicko's on this website...Better places to interact tastefully.

1395 days ago


Discovery has no moral decency. That said, if they can show the "simulated" autopsy of President John Kennedy (and they did), they can damn sure show the same of a pop star.

1395 days ago


you know the ones he molested..yet the jury of his fans let him off the hook.same way oj got found not guilty when he clearly murdered 2 people.happens every day guilty parties get found not guilty.
Posted at 1:41 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by tgrfan42069
Oh, the ones in which the parents pimped out their kids but the LAPD, FBI, and CHildren's Services found no EVIDENCE that anything ever happened. I see.....okay,,,,,,those little boyz who were old enough and big enough to fight back and just say oh hell NO....and just leave the danm ranch for good!!! I okay, I see. \

Love you Michael!!!!!
RIP: Return Immediately Please!!!!

1395 days ago

tiger is a fraud    

maizieful, yet you never leave tmz and whine all day and night using different nics. Could you be any more of a hypocrite with no class? YES I believe you can. Why are the MJ fans such hypocrites all the time? Don't come here if you don't like it..yet you do. Don't watch the Discovery Channel if you don't like it..YOU will, I guarantee it. You'll be here whining about it the next day.

1395 days ago


it is extremely distasteful.
and it is extremely distasteful for tmz to put the add up also..
nothing new there for tmz...

people wonder why mj didnt trust anyone?
his fame was toxic..
it just brought the greed out in everybody...
well i guess these people dont believe in karma , but i do and i hope it comes back on them times ten...

1395 days ago

Not Surprised    

Surprised the family didn't come us with this themselves. They've been doing everything they can to make money off his death. Michael is worth more to them dead then alive, I'm sorry to say.

1395 days ago


Damn demented & hateful comments.
I guess it would be OK if your Mom or Dad was scrutinized in this way.
Then again, they aren't famous & slandered like MJ & probably wouldn't attract many viewers.

Don't you get it ?
Sorry you support the deplorable & disgraceful greed of some media.

1395 days ago
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