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FOX News Analyst: Michael Vick Should Be Executed

12/29/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tucker Carlson said on FOX News Channel last night ... Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.

Carlton railed on President Obama for suggesting Vick deserved a second chance.

A little extreme?



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Why isn't it obvious to this morons that those anchors either are idiots or spectacular hypocrites that doesn't give a damn about them? NO, CNN isn't any better, but why should that be a reason to stick with FOX?!

Tucker Carson... always knew is was a cretin... now, it turns out he is also A BLOOD-THIRSTY PSYCHOPATH. Pathetic...

Oh, and before you said anything: I'm a dog lover, but Michael Vicks paid for his crimes, and a TRUE CHRISTIAN, like myself, would forgive, like Jesus told us... the end.

Posted at 12:23 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by MightyMad

There is sooo much wrong with your post I dont even know where to begin.
So let me just get to the part that really stands out.

Your words... a TRUE CHRISTIAN, like myself, would forgive, like Jesus told us... the end.

Most people dont have to announce their faith. It is obvious in their good works, kind actions and gentle words.

instead of posting on TMZ, maybe you should spend some time re-examining your faith.

oh and Vick didnt pay for his crimes, the dogs did. where was all his love and compassion for animals when he was hosting dog fights? This guy just makes me sick.

1330 days ago


shannon and saywhat, youre both retarted get the facts about what he did before you run your mouths on a ridiculous website. grow up and realize all he did was give money to some people. yes what he did was wrong but he didnt kill anyone you dumbasses

Posted at 5:36 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by Jerry
sorry, took me awhile to decipher your post.

Perhaps you should learn the facts before banging out incoherent sentences on a "ridiculous website."

Vick did not just "give money" to some people.

He was involved in the dispicable, lowlife, hood business of dog fighting.
I will never forgive this disgusting excuse of a human being.

1330 days ago


Are the people who are saying that he should get the same treatment as those dogs are serious? Yes, it is deplorable what Vick did to those dogs, but he served his time in jail and definitely deserves a second chance. He was not given a sweet deal and did hard time for his crime. To say that he deserves to be executed is possible the stupidest thing I have ever heard. That punishment definitely does fit the crime seeing as they are animals. Don't get me wrong I love animals and have a dog myself, but seriously? Some people actually think he needs to be executed. That is ****ing idiotic.

1330 days ago


Is it Tucker Carlson's job to analyze the news (real news), or is he paid to take sucker shots at Michael Vick? Another fine example of a intolerant, judgemental, so-called Christian snob.

1330 days ago


The only people I hate more than Michael Vick are the assbags at FoxNews...So this is a tough one for me.

1330 days ago


Hey, if you want to get your own show on Fox to make the mega-bucks like the rest of the douchebags, that's what you do - say outrageous things.

1330 days ago


Wow,Tucker's A ****. Do You Realize How Long Ago This Was? Drop It. He Served His Time. July 17, 2007. Really CHILL . && Don't Blame Obama, EVERYBODY Deserves a Second Chance. Well... Unless He Was A Mass Murderer Then Hell No.... :)

1330 days ago

Abudu Rahman    

What an idiot. This nut probably chows down on cow, hog, chicken or his girlfriend's **** everyday. Yet he wants to have another human being executed for dog fighting. At least Vick's dogs had a fighting chance. What chance do the thousands of animals slaughter everyday have? Dogs and cats just happened to get a pass in America and some other places because of their domestic usefulness to humans. Cows are bust in the head and electrocuted; pigs are tortured before being slaughtered; chickens have no life in a cage before they are slaughtered and many fish and crustaceans are cooked alive. What a moronic hypocrite like many of the commentators here.

1330 days ago


Vick spent two meagre years in prison, as opposed to several years in prison, thanks to the beautiful creatures that he cold bloodedly tortured and killed. Vick was charged wit illegal gambling....gammbling across state lines....and money laundering. This little man...stool pidgeon..squealed on his friends and associates...and promised to continue to do exchange for a plea deal by which he reduced a much reduced sentence. The dogs did not put him in jai,.he put himself there....and he will return as an an inmate.....that is my view.
He has not been free long enugh to prove redemption.....and thus far...his so called animal non other than court ordered mandate...not of his own volition. He is playing the game...
As for the swan song of forgiveness by his supporters.......I give a flying rats ass forgiveness is my business, my is that of each individual....
Vick has not, in my view...paid his debt to well, he will,in my view, find himself, yet again.. in prison in the future.....

1330 days ago


Tucker Carlson and the republican party only speak up against something only because it involves President Obama. He did not mention how Sarah Palin beat a fish over the head on her show nor did he mention her gunning down caribou. If that's the punishment Micheal Vick should get for his cruelty to animals then what should Sarah Palin receives for her cruelty to animals.

Posted at 12:43 PM on Dec 29, 2010 by DeMarcus

She killed wild animals for food. Dogs are domesticated animals that have lived in our homes and helped us for thousands of years. Do you really think you're making a point by comparing dogs to wild animals and projecting that onto Palin? You socialists are so angry you can't even put on an intelligent discussion anymore. If Palin is so inconsequential why do you have the need to constantly attack her? She's pulling your chains and you don't even realize it!!!

1330 days ago


plain and simple,
I love my dogs more than I like or love most people. I consider them my kids ect... they are my babies. If MV killed my dogs I would have killed him. He killed his own dogs, and that is his own problem, he did the crime, paid his time handed down by our court system. To me that is good enough! He screwed the pooch (pun intended) and lost millions of dollars as well as his freedom. He gets to think about what he did and he has to live with that the rest of his natural life.

As to why NOBAMA felt the need to call the owner of the team is beyond me. Is NOBAMA going to call wal-mart to praise them for giving an employee a second chance after failing a drug test? I think not.

Is NOBAMA calling up the Viks for sticking with Brett Farve? I think not.

Tucker is a brain dead, and should find a new job at PETA..

1330 days ago

Sheba Tivar    

Execution is extreme but I get what he is saying. Anyone that heartless should not walk the earth. Through many studies on human behaviour usually someone that can be that cruel to a defenseless animal will eventually harm a person. Time will tell. Really imagine what it takes to kill and watch with delight what he did to these animals. Really imagine every cry from the animal as they are being tortured. Can you hear it now? This was not one occassion that he tortured an animal, it was over years and done to at least a hundred animals. Think of how the animals were crying in pain as they were mauled an missing pieces of their faces only to lay until they died from absolute pain. Why and how can we "love" him just because he can play ball? People look up to him and think we should forgive. How can you forgive someone who can do this? They don't change. I truly believe as a Black person this would piss me off. White folks are ok with him because he can play ball and that is the only reason. Is this the example as a proud black american you want for your children? What a complete travesty.

1330 days ago


Shocking a black man kills some dogs and the white guy wants him killed.

1330 days ago


all you people who talk against Vick are jealous and wish u had the balls to turn your own life around, but instead you sit around and wish bad on others. Most of you are Douchebags anyway and yours life is some ****. MOST of you guys need to make PEACE with GOD and stop judging Others.

1330 days ago


all you people who talk against Vick are jealous and wish u had the balls to turn your own life around, but instead you sit around and wish bad on others. Most of you are Douchebags anyway and yours life is some ****. MOST of you guys need to make PEACE with GOD and stop judging Others.

1330 days ago
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