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FOX News Analyst: Michael Vick Should Be Executed

12/29/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tucker Carlson said on FOX News Channel last night ... Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.

Carlton railed on President Obama for suggesting Vick deserved a second chance.

A little extreme?



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Vick shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL but Tucker Carlson should be executed for impersonating a man.

1395 days ago


Just like a Republican to advocate murder and the destroying of human lives.

1395 days ago


Stupid..........I'm actually surprised though that a democrat wasn't calling for the death penalty for killing dogs.

1395 days ago

Kevin jones    

Tucker is stupid and really doesnt know what the hell hes talking about

1395 days ago

I agree    

Wow, for the first time in my life, I agree with something said on Fox News and something said by Tucker Carlson.

1395 days ago


No he is by far not the first person to do this, but it is disgusting that people continue to abuse animals all over the world. Nothing ever happens to these rejects they are lucky the law is not up to me because I would line them all up, and bang bang bang! Humans are a disgusting sort sometimes and this particular comment is rare and I find it wonderful to know that there are other people out there who give a **** about the animals, not like KIM KARDASHIAN WEARING FUR ALL OVER THE TOWN, GET IT THROUGH YOUR ****ING HEAD, IT IS NOT RIGHT.

1395 days ago


I think Michael Vick is a piece of **** psychopath serial killer who doesn't deserve a second chance.
Obama is an even bigger idiot and that statement only proves that hes a puppet and when he thinks on his own he comes up with dumb **** to say.

1395 days ago


The video was edited to make it seem he said that. Shame on you, TZM!!!

1395 days ago


Tucker is totally right!!!! TUCKER FOR PRESIDENT!

1395 days ago


WHY do you even listen to FOx? An Tucker Carlson is one of their biggest offenders. He is no better than than that Palin psycho and Bill O'Rielly. They all think they are Gods answer to all that (they think) is wrong. They just don't know how to look in the mirror to find the real problem. That would give them the answer real quick

1395 days ago


Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone....Im just saying!!!

1395 days ago


Listen idiots, the man simply said he like to own a dog for his children to have. And if anyone should be executed it should be the racist prick that started all of this. Now this sounds extra crazy because this guy served his time and some racist pricks cant leave it alone. I don't see no one bringing up how Big Ben got off after allegedly raping not one but two females in less than a yr mind you. He was in GA mind you, one of the most Lawful spot in America and he didn't even get processed. No finger prints and pictures no nothing. Yall bacisally telling me that a white man raping white women is nothing compared to a black man killing dogs. Thought yall thought more of your women I guess not LOL..

1395 days ago


Hmm? If I had to choose between the life of my dog or Vick, "Ladies and Gentlemen! The new starting QB for the Eagles, Kevin Kolb!

1395 days ago


shannon and saywhat, youre both retarted get the facts about what he did before you run your mouths on a ridiculous website. grow up and realize all he did was give money to some people. yes what he did was wrong but he didnt kill anyone you dumbasses

1395 days ago


also tucker carlson needs to grow up as well

1395 days ago
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